[EQ2] Perrin Wanderhoof is mine!

Rakuno and Perrin scheming

After many months camping for the elite mercenary Perrin Wanderhoof I was finally able to hire him. Now he is mine! All mine! Mwahahahaha!

Now for those wondering what an elite mercenary is and why it is a big deal for me, let me give a quick explanation about the mercenary system in Everquest 2. Back in the expansion, Age of Discovery, the Everquest 2 developers introduced a system where we could hire mercenaries that had the same classes as players and would take one slot in the group. The idea wasn’t for them to substitute real players but to make it easier for certain classes to solo as well as to make small parties of two or three people into something viable. The common mercenaries are weaker than regular players and can be found in any of the player cities. All you have to do is go them, talk to them and choose the option to hire the mercenary. Each player can only have one mercenary hired at a time plus they need to pay an hourly rate for them (dependent on level).

Now there is also the elite mercenaries who are much more powerful than the common mercenaries as well as more costly. The first ones you could only find if you were lucky to see one of them in the overworld and beat someone else to hire them. Because once they are hired they aren’t available again for a few days. I  guess the developers were dismayed about how little use those mercenaries saw as they eventually changed the system for those to a contract drop in certain dungeons that can then be used to hire certain mercenaries. I believe the contracts may also be tradeable, not too sure about that right now.

Anyway, Perrin Wanderhoof is one of those old elite mercenaries, where you need to find in the overworld. He is a healer so I was hoping he would be a good help for Rakuno to tackle some more challenging content. My strategy to get him was to camp a known spot where he spawns. I would log out Rakuno in that spot so every time I played him I would log right in to see if Perrin was up or not. That took months and yesterday, I logged on a whim, just to check it out, not expecting him to be there. Much to my surprise Perrin was there and I didn’t think twice before hiring him!

I haven’t been able to test him out yet though as I am suffering from a flu from hell (I am getting better as you can see. :p). I also feel a bit bad about retiring Raffik now since that little ratonga saved Rakuno’s hide more times than I can count. But after trying to get Perrin for so long I intent to make this mercenary earn his pay. :p

[EQ2] Erollisi Marr can be worshipped again!

Grulog worshipping by the altar of Erollisi Marr

Considering the popularity of Erollisi Marr, the goddess of love, I always thought that she taking worshippers again would come with a lot more fanfare. Instead it only came as another announcement in a paltry patch note. Said patch note even announced in their site either!

In any case, Grulog (pictured above), my troll dirge can finally worship his chosen deity (and yes, it isn’t insane at all). It also means I won’t have to build a custom, non-functional altar for Erollisi Day whenever I build Grulog’s house. As for the quest line, I tried to do it but in the middle of the second one the servers crashed and stayed down for a long while. More than I was willing to wait. But going from what I was able to do I imagine it is like all the other deity quests: doing something completely tangential to understand better the deities’ “teachings” and thus getting closer to them. Oh, well. I am just happy Grulog can worship her!

Expanding my MMO horizons: Landmark

Landmark-Rakuno watching over the horizonAlthough this is not my first time with Landmark (I did try it during the early alpha days) the gamechanged significantly that it is almost like trying a new game. I say almost because it is not too different from when one plays a MMO for a while then stops for say, 5 years, and returns to it. There is all that sense of familiarity mixed with something completely new and strange. And thinking about it now that may be the reason for me not spending as much time with it during the weekend as I did with Trove (which you can read my first impressions of here). But before we get into my very brief foray with Landmark, let me give the usual disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: This is by no means intended to be an in-depth review. Consider it the first impressions of someone who just installed the game, with very little to no knowledge about the game beforehand. It is the impressions of someone that spent an hour or two playing the game and has probably very little clue of what he was doing.

Also, keep in mind that right now Landmark is on Closed Beta. That means the game will certainly change a lot until it is official release. That means that everything I write here now may be true to the game as it is it is quite possible (and most likely) that it will be a completely different experience when the game is finally released.

Alright. With that bit out of the way, on with the show!

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My love-hate relationship with tanks

"British Mark IV Tadpole tank". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:British_Mark_IV_Tadpole_tank.jpg#/media/File:British_Mark_IV_Tadpole_tank.jpg
British Mark IV Tadpole tank – Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Recently I read a couple articles about Gaming and Self-esteem (part 1, part 2) at Gamers Decrypted (go read it! It is a pretty good blog!). It made me think about my weird relationship with tank classes in MMOs. It is so weird that it really makes me think if I have some kind of masochist tendency.

But to explain it perhaps I should break into what I love about tanking and the things I hate about it. It might still not make any sense but it will probably be less rambly than if I just try to write into one big piece. Also, keep in mind this all related to group content. Solo and raid content is a completely different matter. In fact I don’t even like raiding so I couldn’t even make any commentary about that.

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Collecting trophies in games

Last week Ravanel made a post about the trophy she got from beating a raid boss and some of the loot she got out of it. (Or at least that is the impression I got. Sorry, I don’t play SWTOR so I might have completely misread it!) At tthe end she asked readers if they showed off their trophies too or special mounts they earned. So I thought about making a post about my trophies collecting habits in different games. I think this can be an interesting topic as different people have a tendency to collect different things in-games where that makes sense. Perhaps it will be more clear what I mean during the post.

It all started with a sword…

Back in Morrowind there was a sword called Umbra that had a pretty infamous story about being made to trap souls and her creator being executed for creating such an evil item. The sword was also known to be very picky about its owners. So far, not anything all that original. What I think stuck in my mind is that in Morrowind it was held by an orc  wearing a very neat set of armor and who called himself Umbra too.

If you talk to him he tells that he basically lived a very intense life of combat but at that point he was just tired of it all and wanted to die. Since this is an orc we are talking about he obviously wanted to die in combat, which the player can accept or not (You can read the whole dialog here). It was a very tough fight but very worth it for getting Umbra. Since then I sort of started getting in the habit of trying to get Umbra with every one of my characters, regardless if they would use it or not. It would just be a memento of an NPC I was fascinated with.

Umbra, the orc in Morrowind

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My recurring games

Last week Ravanel made an interesting post titled  “The games I love to play” and then she asked her readers what games they love to play. I decided  that instead of doing my usual and just making a gigantic comment on her blog, I will instead make a post here as an answer. Specially because the games I am going to list aren’t necessary the games I love to play as much as games I tend to go back to when certain moods hit me and I just don’t have the energy or patience to try something new. They are kinda like comfort food for me, they are familiar, they keep me distracted and help to recharge my energies, so to speak.

I will also list what kind of mood I tend to have when I decided to play these games for the millionth time as that will probably give it a better context.

Everquest 2

Rakuno flying near Harla Dar

Mood: Social Butterfly, Building

Nowadays I don’t have much reason to play MMORPGs anymore besides chatting and doing something fun with my friends. But even with that I can be pretty picky about the games I am willing to play. As I always say, there is only so much good friends can compensate for a bad game. And Everquest 2 just happens to be the only game we can all agree to play without anyone complaining (much) about it.

When I am not out in the world pretending to be an adventurer I am most likely inside an in-game house seeing if I can build something cool. I can’t say I succeed at it but I have fun nonetheless!

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