A Humble Paladin’s Home

Everybody has a period in their life where they go through a crisis. For Ramalis, my Shadow Knight, during that period he end up becoming a Paladin. I know this sounds like a terrible attempt at a some sort of joke but there were some quite serious reasons for it both for me personally and for roleplay purposes. The point is, during that phase he end up living in Kelethin.

This was a hard house to do because for a long period I was going through Decorator’s Block (no, I am serious) and working on this house was my way to try to get through it. The result was a very weak house design, if I am going to be honest. But it is part of my history as a decorator so therefore I am putting it here.

Oh, yeah. I did some changes to the house after I posted it to the EQ2 Homeshow forums. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like I have the original screenshots only the ones after the changes. So there might be some discrepancies between the pictures.

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A rough monk’s home

With my first house my biggest constraint was definitely not being able to craft my own furniture. So I didn’t work on Rakuno’s house until I felt he had enough carpenter levels to craft all the furniture he would need. It was also somewhat of a pride thing: after all, a carpenter who decorated his house with items he didn’t craft himself just didn’t feel right for me. I did allow me a few exceptions though for furniture that came from quest rewards or that were exclusive from NPCs.

For theme I tried to go with a wood and stone feel to it. The wood part I think is pretty obvious, with him being a carpenter and all that. The stone part is both because he was a ratonga (his ancestors supposedly came from somewhere underground) and because he was a follower of Brell (because of the booze! Ok, that and because he also believed in working hard).

It was with this one that I started to make the house looks lived in. I think I got close enough with in this case.

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Lumilie’s Acorn Loft

This was my first house decoration ever. At the time I thought it was very creative and cool. It wasn’t until I posted it to the official EQ2 forums that I noticed that it wasn’t as good as I thought. Regardless it still has a special place in my heart.

You will probably notice that the place is kinda empty… Part of the reason is that at the time my carpenter was really low level so there wasn’t much I could craft myself. So I had to buy what I could. Being a newbie with little money to spend didn’t allow me to buy everything I wanted, like lots of plants. The other reason is that I had always been terrible with details. I got a little better over the years, after many attempts at decoration and trying to learn from the masters. I wouldn’t say I am good at that even after so long but at least it is not as bad anymore.

It also didn’t help that I blew my item count trying to cover the part under the platform (the wooden piece I used to build the loft). At the time we didn’t have many choices to build a loft. A lot of people, if I recall correctly, used just rugs or tables for it. But I wanted something that looked more like an actual floor so I chose those platforms and put rugs under it to serve as ceiling for the kitchen that was just under the loft. That ate a bunch of my item count too. Item count was never something that I became exactly good at managing either but then again I have yet to find a decorator that doesn’t curse it. 🙂

As for the owner of the house, Lumilie, she was deleted in one of my character roster restructuring. So this is the only house she ever had as well as one of the few records I still have of her existence.

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