Project 23 Visual Novels in 2023

If you hang around in one of the Mastodon instances you probably have heard some talk about a sort of challenge that goes like “Do X in 2023”.

So far I have only heard of two of those challenges. The first one was the Dungeon23. It is basically a challenge for TTRPG enthusiasts to create one room for a dungeon every day until at the end of the week they have an entire level. By the end of the year you should have a dungeon with 52 levels. If you are curious you can read more about it here.

Another one that just started today is called #23by23 by Off Fleek Geek. It is a more open one where all you have to do is do 23 of something you want in 2023. It can be anything you want to improve or experience. For example it could be practice drawing, go camping in different places, play games in a certain genre. It is up to you.

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