Games I’ve Been Playing – May 2020

May actually felt like a long month. So long that I am almost afraid that I forgot to mention some games I played during this month. Not that it is a big deal but I like the idea of having a record of some sort of what I was playing during the year.

One thing that didn’t happen this month was that I wanted to get back into Final Fantasy XIV and try to at least finish the Shadowbringers storyline and a few other things before canceling my subscription due to the economic crisis here. Unfortunately that didn’t happen as I kept postponing on it as I kept feeling overwhelmed with the thought of everything necessary to do before I could do any of those stuff. Some times taking breaks from a MMO can really suck. :p

In brighter news, I got quite a few things organized both in games and in real life. More in games than in real life but considering how long I’ve been meaning to do this, I will just consider it a win. :p

Anyway, enough rambling, this is what I’ve been to in this month, game-wise.

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Choice and Consequence

A long time ago I made a bit of a rant about player choices in games. It actually wasn’t such a very well thought out one and I failed to make any good point about it. I tried to think how to develop those thoughts better since then but I never quite got it right. Fortunately, someone else did! His name (at least in the interwebs) is MrBtongue and he made it into in a YouTube video which you can see below. Just a warning though it does have some spoilers about Fallout 1 and Mass Effect 2.

If you like this one, I highly recommed to check the rest of his channel. There are some good stuff there. 🙂