The Minecraft Logs #12: Catching up!

My original plan was to only write this post once I was done remaking my mod list for Minecraft. But with over 100 mods it will take some time to write that list…

So, before I forget everything that happened so far I decided to go ahead and write everything that happened in this restart. Hopefully I am not forgetting anything!

All the screenshots in this post have been taken with the Complementary Shaders.

A brand new world!

This time I started on a savanna, with a village not too far from my spawn point. I almost thought about building my home base there as I liked the area and could do with some variety.

After some exploration I decided to instead do something I couldn’t complete during my testing of the Ice and Fire: Dragons mod. During those tests I found a cool custom tree (picture at the top of this post) that I believe is added by Valhelsia Structures.

My intention was to build a small house in front of that tree for a kind of fantasy feel to it. Fortunately it didn’t me long to find that same type of tree in this world and I started building right way! Sort of.

Actually, I started building a hole on the ground to serve as my storage and workshop area. In practice this area is my actual base given how much time I spend on it…

In any case, this led me to test Storage Drawers and Simple Storage Network. Together they are exactly the kind of storage system I need! I can just chuck an item into a storage drawer and put it somewhere. Then if I don’t like the placement I can just break up the drawer and move it to someplace else with the contents inside.

Then with Simple Storage Network I have an unique access point to store/extract items from the drawers without worrying about where they are stored. This makes everything so much more convenient.

My only nitpick is that, at the time of this writing and for Minecraft 1.16, Storage Drawers don’t have any way to show how much storage space it has left. If there is a way to show it I missed it.

Throughout this whole process I also found out that due to a combination of YUNG’s Better Caves and Quark it is pretty much impossible for me to do strip mining. The reason for this is that as soon as I dig down I end up easily finding a massive cave network.

This is my current “mine”. I barely scratched the area of this cave!

At first I thought this would make it harder for me to find ores but turns out I was worried for nothing. If anything it might actually be easier to find them. But it is also a lot more dangerous and adventurous to get to them as there are also a lot of monsters in those caves.

A part of me will miss strip mining though as there was a kind of zen quality to it.

After getting the basics down I built myself a house. I wanted a small place that would work well with the tree. Since I still suck at building houses I just went with this cottage from the amazing Zaypixel.

At some point during all this I found a big Astral Sorcery temple buried in a hill nearby the first village I encountered.

I only mined enough to access it, the temple is still surrounded by dirt blocks which I will clear out eventually. For now I used it to turn a crafting table into a Luminous Crafting Table and haven’t done anything else of significance with the mod.

After all that was done it was time to recreate my iron and gold generators which required being to make brass ingots. And to do brass ingots I had to head into the Nether to capture a Blaze.

I decided to give a try to a mod called BetterNether Reforged to see if it would make the Nether any better… It didn’t. Or at least not in the way I was hoping for.

The nether is still a huge pain to traverse and explore. It does have some new structures to make the exploration more interesting. I also don’t know if it is just my impression or if it was something this mod did or Terraforged did it but the Nether feels bigger.

I also unintently made the Nether harder by adding Alex’s Mobs. I added that mod just to have some more creature variety in the overworld but I missed the part about the new mobs added to the Nether. The giant mosquito is specially annoying but it isn’t that big of a deal and I can live with it.

Anyway, it took some effort but I was able to trap a blaze and make some brass.

To cut a long story short, I tried a couple of different layouts for the golden generator that didn’t work out well but eventually settled on a tweaked version of my previous gold generator.1. It left me burned out though and I end up stop playing Minecraft for a while.

Now it is behind some stylish glass!

I finally got the bug to play Minecraft again and have been doing a bit more work around my base. I finished an iron generator based on this machine by RagePlayGames. The only real differences is that I tried to make mine with 3 millstones instead of 1 to see if I could get more iron ingot. Also the way I do the washing is a bit different.

Right now I am not sure if I will make an andesite generator again. I got plenty of that material stocked up and I don’t plan to make any new big Create machines soon.

Oh, I also built an armorer, a weaponsmith, a toolsmith and a mason shop on top of the generators room. The mason shop wasn’t intended but there was this large empty space that needed filling and it felt thematically appropriate.

During the construction of the generators I also tamed a bat using the mod Companion Bats. I named him Bruce and gave him some armor I got while exploring a cave. However I haven’t tested him in combat yet but maybe soon.

After all that building I am thinking of doing some adventuring. But I am not sure what kind of adventure I want to do. I also thought about learning more about the magic mods I installed but reading the Worn Book from Ars Nouveau feels like it would be a lot of more building to get to the more interesting parts.

I will probably figure something out and then write more once I made more significant progress.

  1. Which was already a tweaked version of this golden generator by RagePlaysGames
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