The Minecraft Logs #17: Storage system and a lot of the usual machines

This is an overdue post. I kept meaning to write about my on-going shenanigans with MineColonies a while ago but I wanted to finish recreating my usual Create machines first. That however turned to be far more work than I anticipated as I was trying some new stuff.

The majority of the machines, and the most important ones, are done though. There are only a few left that I am still considering and then it is adding finishing touches to each area so it doesn’t look like someone went carving up giant holes underground, placing torches all over the place.

I figured I might as well post about those now before I forget everything that has happened so far.

Anyway, last time in this series I found out that the MineColonies’ hospital not only had a basement but it was intruding in the area I was planning to use for my storage.

If it was just a question of storage location I could have chosen another spot but it was also touching a bit of the area reserved for the underground Builder’s Hut. That I knew would cause problems eventually when I decided to upgrade either building. So the first thing I did was to deconstruct and order it to be rebuilt in a different spot.

It is still underground, just closer to Courier’s Hut #2 and the mine/smithing area. I figured I might as well use that builder to build stuff on that side of the town.

I also built another Courier’s Hut since the two I had just couldn’t keep up with the demand anymore. Soon enough I will have to build another one but I haven’t even started thinking about that yet. It is probably something I will tackle once I finish building this batch of personal stuff.

Another thing I started was a “subway” system for the colonists. I found the hard way that inactive power rails confuse the colonists and they get stuck in there until it gets activated.

Now you may be asking “why would you have inactive power rails in your system?” Because I put it at the start and end of my tracks, next to a block with a button on top. This way I can just put a cart on the first track, press the button and it activates the rail giving the cart the initial propulsion to move forward.

Because of this problem with the colonists I will have to move forward manually until I get to a an active power rail. And if that sounds like I am lazy… Well, I am not denying it!

A stone block with a button on top. Connected to the stone block are some unpowered rails.
If only the colonists knew how to press a button…

In any case, I need to redo and expand the whole thing anyway. My initial idea for it just wasn’t working as well as I hoped for. At least not for personal use. After I removed those inactive power rails the colonists are using it just fine.

Now that area was cleared I decided to build my storage system where the underground Builder’s Hut was. Well, not the exact location, I made sure to avoid the area that crossed with the hospital.

As usual for my organization purposes I am using Simple Storage Network combined with Storage Drawers. The only thing I did different this time is instead of trying to shove everything into one room I decided to have different floors with different item categories.

They are very general categories, with just 3 different floors. First floor is for minerals, metals, stones and all items that can be crafted from those. Second floor is for wood, plants, seed, farming food and all items that can be crafted from those. Lastly, the third floor is for loot from mobs, animal meat, leather and crafted items that I end up using often.

They are all below my crafting area and are accessed through a Simple Storage Network terminal.

Is this overkill? Maybe. But it is easier to expand as needed with new drawers or to check on them if something goes wrong.

It also may not be that impressive but it is just so nice to have a storage system like that and not having to worry about which chest things are in. Specially when you are playing MineColonies and the stupid couriers keep putting stuff at the warehouse in any empty spot they find, instead of stacking the items properly, forcing me to constantly clean the place!

*clears throat* Sorry about that mini-rant. The warehouse organization is just one of the things that annoy me about MineColonies.

A screenshot of one of the warehouse shelves' contents. There is a lot of different items stacked on it but of note are four stacks of cobblestone. One stack has 40 cobblestones. A second stack has 39, a third has 47 and a fourth has 57 cobblestones.
They can be stacked up to 64 units.
This is the kind of madness I have to deal with constantly

After finishing my storage area I went on to build my usual machinery. First thing I tried to figure out was how to create the Steam Engine that came with Create 0.5. It is a new source of power that replaces the previous furnace engine.

My first attempt just didn’t work well. I was attempting to have just one engine that could get to level 9 but couldn’t figure out the best shape for it or how to pump enough water or have a way to feed the blaze burners automatically. Well, not without making it an over-engineered nightmare that used a lot of space, that is.

Off I went to Reddit to see if someone had some good, compact design. After looking through a few designs I settled on this one by Nova_Starter.

It is compact enough for my needs and best of all it gets to level 9! This gives me far more power than I need right now. Or probably will ever need to be honest.

The only problem I had with it was that when I imported the schematic in my testing, creative, world it worked without any issue. But when I imported it into my survival world some parts of it were broken. It took me a while plus some reverse engineering to figure out what was broken and what to substitute it with.

My guess is that rotating the machine in the preview phase just breaks something with the machinery. That is the only thing I can think of being significantly different from what I did in the creative world. I should test that theory out some day if I remember it.

The steam engine. It looks like a big box made of copper with a a meter in the front. On the side there are some pistons that will transfer the power to other machinery.
Under it there are blaze burners. They are blazes trapped in a small iron cages.
Not part of the steam engine but used to make it work are some cauldrons filled with lava and pipes that will be used to feed the blaze burners.
Unlimited power! … Ok, not really but more power than I need.

With the power source figured out it was time to build the other machinery. First it was the crushing machinery. Nothing much to talk about it. It is simple and serves to process any minerals and other stuff I get in my travels.

Next was the iron generator. Again, nothing to really talk about here, it is a simple design and self-explanatory.

After that it was the gold generator. This is where things got really complicated.

I think it was in Create 0.4 that they added a way to easily make soul sand. What I found out, through Reddit, is that this opened a new, more involved path to generate gold nuggets. It is a bit more complex but gives slightly better rates than the previous path.

A Reddit user that goes by MrNachoWagon made a nice chart showing all the steps required.

With that chart in hand I went to my testing world to figure out how it works. I ended up with a humongous machine that just wasn’t practical. But for learning purposes it did its job.

Since that one wasn’t obviously practical I went back to Reddit to see if someone made a compact gold generator and shared the schematic of it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any. The best I could find was this one on YouTube by YupIt’sAiden. It was a bit too big for my needs and there were some parts that I couldn’t understand the reasoning behind the design.

However I did find this compact andesite processor by big_breast_monicer where all the steps up to the generating of andesite are the same as the ones for generating gold ingots!

I figured out that if I changed that last part to generate diorite instead of andesite, plus adding parts for the rest of the steps I could make it into a gold generator.

It took me a while to figure out but I was eventually able to make it. I even added the old method for gold generation to increase the production rate.

I am pretty sure my additions could probably have been designed much better by someone smarter than me but it was functional and that was what mattered to me.

With the machine complete it was time to turn it into a schematic and to import it in my survival world. Just like the steam engine, the gold generator was broken once I imported it.

At first I thought it was just the lack of water which doesn’t get imported with schematics. But even after fixing that part it still wasn’t working. My guess is something got messed up with the filters but testing and changing things turned out to be too much of a pain because of the way I placed all the parts together.

This annoyed me so much I decided to remake the whole thing but this time trying to make it in a way where different parts could be easier to access and fix if necessary. Well, I didn’t get it quite right but close enough. Also I just feel the whole thing is over-engineered. But it is working!

Just don’t ask me its rates. My guess is that they are pretty bad but for my purposes it is good enough.

I don't know how to describe this. The best I can describe is an over-engineered Create machine with 4 crushers, about 10 mechanical arms plus a bunch of other parts that can't be seen in the picture.
It still has too many mechanical arms for my tastes to be honest. Among other flaws.

The last generator I made was a relatively simple andesite generator. This is one that I probably don’t actually need since the MineColonies’ miner can get them at a pretty decent rate. However I didn’t want to waste the flint from the iron and the gold generators.

Another machine I built was a simple item processor. It was an idea I got from ML666PL. I just made some tweaks to fit my aesthetics as well as to plug in my own power source.

That was all on the machinery part so far. I still need to make one to automate the creation of a precision mechanism. It is not something complicated just need to figure a good spot for it.

If I ever get crazy enough I might even try to build a train. I doubt I will ever get that crazy, at least with this current world. Just building all of these machinery and developing my town has been way more trouble than I bargained for!

Also, to be fully honest I was hoping that with MineColonies I could avoid having to make these generators. But so far the Miner has been really bad at providing ores, even to supply just the colony. Maybe later on there might some research that makes it worthwhile but for now my generators feel like a very much needed supplier of metals.

Speaking of my town, there wasn’t that much development as I was pretty busy working on those machines.

I built a library then upgraded it to level 2. I also built another house, which at the time of this writing is being upgraded to level 3. I also finally built a stone smelter and a stonemason’s hut. Although the later just got an worker so it hasn’t contributed anything yet.

With those two huts I should be able to offload a lot of the materials requirements for building and upgrading the town to them. This should free me to think about how to develop the town or just make the other parts that the town can’t supply yet.

I also upgraded the Fletcher’s hut to level 3 just to keep my builders busy with something.

A wither rose. Next to it is the grave of one of the colonists with the undertaker next to it.

 On the background there is a random visitor walking around, the university (medieval oak style, level 2) and a stone house (level 3)
Beautiful but deadly

In other random news, somehow a wither rose spawned in my town. I only found out about it when a visitor died. At first I ignored it thinking none of my colonists would be stupid enough to get killed by it. Then one of my builders died. This is when I decided to cut it down and safely place it in storage.

A while later I noticed another wither rose had spawned in another spot. This time however I didn’t wait for tragedy to happen before taking it away.

I also lost a couple of guards to “inFire”. No clue what that is. When I tried to go to the location where that happened I couldn’t find the grave to try to determine the cause of death.

And that was it for this round of update about Nowhere Town!

My next big priority is to build an enchanting room and probably make an automatic potion making machine. I also really need to prettify the town so things like the wither rose incident don’t happen again. Might also kidnap some vanilla villagers to come sell stuff for me. But that is a lower priority right now.

Hopefully none of these will take as much time as these dang machines did!

Current Colony Progress:

  • Town Hall – Level 3
  • 2x Builder’s Hut – Level 3
  • Warehouse – Level 3
  • 3x Courier’s Hut – Level 3
  • 5x House – Level 3 (One of them is actually in the process of being upgraded to level 3)
  • Tavern – Level 2
  • Fisher’s Hut – Level 3
  • Forester’s Hut – Level 3
  • Mine – Level 3
  • Restaurant – Level 2
  • University – Upgrading to level 3
  • Hospital – Level 3
  • Quarry – Deconstructed
  • 4x Guard Towers – Level 3
  • Farm – Level 3
  • 4x Farm Field
  • Sawmill – Level 3
  • Barracks with 3 towers – Level 3
  • Smeltery – Level 3
  • Blacksmith – Level 3
  • Mechanic – Level 3
  • Fletcher – Level 3
  • School – Level 2
  • Graveyard – Level 3
  • Composter – Level 3
  • Library – Level 2 (It is being upgraded to level 3)
  • Stone Smelter – Level 1
  • Stonemason – Level 1
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