[EQ2] Deus Ex Arcana – T2 Evil Hall

This took forever and 3 months to build but it is finally done and now I am free. FREE! FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Mwahahahaha-*coff*coff*coff*. Sorry about that. The work on this hall just took a bit of a toll on my mind. :p

Anyway, this is the Deus Ex Arcana guild hall, located in the Antonia Bayle server, Freeport city, Tier 2 guild hall. If you are interested feel free to visit in person. πŸ™‚

Now for some pictures!

First, we come to the entrance. Which isn’t in any way meant to overcompensate anything of the guild members or make the visitor feel diminished. No siree!

A view of the entrance just as the visitor enters

Closer view of the reception desk

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[EQ2] Don’t lose your head!

Rakuno staring at some of the guild hall trophies

This was a pretty good weekend in Everquest 2 for me. Thanks fo the Double XP, I was able to get Grulog, my dirge, from about level 61 to 70 plus a lot more AAs. Leontius, my coercer, went from 48 to 57. I wanted to see if I could get him to level 60 but I was pretty tired by that point and decided to not push further.

We also decided to go hunting for Woushi’s head since… I am not sure the reason, I think our resident beastlords wanted to kill something that wouldn’t die in 2 seconds so their pets could hit it and gain affinity with them? Either way, we were pretty successful at it and Deus Ex Arcana got another trophy to their hall. It is the head on the top right there. Eventually we’ll need to help Brave Legion, our allies and friends, to get one for them. From the 3 guilds (including Deus Ex Arcana) where all our characters and friends are scattered through they are the only ones who does not have it.

And yes, that is a sneak peek of the Deus Ex Arcana guild hall. I will post pictures of the whole place once I am done with it. If anyone is wondering where the rest of the trophies are, they are on the other side of that room, nicely displayed. You will have to wait until I finishΒ  the rest of the hall and post pictures to see it though. πŸ™‚

I hope everybody had a great weekend too and have a good Monday!

Deus Ex Arcana T1 Hall

Since guild halls were introduced to Everquest 2 I’ve been wanting to decorate one. I wanted it so much that I decided that the only way I would be able to do it would be by making my own one-man guild and getting a hall. Well, eventually it became a 3-person guild as a couple of friends who were returning to the game asked if they could join my guild. They were also kind enough to help get the guild level and status to buy the hall, despite all my protests against it. I think they regretted that a little though due to my constant changes to the hall while I was trying to decorate it. Although they probably forgave me once it was finished since they still speak to me. πŸ™‚

Anyhoo, the idea for Deus Ex Arcana is that it is a group of evil people who got together for the convenience of sharing resources to advance their own agendas. It is disguised as a sort of “gentleman’s club” as to not attract the attention of the powers in charge since they probably wouldn’t like too much what the guild was doing. This meant that the hall should been elegant, a place that looked like it was built for social gathering and with some secret places here and there. Putting it in practice was very challenging and I had to cut a few ideas due to item count and physical space limitations. Still I love the place. All the effort we put to get it was worth it. I will also be eternally thankful for all the help my friends gave to me in getting that hall, for letting me being egoistical and decorate it all by myself and having tolerating my constant changes to the design.

With all that explained let’s get to the hall, shall we?

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