[FFXIV] Musings about Heavensward Storyline

Ishgard seem from a distance

Since I finished Heavensward I have been thinking about the best way to write about its story. There is so much I’d like to talk about it but trying to make it not sound like some endless ramble full of pointless asides is tough.

I will try my best to not ramble aimlessly though. If I do or end up forgetting some important point please forgive me, or better yet, post about it in the comments. Also, I will be just discussing the main quest story line since that is what I focused on just so I could reach Stormblood’s content. Everything else about Heavensward I wasn’t able to experience just yet. I will go back to it (as well as to a lot of ARR’s content) as soon as I feel caught up with other people.

With that said let’s move on to the actual post…

P.S.: Apologies for the delay but this one was hard to write!

WARNING: SPOILERS ahead for Heavensward’s Main Storyline

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