The Minecraft Logs #5: Third time is the charm?

Like I mentioned last time I decided to restart on Minecraft, this time with mods. For those keeping track this is the third time I am restarting, witch each attempt getting a little further.

The first time I don’t even remember anymore why I did it. Only that it looked like a good idea at the time. The second time though I was just fed up with all my exploration woes. Dying a lot to hoglins might have also been part of the reason. Also, I couldn’t resist the siren call of mods anymore. :p

This third time, at least so far, is going so much better than the previous two. Oh, and if anyone is curious this the list of mods I am currently using.

To start off I got into a plains biome with a mountain one bordering it and a forest biome not too far off, up the river.

Even better there was a broken Nether portal near the starting point with a chest full of goodies. Among those goodies there was a golden sword with a Fire Aspect enchantment.

Of course, I still had to die in the first night because apparently I always try to make my first shelter too big to finish in one day. Also, baby zombies are faster than I expected. :p

Besides that small bump everything went relatively smoothly. I was able to get a good stack of iron, gold and some other ores in a matter of hours.

I also fixed the Nether Portal to take a peek on the other side. From what little I saw there was a lot more flat area there than in my previous world which is a good sign. I also took the opportunity to mine some quartz as I will need them later for some machinery.

Speaking of machinery, the first thing I did was to build a water-wheel from Create to provide rotational power to my future machinery.

My intention was to as soon as possible to create an Automated Ore Processing like this one made by RagePlaysGames. (There is an improved version here)

Then I found out that to make all the machinery necessary for it I’d need Brass Ingots which in version 0.3 of Create (which is the one I am using) it requires a Copper Ingot and a Zinc Bar to be mixed. Which is easy enough except the Mechanical Mixer also needs to be heated by using an Blaze Burner.

As the name implies a Blaze Burner requires a Blaze to be captured then used it as a heat source. There is an item called Empty Blaze Burner in Create just to do that.

But since I never even saw a Blaze in my previous adventures, capturing one sounded too risky at this point in the game. So I decided to start off with a poor man’s version of the Ore Processing until I felt confident enough to explore more of the Nether.

I went into my Creative Mode world and started to play around. The solution I came up with was to use a Millstone to turn Iron Ore into Crushed Iron Ore. Then use an Encased Fan and water to wash the Crushed Iron Ore into Iron Nuggets. The Iron Nuggets are then compressed into Iron Ingots by an Automated Packing machine.

Apologies for the terrible screenshot but it was the best I could do to try to show all parts of the machinery. Eventually I will make a better building for it too.

That may seem to be a lot of lot of work to get Iron Ingots when I could just directly craft the ores into ingots but through this method I can get more ingots than directly crafting.

Here is how it works:

Each Iron Ore that is put into the Millstone is turned into Crushed Iron Ore. Washing that generates 10 Iron Nuggets and has 50% chance of generating 5 more nuggets. And to make one Iron Ingot we need 9 Iron Nuggets.

If we put 10 Iron Ores into the Millstone we’ll get 10 Crushed Iron Ore which after being washed are guaranteed to be turned into 100 Iron Nuggets. Which means we’ll always get at least 11 Iron Ingots and 1 Iron Nugget from this.

In reality it will be a little more than that because of the 50% chance of getting 5 extra Iron Nuggets with every Crushed Iron Ore that is washed.

I don’t know how much it will average to with that percentage chance since I didn’t do the calculations but even 1 extra ingot is already enough of a profit for me. Plus the more Iron Ores you put in the system the more it will scale up.

Also, this works for all metallic ores not only iron.

This is the result from 30 Iron Ores. Again, the final number of ingots may vary depending on chance.

Having said all that there are a few flaws with my system. The first is that since I can’t make Brass Ingots yet I had to use an Andesite Funnel to get the nuggets into the chest. Andesite Funnels don’t have a filter option so sometimes the Crushed Iron Ores will be pushed into the funnel before it is washed. When that happens I need to manually throw in the Crushed Iron Ores into the system again to be washed.

The second flaw is with the Automated Packing machine. It will automatically start working as soon as there are 9 iron nuggets in the Basin. If there are also 4 Iron Ingots at the same time it will turn those ingots into an Iron Trapdoor. I discovered that the hard way…

What I have been doing so far is trying to get the Iron Ingots off the basin as soon as possible. But it is probably possible to shut off power to the Mechanical Press and only enable it when all the nuggets are inside the Basin. This way it will probably only compress the nuggets into Iron Ingots.

Another alternative would be to use a Brass Funnel with a filter to take out only the Iron Ingots from the Basin. But since I can’t make Brass Ingots yet that isn’t an alternative for me. :p

And if I could make brass ingots I’d have a much more efficient system to begin with! :p

I probably won’t bother with any of those solutions though. I think my next step will be to build a house then explore the Nether to find those Blazes. If I can capture them I should be able to start producing Brass Ingots which will open up a lot more interesting machinery for me.

Oh, and for anyone who just played vanilla Minecraft who are wondering why I am bothering to go all this way just to get more Iron Ingots and not Diamonds that is because those metals are used a lot for all the machinery in Create (and other mods too).

I did look if there was a way to automate the production of diamonds with Create but, unless I am missing something, it is not possible with the current version. Maybe in the future they will add something but for now the only way to get more diamonds are the same ways as in vanilla.

4 thoughts on “The Minecraft Logs #5: Third time is the charm?”

    • I’ve heard of FTB Academy recently and I intended to check it out eventually. For now though I am trying to keep the amount of mods minimal to try to keep things as close to vanilla as possible… Or at least just change the things that annoy me the most about the game.

      Enchanting and ways to get leather are getting to the top of the list, for example. But probably not something I will change in this playthrough.

      • In that case, breeding a lot of cows is the best way to get leather. You can even devise a rudimentary way to sort the babies from the adults for easier uh…culling >.> (both babies and adults will follow you if you hold wheat, but the babies are capable of going through a one block high space while the adults need two blocks)

        If you want to have an easier time holding on to experience to try out enchanting, Corail tombstone has an option in its config file that allows you to specify how much experience you keep when you die. Or if you want to do something more vanilla, you could make a mob spawner. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a video of one somewhere, or they might still have some of them on the wiki.

        • I am aware of the cow farms. However I find them to be excessively cruel and just dislike them. Yes, I am aware it is just a video-game and they are just pixels on a screen. :p

          I still made one though because I need a lot of leather fast to make some bookshelfs. But I intend to eventually make a Hoglin farm to substitute it. Those I have no compunction about killing since those little jerks killed me a lot in my previous world. :p

          Also, this won’t be the last of my hypocrisy in this game…

          Yeah, right now I am letting Corail Tombstone with the default option for retaining all XP during death. I will probably still make an XP farm since getting to that level 30 can be pretty slow. I still dislike the randomization nature of enchanting though. But for now I want to play with it a bit more before forming a final judgment on the system as I have no experience with it.

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