Disabling CommentLuv

Earlier today I read a post by Naithin where it seems that CommentLuv is causing some issues for people who comment on blogs with their WordPress accounts. If you want the details you can find it here.

The gist of it is people who use a WordPress account to make a comment have a bar on the top where they can be notified when someone replies to their comment or likes it. This kind of behavior is only possible if the blog in question has a plugin called Jetpack.

CommentLuv though is another plugin that gives the person leaving a comment to link back to their own post and showing that link under their comment. But that functionality is only possible by overriding Jetpack’s comment functionality.

That means that with CommentLuv enabled people who use a WordPress account to comment aren’t get a notification when their comment gets a reply or a like.

Personally I find getting that kind of notification to be pretty useful and I assume others feel the same. While I like to allow people to easily leave a link back to their content, if I have to choose between those two kind of functionality then I will choose the first.

Because of this I disabled CommentLuv. If you don’t see the option to link back to your content anymore that is why. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and if there is a better solution in the future I will implement them.