The Minecraft Logs #18: A forced restart

At the end of last month I finally upgraded my computer. As such I was forced to reinstall both my OSes, Windows and Linux. It is a process I always find tedious, more on the Windows part because it always feels like something will go wrong with it that will annoy me for days.

This time it wasn’t any different and I won’t go into everything that irritated me. Suffice to say it annoyed me so much that I procrastinated to reinstall Linux for a while.

Well, a short while ago I finally did reinstall it, without any major issues. Kinda. You know when you are so used to do something that it becomes trivial to you and then you just don’t pay attention to it much anymore. That is what happened with this re-installation of Linux which led to the tragedy of this post: my Linux install shares the same HD as my games and during the re-installation I accidentally deleted all my games, more specifically, my Minecraft save was completely gone…

Looking back I think I know what I did wrong. Normally I delete the old partition, make a new one and choose to install Linux in there.

This time I decided to overwrite the previous partition thinking that it would keep my personal data, saving me some time restoring it from backup. I thought for sure I had chosen the old partition as the location to reinstall it but perhaps I got distracted and chose the games partition instead.

I assume that it was the case because when I rebooted I had two Linux installations available, the old one and the new one.

Now to be fair to Manjaro, my preferred Linux distribution, it did show exactly what it was going to do and asked me if I was sure that it was what I wanted it to do before any changes were made. It was my stupid fault for being careless and just mindless clicking the next button during installation.

After the shock of realizing what had just happened I was in a bit of a crossroads. I still wanted to play Minecraft but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep playing MineColonies given how demanding it can be, specially in the early stages.

Then I remembered I could just use Creative mode to place any building I wanted to at any level. Since I still wanted to see how the colony would work out with all the buildings I decided that I would give this a try.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to try to plan the colony better, instead of just building willy-nilly. So far I had mixed results. But more on that in a later post.

The colony has been about 85% rebuilt. My plan was to make this post when everything was back to where I stopped but given how long my explanations tend to go I decided to write this post to explain the situation and talk about the actual remake in a future one.

Mod changes

I also took this opportunity to make some changes to my mod list. There were a lot of them, so much that I can’t remember all of them. So I will just list the big ones.

First I removed Roughly Enough Items (REI) and went back to Just Enough Items (JEI). As much as I liked REI, it was causing me a lot of problems like failing to connect whenever I tried to launch my world or making FTB Backups 2 to fail.

Before this restart I was just putting up with it as I could eventually launch my world but with the re-installation it was becoming pretty much impossible to launch it anymore. So I had to remove it.

I am not sure if these problems were caused by REI itself or if it was this mod combined with another one that caused the errors. Whatever the case might be now that I removed it all those problems have been gone for the most part. I still have the connection issue if I try to switch between my survival world and my creative testing world without closing the game first. Not sure what is causing that though and I don’t feel like spending more time trying to find the culprit.

A mod I have been testing even before this tragedy happened is Effortless Building. It helps build walls, floors, roofs and so on. I know there are other mods like Construction Wand, Building Gadgets or even Create‘s Creative Worldshaper that do the same. However I find Effortless Building much easier to use than any of those other options.

I also decided to install Terralith to see if it fixed all those oddities with terrain generator like villager houses appearing on top of chasms or inside caves. It did not. In fact, I didn’t really notice any difference from 1.18’s terrain generation besides the addition of some new biomes. On the other hand I haven’t really explored the underground in this current save.

Another big addition is The Graveyard. It adds a bunch of stuff themed around undeads. Honestly I am not sure exactly why I decided to install it besides it was new and looked interesting. Another mod I haven’t really delved much into.

Lastly, but not least, is Create Jetpack. It is an upgrade to Create’s backtank that allows you to fly over the air. It can still be used as a backtank to explore underwater too, even boosting your swimming speed if you want to use it like that.

I only tested it briefly in my creative world and it was very fun. I can’t wait until I can use it in my survival world, specially whenever I get to explore the Nether.

Those are all the major ones I remember off the top of my head. If there any others that are worth mentioning I will do so in a future post. For now I will just go back to recreating Nowhere Town!

5 thoughts on “The Minecraft Logs #18: A forced restart”

    • Yeah. At times like this I am glad that Steam and GOG Galaxy have cloud saving otherwise the loss would be much bigger.

      I only upgraded the CPU/Motherboard and the graphics card. I got an Intel Core i5 12400F and a GeForce 3060. Not what I wanted but what I could afford (and even then it was a bit expensive but not as crazy expensive as the height of the pandemic/crypto).

      Given all the recent developments in the computer industry I’d wait a bit more to see if prices got more reasonable but we’ll be having presidential elections here next month. My fear is that between the two most likely to be elected things here will get even worse than they are now. So I upgraded now and hopefully it will last for another 4 or 5 years. With any luck the economic/political situation here (and around the world) will be better by then.

      • Yah, I hear you on the cost of the equipment, particularly during the peak craze of demand. I got *super* lucky and ‘only’ paid RRP for mine, instead of the crazy prices they later went up to.

        re: Brazil elections, funnily enough, I *just* watched a satire piece from a YT channel called juicemedia, they *normally* take on Aussie (where they’re based), but occasionally branch out and cover over countries too.

        If interested, would be keen to hear whether you think the take here is something you and general populace agree with or not too.

        • Around here there were a lot of reasons for the absurd prices. There was the pandemic, the crypto craze and the exchange rate between dollar and our currency was (and still is) pretty brutal due to the all the political/economical instability here.

          Just so you have an idea of how bad it was, at the peak of all this madness a 3080 could easily pay for my entire computer pre-upgrade and still have a lot of money left over.

          That parody video is mostly on-point. I don’t know where they got that about people scavenging bones for food or the one about people in Amazon being shot but everything else is accurate, yeah.

          And that guy is right now the second most likely to be elected to be president again. One of our fears is that he tries a coup in case he loses the election. He is an ex-military who seems to still have strong ties to the army so the possibility isn’t that far fetched. Even more so when he has been making veiled threats about it.

          The military of course denies any plans for that and that they are completely devoted to democracy. But we’ll see what happens. Best case scenario, he loses and just whines about the election being rigged.

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