[IWD] Holy Trash Talking!

(Spoiler Waning about Icewind Dale! If that bothers you then just skip this post. If you are just beginning there is an archive of this series that you can find in the top menu.)

When we last left our heroes they were facing the entrance to another series of caves while I feared what could lay beyond it. Well, it was time to find out what was behind it.

It wasn’t exactly what I expected instead the party was received by a commitee of undeads that are quick to threaten them verbally. Hansel however realizes the voice does not come from the undead but from someone else in the area. Not only that but he also decides to do some trash talking with this new enemy!

The party is met by some undead and start a discussion

This is another case of a fight that the monster by themselves aren’t too hard but becomes somewhat challenging due to their numbers. It didn’t help I wasn’t unprepared (read: didn’t buff my party) and hadn’t played the game in a few months so it took me a few tries to win this battle.

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[IWD] Trolling priests

(Warning! This post contains spoilers about Icewind Dale. If that bothers you, skip it.)

When we last left our heroes, they had just killed the Lizard Man King and declared themselves supreme rules of all lizardmen. Or they would if that was the actual souce of the evil plaguing Kuldahar. Since it was not and they want to get to the bottom of this mistery they kept pressing forward, exploring the caves within the Dragon’s Eye.

And what do you know? As soon as they get to the next area of the caves they are attacked by more lizard men!

Lizardmen awaiting just outside the entrance to the new area

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[IWD] Poking in the Dragon’s Eye

(Spoiler warning! If you don’t want to be spoiled about Icewind Dale’s plot you might want to skip this post!)

When we last left our heroes they finally got a literal tangible clue. Confident that they were finally in the right track they travelled to the area in the mountains called Dragon’s Eyes. This also triggered the start of chapter 2!

The start of chapter 2!

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[IWD] These are not the adventurers you are looking for. No, really!

(Warning! This post contains spoilers about Icewind Dale. If that bothers you then just skip it. Also it is brought to you by… Gretel! Since this post is less boring than hearing Hansel preach about Ilmater)

Before beginning there was something that I forgot to mention in the last post. The party delivered Mirek’s family heirloom back to him, the one they retrieved from a yeti. As usual, he was thankful for the party assistance as it was the only thing he had left to remember his family now that he was all alone in the world.

Ok. Continuing from the last time, our heroes had rested up, resupplied and were ready to travel to mysterious temple in the mountains. The travel took them almost two days and they arrived at their destination during the night. As they approach the temple a Verbeeg, which seems to be a type of giant, comes running at them. Fortunately, he isn’t running to attack the party but rather running away from the temple.

Red Toe, the Verbeeg, tells the party he has no time to speak with them and must run away

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[IWD] Attack of the Ninja Yetis

(Warning! Spoilers ahead! Skip it if you that bothers you. Also this post is brought to you by… Snow White! Because according to her elves are better than everyone else. So is this post. Her words. Not mine.)

When we last left our heroes, they were dealing with Kresselack the Black Wolf. Or at least whatever left of him in spiritual form. Kresselack claimed to not be the one responsible for Kuldahar’s troubles but he could give some information to the party if they help him out. Unfortunately such help required the killing of a priestess of Auril, a goddess of all things cold. In normal circunstances the party would reply with a “No way!”, kill the undead and call it a day. Kresselack however made a good point that the priestess could end up attacking Kuldahar next though, thinking that such a place of warmth in the middle of a region filled with extreme cold would be an abomination. After a brief discussion the party agreed to at least investigate the case and if Kresselack was lying there would be hell to be paid! Or some sort of holy hell because Hansel is a paladin and dealing with normal hellish forces would not fit with him and… ah, that is a terrible analogy. Let’s just go back to the plot, ok?

So, Kresselack told them that the priestess was currently somewhere in the Valley of Shadows and off  they went to search  for her. And what do you know, within the yeti cave they cleared  earlier they did find someone!

Lysan tells the party this is her retreat and politely asks them to leave

As usual when meeting a new stranger the party decided to interrogate them about everything which may have included a question about why the sky is blue.

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[IWD] Raiders of the (not so) Lost Tomb

(Spoiler Warning! If you don’t want to be spoiled about Icewind Dale’s story just skip this post. Also, this is brough to you by… Red Hood! Because I feel just as lost as her and can’t remember if she sponsored a post yet)

When we last left our heroes, they were exploring the Valley of Shadows in search of the evil that was plaguing the region. There was certainly a lot of evidence that there was at least some evil thing going on there, perhaps even the culprit behind all of Kuldahar’s troubles. As they explored they fought lots of Lesser Shadow, broke into some other crypts where they slayed a few more undead and in one of them finally found someone that could talk:

Therik, an undead, tells the party to leave the crypt

Not exactly the kind of encounter the party was expecting.

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[IWD] Delving into the Valley of Shadows

(Warning! This post contains spoilers about Icewind Dale. If that bothers you there are certainly other interesting things in the web to read about. Also this post is brought to you by… Alladin! He thinks this might give some XP so here it is)

When we last left our heroes they were playing detectives and solved a murder mystery! Ok, they weren’t really playing detectives. They just got lucky to find the evidence they needed. Also it wasn’t really a murder mystery as much as a case of forgery…. *clears throat* In any case, there were still mysteries to be solved. Much bigger ones at that. It was to find the evil that has been plaguing Kuldahar. The only clue they had was given to them by Arundel who said they might find some answers in the Valley of Shadows. So that is where they were heading next.

As soon as they tried to go out of town though, a man came running at them shouting something about being chased by yetis.

Mirek frantically shouting about Yetis and asking the party to run and seek help

This was starting to become a pattern.

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[IWD] Murder in the Evening Shade?

(Warning! This post contains spoilers about Icewind Dale. If that bothers you then just skip it. Also it is brought to you by… Goldilocks! Because she stole the key to my house and wouldn’t give it back until I wrote it. Dang thieves!)

When we last left our heroes they were exploring the town of Kuldahar. There was just one more little thing they wanted to check before they rested and headed to the Valley of Shadows though. It also just happened to be in the same place where they could rest their weary bodies. Well, as long as they got lucky enough to not be kidnapped in the middle of the night or worse. Anyway, what they wanted to investigate were the rumors of how a halfling came to own the local inn, the Evening Shade. From the rumors the halfling, called Aldwin, just appeared right after the previous owner disappeared with a claim in hand. Only problem is the previous owner had the palsy which made it hard for him to write. That is if he even knew how to write! Something was fishy about that story so the party headed there  to investigate.

As if circunstances weren’t suspicious enough, Aldwin had a very terrible personality for someone whose living is dealing with people:

The party tries to strike some conversation with Aldwin

(If Aldwin’s dialogue seems weird for someone just starting the conversation that is because I messed up, forgot to take a screenshot of it, quit the dialogue, tried again and this screenshot was the result of it. *sigh*)

Seems like the halfling had some attitude problems. That is ok. The party could play it rough too. And they wouldn’t leave until they got some good answers! And a good night of sleep! But answers would have to come first.

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[IWD] Exploring Kuldahar

(Spoiler warning! This post contains spoilers about Icewind Dale. If that bothers you just skip it. Also, this post is brought to you by… Hansel. Because he preached me into it. Dang paladins!)

Alright. This post won’t have all that much in terms of plot advancement. But there a lot of NPCs that the party met in Kuldahar who although didn’t give some direct side quest they did say a few things that can become a side quest later on or that seems like it will be part of the main plot. So just to avoid the possibility that later on we get into a situation like “Cool! The party found this place  that NPC X mentioned. Now let’s see if we can find the Thingmajic he wanted. What? You don’t know who NPC X is? And I didn’t say anything about the Thingamajic? Ops!”.

The reason I am so unsure that these conversations may turn into side quests later on or not is because of the way quests are given in Icewind Dale (and a lot of the CRPGs of the time, actually). Unlike current games the quests aren’t automagically added to a laundry list, neated organized with all the information you need to know and what reward you will get by completing it. The journal in Icewind Dale is more of a “Dear Diary” type of deal, with all the noterworth things the party did or heard in the appropriate style. Here, let me show you:

An excerpt from the party's journal

As you can see that isn’t any big sign saying “THIS IS A QUEST! DOOOO IIIITTT!”. And everything noteworth they do is added in that style. Even that talk with the goblin and the ogre earlier was added in the journal.

Now that is all explained and out of  the way, let’s get back our usual Icewind Dale post.

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[IWD] Kuldahar, finally!

(Spoiler warning! This post contain spoilers about Icewind Dale. If that bothers you then just skip it. Also, it is brought to you by… the rain! Because it is about time it rained here!)

When we last left our heroes, they were having some fun with goblins. By that I mean I had fun while they weren’t having so much of it and were just busy killing any goblin in the way. Also, unlike what I stated in the last post chapter one didn’t start then. It started after that area. Ops!

The narration of Icewind Dale chapter 1

In any case after writing (and hearing in-game) about Kuldahar so much it  was nice to finally get to Kuldahar and get a few more steps in the main plot. The party even get a welcoming commitee in the form of a… boy?

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