The Minecraft Logs #15: Welcome to Nowhere Town!

As I mentioned in my previous post I have been playing a lot with a mod called MineColonies.

My original intention was to take screenshots and write about it as I started the colony then built it up. Unfortunately I got a bit too distracted by all the decision making I was doing that I forgot to take relevant screenshots. I also kept postponing writing about it to play “just a bit more”.

Now it is a bit far ahead than a starting colony but still with very little in terms of self-sufficiency. I will try to summarize as best as I can how I got to this point as well as the troubles I am facing right now.

One of the things that I find the most annoying in re-starting in Minecraft is building myself a new house. Yeah, yeah, I know I just end up cheating anyway and searching YouTube for some cool house I can just copy. But still I’d like to build something that was of my own making.

To put even more salt in that wound I always just end up digging a basement for all my crafting and storage needs. Then I end up spending so much time in there that it becomes my de-facto house.

To try to deal with some of those frustrations I thought I’d try starting near a woodland mansion. My thought was that after I cleared out the place I could then remodel it to fit my purposes. Yes, I wouldn’t be able to clear it out of monsters right of the gate but I thought I could work on it while I built my colony.

I did google for some seeds that started near a mansion but none of them were close to another important feature that I was looking for: being close to the ocean.

Now the reason for that is because in the “Starter Guide” of the MineColonies wiki it recommends that one of the first buildings we should make should be a Fisher’s Hut to gather food for our citizens.

It makes sense. A Fisher’s Hut takes a lot less space than a farm plus if they are near the ocean there is also the chance of getting some treasures. So that is why I really wanted to start near that biome, so I could get some free treasures as soon as possible.

Since my idea with the mansions weren’t working out I gave up on that and decided to try some random seeds to see where it would spawn me. Surprisingly enough, my first try, using “Mad Max” didn’t lead me to some desolate area. Rather I end up in a plains biome with a nice Keep and blacksmith building, both added by Valhelsia Structures, not too far from my own spawn point. This earned me some nice starting goodies. They were pretty close to the ocean too!

A pretty cool keep added by the mod Valhesia Structures.
The keep in question

Off I went to build my colony. My idea was to use the keep as my house, eventually remodeling and expanding it. I also wanted to make it look like the blacksmith was part of the colony.

That plan fell apart really quick. I did build my town hall next to the blacksmith. Then went to make the Builder’s Hut into a nearby hill. For some reason I thought the Build Tool would automatically clear the area and the builder would just build the structure.

Turns out that is not the case. The hill didn’t disappear. The builder actually had to dig out the hill, slowly with their stone pickaxe. That is when I realized that location was a terrible idea. Not only because it was really uneven but the area felt a bit small to start out.

So, I re-created the world. This time I went a bit farther, finding a nice place without any other structures. The only problem was a huge chasm that cut throughout the area I was interested in. But I figured I could just cover the chasm later, maybe leaving an opening to go down into that chasm to explore it.

This time things were progressing generally well. Oh, and I named it “Nowhere Town” as you probably already figured out by the title of this post. Yes, I am very creative. :p

The first sign of trouble came when my citizens started to get influenza which made them stop working. Thankfully I could still cure them by giving them a potato and a carrot (no I don’t know the logic behind that either).

But this was happening so frequently that was becoming tedious. So I decided it was time to build a hospital. The only problem was that I need to first build a university. Oh, and the university building happens to be stupidly big.

Now here is the problem with the size of the building: MineColonies uses a border system to check where you are allowed to build. The only way to increase that border is by creating new buildings or upgrading existing ones.

The only spot I had for a building of that side was by the Town Hall which I was saving to build the barracks, whenever I unlocked it. Given the latest crisis I decided to give up on that idea and place my university there. It took quite a large chunk of land and even covered part of the chasm. By that point I was considering leaving the chasm as-is then build a bridge connecting the two areas. Now that the university is covering part of it I might as well go to my plan of covering it up. But we’ll see how it goes.

A rather large and deep chasm
Here is the chasm in question before anything was built. It doesn’t look that big in this picture but trust me it did make me think twice about building in this area.

Anyway, the university was built, the hospital was researched and built and I continued working on the colony.

The next setback was the way I was planning to build my house. My idea was to make a quarry then build one of the player houses that comes with build tool on top of it.

My thinking was that since I dig down to build my work area/storage then I might as well let the builders do it for me. Plus the quarry will be nothing but a giant hole once the worker was finished with it.

For anyone that played MineColonies this will sound like a terrible idea, considering the quantity of materials required and how slow the NPCs work. Specially considering my colony barely provides for itself at this point.

I knew this and was still going ahead with it anyway. I even crafted the medium one, realized it was too big and then crafted the simple quarry which looked to have the right size for my needs.

Then I built the quarry, saw how many items it actually required and gave up on the idea. If my colony was at the later stages where everything is automated then I might have gone with it. But manually crafting that many items would be too much even for me.

After building a bit more I realized that just one builder wasn’t cutting it. So I decided to do like in this Let’s Play of MineColonies and make a second Builder’s hut underground. For the longest time I didn’t think it would be necessary but with the amount of buildings I have now that require upgrades or need to be built I thought this might help.

The newest builder will be to make the level 1 buildings. While the older builder, who is at level 3 at the moment of this writing, will upgrade any buildings that need it.

I also decided to make the second builder hut underground so if I ever decide to deactivate it I can try to repurpose it for something else instead of having an abandoned house in the middle of town. Plus I could build a subway system for my couriers.

For the style I chose the stone version as it was the closest that fit. There is a dwarven style but that building was way too tall at level 5 and I didn’t want to dig down that much. :p

I am not discarding the possibility that I will regret this idea though. :p

The level 1 of the stone builder's hut is just some stone fences a sort of stone gazebo. Plus the builder's desk, a storage rack, some torches and random pieces of building blocks for security and looks.
At level 1 it doesn’t look too bad and actually fits. At level 3 though it will look like an actual house made out of stone and won’t fit so well within a cave. But it was that or building a huge cavern and going full dwarf. :p

Now my latest problem is that MineColonies told me my colonists captured a raider spy that claimed a large force was incoming. It also told me I should build a barracks to protect my town.

At the time I was busy with other things and could not do it. But soon enough we got attacked by a larger force of vikings than the ones I fought before. I was able to fend them off but they managed to kill one of my guards.

Now I am trying to figure out where I can build the dang barracks. It is another one of those buildings that takes a lot of space and I am in the middle of trying to build a farm, which is another big building even without accounting for the fields they can take care of!

I also need to build more houses or upgrade the ones I have fast as my colony is in a terrible house deficit right now.

Part of me is starting to regret building all of this so haphazardly. I am also getting really frustrated that I still don’t have my own house so I can have a better storage system and machinery that could make my life easier. It is getting to the point where I am almost considering restarting and trying to plan the placement of every building better now that I have a better idea of how the mod works.

If I end up doing that then I will just use creative mode for a while to give them the materials and tools required as I don’t have the patience to gather all of that again from scratch.

But for now I want to see how far I can progress. As long as the raider situation doesn’t get much worse I think the colony can still succeed.

For the purposes of tracking progress, here are the current buildings and their levels, in no particular order.

Current Colony Progress:

  • Town Hall – Level 2
  • Builder’s Hut #1 – Level 3
  • Builder’s Hut #2 – Level 1
  • Warehouse – Level 2
  • Courier’s Hut #1 – Level 2
  • House #1 – Level 3
  • House #2 – Level 1
  • House #3 – Being upgraded to level 2
  • Tavern – Level 1
  • Fisher’s Hut – Level 2
  • Forester’s Hut – Level 2
  • Mine – Level 3
  • Restaurant – Level 1
  • University – Level 1
  • Hospital – Level 2
  • Quarry – To be deconstructed
  • 3x Guard Towers – Level 3
  • Farm – Under construction
  • 1x Farm Field

4 thoughts on “The Minecraft Logs #15: Welcome to Nowhere Town!”

    • It can be a big time sink until you can make your colony self-sufficient. But it can be pretty fun to see a large empty area being filled with buildings and people.

  1. I know this won’t exactly help you with building your own home but since you’re getting tired of having to rebuild your house every time you restart, you should look into the Prefab mod. It has starter homes and other buildings that you can place down and then edit the way you like. At least it’ll save you from living a hole in the ground or a “hobo camp” like I usually do 😛

    • There was a mod for 1.16 that did that. I don’t remember the name right now but for some reason I didn’t like it much. I will see if Prefab is available for 1.18 and test it out. If it doesn’t work out I will just stick to my plan of using the player houses that comes with MineColonies. It is just a question of finding a spot for it and find the right time with all the things I in the middle of constructing right now!

      Thanks for the suggestion!

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