The franchises I snubbed and end up in love later

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A while ago Ravanel made a post about Fandoms that I never though I’d like (bud did)*. It is a pretty interesting post (and topic) and I’ve been meaning to write about it since then. Unfortunately certain things got in the way so I am only writing about it now.

Anyhoo, unlike Ravanel I can’t say I always had an open mind. Sure, if you asked teenage me I would have said that I was the most open and accepting people in the world. But the truth is there was a lot of things I snubbed down or outrighted hated because it didn’t conform to what I felt was the way the world and myself “should be”. Nowadays I try to police myself better to not fall into those kind of traps and to actually have an open mind. But it is a constant battle for that, one that I do not always win.

So this post is about those franchises I snubbed in the past then through certain circumstances gave it a try and found out that I was wrong, that I actually really like it. Here are my picks, in no specific order:

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Embracing the ADD

Montage of Batman, Lara Croft and my characters from The Sims 3 and Everquest 2

Until recently my usual tendency with games was to binge on them. That meant playing a single game to the exclusion of any other games. This had the advantage of having a higher chance of me finishing said game, which considering my ADD and history of unfinished games is a big deal. The downside is that there is a high chance I will instead burn out of the game and only coming back to it months later when I don’t remember anymore the controls or what I was going to do next. Not the best of positions to be in.

I decided then to try something different. Instead of just playing one game to the exclusion of all others I’d instead try to mix things a bit, playing a bit of one game then playing a bit of another the other night, just mixing things up to see how it goes. Initially I did it with Batman: Arkham Asylum and Tomb Raider. Then decided to add The Sims 3 to the mix. So far it has been working well. I found that Batman and Tomb Raider are excellent games for this style of playing games as I can just finish a zone or getting to a certain story point and stop for the night, feeling fullfilled. I also keep getting a nice progression through both games. The Sims 3 is a lot more tricky. Since there is always something I am planning to do, to build or to see how the game reacts to it I just find it harder to find a good point to stop. I have to actually make take a look at  the clock and decide to stop rigth there otherwise I will keep playing without noticing how much time has passed. :p

Now I am thinking about adding Everquest 2 to the mix just to see how a MMO would work with it. I am also wondering if having a rotation of more than 3 games would work out well  for me. My concern is that I might ran into the same issues with The Sims 3, of always having something to keep me busy on it, that I will return to my bingeing tendencies. If it does I will have to come up with a better way to do this. We’ll see how it goes!