[Guild Wars 2] My launch plans

All this image lacks is some sort of beverage

Kinda hard to believe in just one week it will be Guild Wars 2 headstart. In case anyone is interested on this, here are my plans for launch.

I will be playing on the Tarnished Coast server. Apparently that is the unnoficial roleplay server for the US region. Since my friends prefer roleplaying servers that seems to be the best option for all of us.

To start off I will just make two characters, a charr engineer and an asura thief. Or maybe asura warrior. No too sure about the asura yet. Most likely a thief since they way they move just seems perfect for a thief. 🙂

I might make a mini update here with the name of the characters after they are created or just do it on Twitter. We’ll see.

As for guilds, no hard plans yet for that. I am expecting one of my friends will just step up and make one, as they usually do. Brazokie was also throwing around the idea of making a NBI guild in the comments of this post. If that happens I would be joining her there too. I will most likely be making my own one-man guild, as I always do, just to play around with the guild system and if there is ever a guild hall so I can be a tyrant and decorate it the way I want without having to worry about others. :p

I think that is it for me. What are your plans for launch? 🙂

[Guild Wars 2] Final Beta Weekend: New Kids on the Block


This weekend I wasn’t sure if I should write a post about the final Guild Wars 2 weekend or not. To be honest, I haven’t been really into a writing mood lately. Plus I figured there would be plenty of good coverage about it all around the internet anyway. But then again I already wrote about the other two beta weekends so I might as well do it for this one just for completeness sake.

So,  the most notable additions to this beta weekend were the asura and sylvari as playable races as well as their respective starting areas. There was a good reason for that as ArenaNet explained in this preview for Massively. A large part of the the reason for them only appearing now is because they wanted to get a lot of people in concentrated areas of the world to simulate a launch. Makes sense since if they were added from the beginning people might have spread way too much for them to have a good sense of how many servers they will need for launch. And comparing all the beta weekends, I think it worked out well as everything felt just right.

Anyhoo, let’s take a look at those two races, shall we?

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A couple of MMORPG news

Ah, this has been a glorious, glorious day. Why? Well, it is because of the first news which pretty much everybody in the interwebs probably already know by now. Guild Wars 2 official release date has been announced!

The game shall be released at August 28th, with those who pre-ordered being able to start playing a little earlier on August 25th. The last beta weekend was also announced. It will be on July 20-22.

That gives me about two months to get everything I want done in other games because once Guild Wars 2 comes I don’t know if I will be playing much else for a long while. That is assuming it doesn’t get stuck on customs here. By here, I mean Brazil. Usually I wouldn’t worry about that since I just buy digital editions to avoid this kind of headache. But this time I decided to splurge and get the boxed Deluxe Edition of Guild Wars 2 (it has a Rytlock statuette! How could I resist?!?) so that means there is all the hassle of importing things, including waiting for the customs to decide how much they should tax it for. Worst case scenario I will have to wait for 3 months after it arrives in the country. Best case scenario…. I have no idea. /sigh

In other news, this also pretty much old news to all those interested, the quest for the Gobbue mount on Final Fantasy XIV will be taken out by patch 1.23a. Patch 1.23 is expected to be released at the end of July, so 1.23a should follow shortly after. The quest seems to be pretty easy, just need to have a class at level 30 and talk to a guy. Then you get the mount. Granted, it is not a very cool-looking mount. But for collectors there isn’t even any question about getting it or not. 🙂

If you are like me and are scrambling to get to level 30 before the end of July, here are some fan sites that may help:

The Lodestone – This is the official community site for Final Fantasy XIV. Besides official news, it also has an archive of all the patches (handy if you haven’t kept up with all the game system changes), some basic information about how the game systems work and crafting recipes. The forums are also worth checking out. You can find some pretty good advice from the community there. Considering how Final Fantasy XIV does things its own way, those advice can save players a lot of time and headache.

Mooglebox – An excellent fan site for crafters. Everything you need to know about how to craft an item is here. You can also check the stats of the items which makes it handy to plan which ones to craft as you gain levels. It also has a nifty google map of Eorzea where you can check where the location of mobs and their levels. Handy for when you need a specific mob drop to craft something.

Disciples of the Land – As the name implies, it is a fan site dedicated to gatherers. Like Mooglebox they make a good use of google maps to help users. In this case it is for gathering materials.

The Mog Log – A weekly column at Massively about Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI.  You can find some pretty good advice there, comments about the latest changes and if you also play Final Fantasy XI you get the same kind of love for it too!

There are probably more good fan sites out there. These are just the ones I found immediately useful. If you know of another good one that is a must-see, please post in the comments. 🙂

[GW2] Second beta weekend – The things I forgot, a correction and posts by other interesting people. Oh, my!

*sighs* Even when I try not to rush I keep forgetting things. I even made a grossly mistake too! So here is to address all that!

First off, I must apologize for a terrible mistake I did in the “Second Beta Weekend Day 1 – Changes and Additions” post. In there I said that dyes you add to your collection are account wide. Turns out it is only added to the character you used the dye bottle with. I only found that later when I went to play with my coercer. The posts already has been corrected and next time I will try to make sure this kind of glaring error doesn’t happen.

EDIT: As Syl pointed out in the comments of this post, it might be a bug. I will try to verify that in the next beta weekend and if the same  thing happens again I will /bug it. Then perhaps we might have some answer if it is working as intended or just a bug.

EDIT #2: As ArcherAvatar pointed out in the comments, the dyes were actually changed to be character bound now. Not account wide. If this situation changes I will point it out in a future post.

If it makes it any better, let me point you to the Raging Monkeys blog, where Syl made a post giving a good example of the flexibility of the dye system in Guild Wars 2.

Also, I put some screenshots in the previous posts about the second beta weekend. They aren’t terribly good I admit and I made the mistake again of not taking as many screenshots as I could. Hopefully I won’t make the same mistake in the next beta weekend. Someone who did not make that mistake was Paeroka of Nerdy Bookahs. She took 285 screenshots of the Black Citadel, the charr city, and uploaded the 80 best ones. You can find it here.

Now the things I forgot about….

Wayfarer Foothills, the norn starting area, felt fairly balanced compared to the charr starting area in the previous beta weekend. There was some challenging fights, yes, but nothing that felt unfair. All the deaths I suffered were either because I tried to bite more than I could chew or because I did something really stupid. Well, there was that brief lag of hell too but they fixed that pretty fast and it was smooth sailing from then on. 🙂

To be fair, I haven’t checked the charr starting area this time. So I can’t say if they changed it from the first beta weekend. I might check it on the next one. If they did, there will be some revenge against certain stone golems! *shakes fist*

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[GW2] Second Beta Weekend Day 1 – Norns and Rangers

Second part about my experiences on the second beta weekend so far. First one is here.

As mentioned on that one, pictures to come soon, hopefully!

A Norn life for me

I decided to give a try to a Norn this time around after all. I was expecting a more rough people for some reason and although they are rough in a way they are also much more than that. To put it succinctly they are a mix between vikings and shamanic culture. That is, they are a proud race of warriors and hunters who also worship guardian animal spirits. Saying it like this may look like a weird mixture but it works pretty well. That also doesn’t mean they are “This is serious business!” people all the time (that would be the charr by the way). They also like to drink, sing songs and tell tales. Of those three, the drink is probably what they like the most.   I got the impression they would use anything as an excuse to drink more. Hard day at work? Drink to relax. Just won a hard battle against an enemy? Drink to celebrate. Having a hard time deciding on a tie? Drink to make the choice easier!

Obligatory "Norn Fishing" screenshot

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[GW2] Second Beta Weekend Day 1 – Changes and Additions

Well, turns out I have something to say after all! In fact I have so much  that I am breaking it in two posts.

Before we dive into another rambling,  that may or may not make sense, here a couple of caveats:

  • Remember this a beta. Things will change before release. In fact there has been a few between the last beta weekend and this one. More about it below.
  • I am purposely not getting too deep into the game now as I don’t want to spoil things for me after release or planning too much since, like I said above, things will change.

Alright. Now that we took that out of the way, here are the things I noticed during the first day of the Second Beta Weekend!

P.S.: I will try to add some screenshots later to spruce up both posts. Right now I have some more Guild Wars 2 to play while I can!

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[GW2] My second beta weekend to do list!

So, by now pretty much everybody knows ArenaNet will be having a second beta test weekend soon. They also blogged about a few new things we may expect to see during this one. While I will do my best to keep an eye for bugs and see if there is any intelligent suggestion I can do to improve the game, there are a few other things I want to do as well. Here is my list:

1. Play a Norn Ranger

Being the crazy person I am, I already decided I want to have one character of each race. The problem is to choose which class to go with each. I already decided my charr will be an engineer. The others however are still pretty open to debate so I am trying to use the beta weekends to get a feel of other classes that look cool.

During the first beta weekend, I played mostly a charr warrior. The class versatility impressed me with the way each weapon felt unique. Specially because it wasn’t restricted to just melee weapons but also to ranged weapons like the rifle and the bow. This makes me wonder how rangers stand out in terms of weapon skills compared to a warrior. Specially in terms of bows since for a warrior in Guild Wars 2 it is just a valid a weapon as a sword or a mace. Considering the traditional gaming association of rangers with bows I expect the rangers to have more interesting tricks with it than warriors. But we’ll see.

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Of Epitaphs and Scrolls

Over at Massively, Justin “Syp” Olivetti wrote a pretty funny “Perfect 10″ column taking a look at the top 10 epitaphs you can find at one of the Guild Wars 2 cemetery.

I didn’t hang out long enough in the human area during this beta weekend to see that cemetery but this is definitely something to check out during the next beta. 🙂

Still from Massively, come the news that Bethesda confirmed the existence of a Elder Scrolls MMORPG. Apparently it will feature three-faction PvP.

I have mixed feelings about this. One one hand I love the Elder Scrolls series starting from Morrowind. But PvP is not something I like. Although I guess it wouldn’t make sense for a Elder Scrolls games without it. Separating people into factions is something that I am not much a fan of either. The reason for the latter is that I am still bitter about it from my times in World of Warcraft. Back then I wanted to play with any of the Horde Races. But my friends wanted to play alliance…. So guess which side I end up playing on. :p

In any case there is still pretty much no detail besides that. So we’ll have to see how it goes. Hopefully I am already worrying for nothing. I also hope this doesn’t mean they will stop making single player games in the Elder Scrolls universe. It seems pretty unlikely right now but who knows.

GW2: A quickie post…

I am love with Guild Wars 2. It was love at first sight.

Yes, that means I am in the Guild Wars 2 beta! So here are some quick thoughts about my… hmm… first hour of play? More? I lost track of time. Anyhoo…

1. Mesmers are harder to play than I expected.

2. Story!

3. Divinity’s Reach (I think that is the name of the human city?) is huge!

4. Pretty graphics. Rakuno likes it. /nod

5. The games *does* feel as organic as they promised so far.

I will see if I can do the more usual rambling about it after the beta weekend is over. For now I will try to enjoy the beta weekend as much as I can. 🙂