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[NBI] Talkback Challenge – Guilds: What for?

Newbie Blogger Initiative

(This is part of the Talkback Challenge for the Newbie Initiative. It is one of the two themes chosen. The other one is “Armchair Game Designer” but I think I will be skipping the second one for now)

I have some social phobia. I say some because it is not enough to make me stop going out of the house or doing stuff I must do. But it is enough to make me avoid parties, if I can, to hate speaking in phones or other voice chatting devices, avoiding dealing with strangers, not liking to eat in public or go shopping for clothes plus a few other things. It makes life very inconvenient and things that are simple to others are harder for me. So what is a person like this doing playing MMOs, one of the most social games out there? Or even caring about guilds?

Well, to answer those questions we need to go through my history in MMOs and, by extension, guilds. It all started, a long time ago, with my love with tabletop RPGs. Since I always had trouble finding groups to play with here MMOs seemed like a good solution to it. I mean, it would be like mixing the best of a tabletop RPG with the graphical parts of CRPG games like Baldur’s Gate! What was not to like?

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[NBI] In which we celebrate!

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It is the end of may and among other things, this means the Newbie Blogger Initiative, aka NBI,  is coming to a close. I think this has been a much bigger success than anyone expected. We got about a hundred new blogs started this month and some amazing advice from the veterans!

Syp, the great guy who started it all, made a final list of all the new blogs and of all the advice posts that were born as part of the NBI.  You can check it here.

For anyone thinking about starting their blog now, give it a look as there is a gold mine of advice in there. Even for old hats of blogging it might be interesting as there may be one thing or two that you never considered before. If you just like to read you might also want to check the list out as I am pretty sure you will get out of it with at least a dozen new blogs to read. 🙂

I am not sure if the NBI forums will stay up after this, but if so, I suggest giving a look at it too. You can find it here. We had some fun discussions in there, some that even end up turning into advice articles by the sponsors.

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Choosing the subject of your MMORPG blog

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This post is part of the New Bloggers Initiative. You can find an introduction post about it here.

This will be a little mix of my reasons for starting this blog as well as advice. Also, keep in mind this will be from the point of view from someone writing a MMORPG blog. So it might not be as useful for other hobbies or subjects…

Anyhoo…. I always liked to write. So when I was a teenager and blogging was the new cool thing, it seemed natural for me to start one. My first blog was a personal one where I would write anything that I felt strongly enough to write about. Eventually I started to run out of things to say, as incredible as it may sound, and the blog end up turning into nothing but posts about quizzes. That one was written in my native language, portuguese, and in any case it is best to left buried in the sands of the internet.

My second blog was an attempt to use blogging, together with roleplaying, to rekindle my passion for Lineage 2. By then I was already pretty much burnt out of Lineage 2 so it didn’t work out. I end up leaving the game shortly after, abandoning the blog at about 8 posts…. For the internet archeologists or brave of heart, you can still find it here.  That one was my first blog written in english too.

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