The Minecraft Logs #8: Brass Ingots, Mechanized Crafter and an attempt at a basement

You know that moment in a JRPG when you unlock the airship and you feel like a lot of possibilities opened up to you? That is how it felt to me when I got the ability to make brass ingots in Create because it opens a lot of interesting machinery in the mod.

However more options can be a double-edged sword, specially for someone who is chronically indecisive like me.

Let me explain how everything went in my last few sessions of Minecraft, maybe that will make things more clear.

In case anyone is curious about which mods I am using, you can find the current list here.

Before we begin, let me note a change my mod list, which is kind of becoming a trend in these posts…

First off, I decided to install a modpack called MechaniCrafters. It is basically a light modpack centered around the Create mod. Since it already had a bunch of mods I already used and a few that I was considering using anyway I figured out I might as well use it and just add the few other mods that I use.

It was made by some YouTubers to play together and of course make YouTube videos as they played.

I also decided to install Optifine and give shaders a try. More specifically I am experimenting playing with the BSL Shaders.

Not too sure yet how I feel about it. It is definitely beautiful but there is also a certain charm to vanilla Minecraft looks that feels like it got lost in this shader. Maybe it is just a question of getting used to it or maybe it is just not for me. I will play with it a little more to decide if I want to keep using it or not.

Alright. With that bit of housekeeping done, let’s get to the meat of this post.

At the end of my last post in this series, I had just capture a Blaze which is one of the requirements to make brass ingots. After that post I got distracted by other games and haven’t played Minecraft until this week.

The first thing I did when returning to this game was to place down the trapped Blaze, made a mechanical mixer, got my basin and went on to make those brass ingots.

A captured blaze under a basin and a mechanical mixer
He may look cute now but it was a pain to capture!

With those brass ingots I was able to make a bunch of Mechanical Crafters (pictured at the top of the post) which were necessary to make the Grinding Wheel.

Then I put all of those, except for the Grinding Wheel, in a temporary spot by my mine’s entrance.

Since I was running out of space in the temporary spot, my energy source was almost at it’s limit and I wanted something better than to use magma blocks for the Grinding Wheels I decide to start on my next priority project: build a basement under the house.

My goal was to move the enchanting area down to the basement and maybe make that the permanent place for all of my Create machinery.

Since the house I copied from YouTube didn’t have a good area to build stairs down to a basement I decided to try building a hidden staircase.

Originally my plan was to build this secret staircase by Fed X Gaming. I only found out it only works in the Bedrock edition of the game when I tried to build it in my Creative World. Some more searching later though, led me to this video by jCraft which adapted that build to the Java edition of Minecraft.

The end result was… not great. It is fully functional but due to the location and how the house was built, my implementation ended up with a small flaw. I was also not much a fan of the final aesthetics.

Looking back at the secret staircase
Looking from this angle it is not that bad… It is just that I would have to add to add some more stairs to get a room with the height I wanted. Well, that and the one flaw with the button upstairs…

What I am thinking of doing now is to change the game mode to Creative then try to make a new base from scratch. This is probably a terrible idea given my lack of skills but the alternative is to look for more house builds on YouTube. 1

As much as I love, and learned from, those videos, one of the reasons I started playing Minecraft was to make some creative stuff. Just copying builds from others feels like it defeats that purpose.

Also, those houses are made with different purposes and needs than mine. With that in mind making my own base of operations would be a lot easier than adapting one to my needs.

So an attempt will be made. It will most likely be horrible and I will end up going back to searching through YouTube videos again. But an attempt will be made nonetheless!

Another thing in my to-do list is to see if I can find a mod that replaces the randomness of Minecraft’s enchanment system. I know Quark Oddities does that to some extent. But reading from the description it seems we can only increase the chance of certain enchantments to appear.

But maybe even that might be better than a completely randomized system. I will have to think about it and maybe test the mod myself.

  1. Well, actually a more sensible alternative would be to just make different buildings for my needs. Unfortunately I am not a sensible person.

4 thoughts on “The Minecraft Logs #8: Brass Ingots, Mechanized Crafter and an attempt at a basement”

  1. Ever so slowly, I’m learning that it’s OK to iterate and building in Minecraft is teaching me that life lesson.

    Just lay down some blocks and start with the original intent. Something doesn’t look quite right? Tear that part out and swap it with another idea. Rinse and repeat until it feels satisfactory.

    The first go doesn’t has to be perfect. It just has to get laid down.

    • That is a good point.

      When it comes to something purely functional I have no problem doing exactly that. But when it comes to something that is aesthetic I just don’t have the same patience.

      I guess it is because in the first case it feels like just a problem to me that can be solved through logic while in the second case it is more a question of visual skills of which I am pretty weak at and thus I feel inadequate.

      Anyway, it is a good opportunity to develop patience and skills in that area, I suppose.

    • That one looks interesting too. I will give it a try whenever I get back to Minecraft. Right now I am taking some time off it as my plans to build a house on my own aren’t going that smoothly. XD

      Thank you for the suggestion! 🙂

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