[FFXIV] Ding! Samurai level 70! Ding! All gathering classes to 50!

Rakuno posing as a level 70 Samurai

Last week I finally got level 70 Samurai with Rakuno thanks to the help of a few friends who run dungeons with me.

I also finally got all the gathering classes to level 50 and did their required quests. Those quests were surprisingly easy to do considering I had some assorted NQ gear. The only annoyance was to wait for an specific time to gather the requested materials. Now I need to catch up on my crafting.

Story-wise those gathering quests were very flimsy so not much worth talking about. The Samurai Job quest on the other hand…

SPOILER WARNING: spoilers about the level 60 to 70 Samurai Job quest ahead!

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[FFXIV] Samurai level 60

Rakuno posing as a samurai

Last week I got my Samurai Job level to 60, finishing their first story arc.

Of all the Job stories I experienced so far (which weren’t all that many) Samurai has been the most enjoyable one. It is probably my new best favorite, replacing the Pugilist and the first Monk Job stories.

But to be honest I was a bit worried at first about the story. I was afraid it would rely heavily on the western tropes about samurai: some terribly, heavy handed talk about some vague concept of honor or something along those lines. I know, it was a silly feeling since Square-Enix is a japanese company and Japan have their own set of tropes when it comes to samurai.

In the end my tendency to overthink stories and tropes end up tripping me a lot on this particular Job story as I tried to figure out where it was going.

WARNING: SPOILERS ahead for the level 50 to 60 Samurai Job quest.

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