The Real Neat Blog Award 2!

I got tagged for the Real Neat Blog Award again, this time by Magimos of the blog Indiecator. If you missed the first time I  got tagged then you can find the previous questions and answers here.

For those who don’t know what The Real Neat Blog Award is, it works like this:

  • Answer the 7 questions from the person that tagged you
  • Make your own 7 questions
  • Choose 7 other people to answer your questions

I will skip the last two steps this time since I am feeling lazy and coming up with questions are hard. If anyone wants to answer questions from a random person in the internet feel free to answer the ones from the previous time I got tagged.

Now on to the questions by Magimos!

1. Which one of your posts was the most fun to write? Why?

Hm. Tough question. I’ve written a lot of posts over the years but none jump to me as being more fun to write than any other. I think I will pick Tips for new Final Fantasy XIV players.  I wouldn’t call it the most fun but it is the one I am the most proud of right now.

I tried to write down every tip I could think of and put it in there. It ended being bigger than I expected and possibly could be more direct and with some screenshots to help show what I was talking about. But I put my heart into it with the hopes that it might help someone out there which is something I rarely do in this blog. Usually I don’t feel like am the most adequate person to teach so I just prefer to stick to a “Day in the Life” kind of posts which are more comfortable for me to write and I don’t need to feel as much responsibility for its contents.

2. Do you like milk and sugar in your tea or coffee?

I don’t drink coffee and I haven’t drank tea in forever. I don’t think I ever drank it with sugar and I’d definitely not mix it with milk! It just doesn’t sound like tea any more for me if you mix with some other drink. :p

3. Do you prefer Dogs or Cats?

Dogs. To me they are one of the most selfless animals out there. Some of the most honest too, if they don’t like you they will tell you loud and clear. If they like you they will also show it and will be a loyal  friend for the rest of their lives.

Cats on the other hand always felt more self-interested to me. But I will admit they can also be good friends if you treat them right.

4. What Harry Potter house are you in? (I’m a hufflepuff btw!)

Sorry, never cared for Harry Potter so I can’t answer this one. :p

5. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I wouldn’t call it the weirdest but it was certainly different. It was takoyaki. Like a lot of westerners I am more used to meat in the form of beef or steak, which is hard and salty. Takoyaki was very soft (to the surprise of no one), almost gum like, and sweet.

I’d like to eat it again but finding a place that sells it and go there seems too much work and expensive, unfortunately.

6. The God of Art has elected you to help him with a difficult questions. You have to either delete one of your favourite shows/movies/games for ever or create another sequel/part/etc. of your least favourite show/movie/game! What do you do and what do you chose?

This is a tough one because it feels that no matter what I choose it would end up affecting a group of people negatively. If I choose to delete one thing I like than it wouldn’t only be affecting me, it would be affecting every fan of that thing.

And if I choose to make another sequel/part/etc. of something I least like then I’d certainly be disappointing all the people who are a fan of it due to my general incompetence in the area/trying to make it more like something I’d like.

Given that, I’d choose the second option. At worst the IP would be universally reviled, damage its image and go dormant for a while until someone else decided to give it a try again and revitalize the franchise. Happens all the time, even to the best ones.

I thought about choosing a franchise I don’t really care about like FIFA and do minimal work but that seems like cheating. If it is a franchise I have some emotional stakes in I’d pick the Fallout one. Although I don’t hate Fallout 4 as much as Fallout 3, it still feels like it is falling too short from the originals in terms of story and world-building.

I’d make my Fallout game closer to the original ones: which isn’t so much about “Americana” as being this weird new world where people are trying to build upon and survive. I’d also retcon it so every Fallout developed by Bethesda would be non-cannon.

We could still keep the first person perspective though and some other systems but I’d want them to have more depth. Also, modding would be definitely a thing. And absolutely no micro-transactions of any sort.

Ok, now that I pissed off every fan of Bethesda’s Fallout games, let’s move on to the next question. :p

7. What’s your favourite (movie/show/game-)antagonist?

Right now it would probably be Emelt-Sech from Final Fantasy XIV. He was able to make the Ascians, one of the antagonist groups in the game, go from a bunch of robed crazy people who like to pose like this mysterious, powerful organization with some nebulous goal to an actual group of people with a relatable goal. Well, the rest of their group still feel like a bunch of jerks without any redeemable trait. That Emelt-Sech didn’t solve. :p

Also, as someone on Twitter summarized pretty well: “He successfully put me on edge, then got to me to let my guard down, enraged me and commited me to ending him, yet made me deeply regret his parting and feel a sense of loss when  I finally did succeed”

Although I wouldn’t say I deeply regretted his parting as our goals couldn’t be reconciled I do feel a little bad for him and all the Ascians. But that last battle definitely felt epic and the fight this time definitely felt personal.

I can’t think of many villains that made me feel like that. 🙂

And that is it for now! Thanks again for Magimos for tagging me! I hope people liked my answers! 🙂

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    • I guess it is just part of the “Wizards in general just aren’t that interesting to me” attitude. XD

      Seriously, I never read any Harry Potter book or watched any of the movies so I can’t make any judgement about its quality. Everything I know about it is due to cultural osmosis.

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