The Real Neat Versatile Blogger Award

Naithin of Time to Loot just got tagged for two blogger awards by two different people at the same time. Like any mad scientist sensible person caught in a situation like this he decided to merge both of those into one thing: The Real Neat Versatile Blogger Award. And I got the honor to be one of the sacrifices people tagged by it!

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person who tagged you for the award.
    (Thank you Naithin~)
  2. Answer the 7 questions set out by your nominator.
  3. Tell everyone 7 things about yourself — you can spread them between answering the questions!
  4. (Optional) Write another 7 questions to ask the people you tag.
  5. (Optional) Tag 7 people to carry forward the Real Neat Versatile Blog Award and answer your questions while revealing 7 facts about themselves. 🙂

The 7 questions

Let’s start with the questions since they are the easier part.

1. If you were to start another blog, or branch off your current blog into a whole new direction, what would it be about?

Probably about 3D modelling. It is something I’ve been into for a while but just haven’t put the effort into it to be worth talking about it. Besides that maybe one about anime/tokusatsu. But I don’t consider myself to be a good reviewer, don’t feel compelled to discuss a series episode by episode nor am I smart like Data_Error to write essays about different series. So, for the time being I will just keep this little blog about games and anything else I feel compelled to write about. 🙂

2. What mix of mechanics or genres would form your absolute dream game?

This is a hard one…. It is one of those questions I would give a different answer every time someone asked me.

Right now it probably would be the building aspects but with a good storyline like in Morrowind and a good leveling/combat mechanics of some game I can’t think of right now.

Dragon Quest Builders might actually be that kind of game but I only played the demo of the first one and felt like it wasn’t for me as the game seemed more aimed at long time fans of the franchise. I might rectify that and eventually buy Dragon Quest Builders 2 for PC and see if it changes my mind.

3. What thing (game, book, movie, anything) have you experienced recently, thinking it should be right up your ally — only to find it very much was not?

Nioh 2. I will avoid explaining why I never played the first Nioh just to not go on a tangent here. Anyway, I tried the Nioh 2 demo because it was a Souls-like game and I like Dark Souls. Unfortunately I found that it had way to many button combinations which I am terrible at and I felt like I’d never be effective unless I mastered said combos.

One of the things I love about Dark Souls is that the controls are relatively simplistic but their execution is what takes some mastery. So Nioh 2 looks cool in terms of visuals and art style but it is definitely not for me due to the controls feeling too complex for its genre.

4. The opposite! Have you been convinced to try anything you thought you wouldn’t enjoy, only to discover you very much loved it after all? What was it?

Hm. I think Dead By Daylight qualifies for this. I am not usually into multiplayer-only games (MMOs being the exception) nor am into that much into horror like some of my friends. But they were playing the game already, told me there was a free weekend to try the game and I partook of it.

I enjoyed what I played of it and since the game was also on sale I decided to buy it together with some of its DLCs. To this day we still play together from times to times or I play alone if the mood hits me. It is a pretty fun game to play with friends even though some times it can get pretty salty depending on who you play with.

5. What new thing do you most want to achieve with your blog this year?

I don’t know if there is anything new I’d like to achieve. I would definitely like to make more posts per month. For something I am paying off my pocket it definitely feels like I am not using it as much as I’d like to be.

That and I just like consistency in what I consume. So I’d like to have some consistency in what I produce too. But it is an eternal struggle for me and one that has no sign of being overcome just yet.

6. What’s on your wishlist that you most want to buy, but for whatever reason you haven’t yet pulled the trigger on purchasing yet?

Right now it would probably be Atelier Ryza. It is one of those series I heard a lot about in the past and have been curious about giving it a go. Specially in times like these where I feel like playing something less traditional. Also the story seems to be 100% anime tropes which is something I could get behind around right now.

The only reason I am avoiding it is the price which is a bit hefty for me currently (specially with other big game releases going on at this time) and because I could end up being sucked into it at the exclusion of all other games. I am already having that problem with Animal Crossing New Horizons. I am not sure what would happen if a second game tried to do the same with my mind.

7. When this whole lockdown thing is over; and the shops/services currently closed reopen, what is the first thing you’ll visit/do?

Since I am an hermit by nature, it will probably be for some family gathering. I have a lot of cousins who are more extroverts and they will probably want to get everybody together as soon as this crisis is over.

Seriously, this is the only way you will get me out of the house for anything that isn’t essential.

Seven facts about me

Oh, boy. This will be hard. Let me see if I can think about something I didn’t say about me in another post. Apologies if I end up repeating it as I have a terrible memory and don’t feel like going through the archives right now to dig what I said before.

1. The first computer I interacted with was a MSX

Which belonged to my older brother. I was never able to do anything interesting with it besides a simple program to display the same word, five times in a different line and each line with a different color. Completely useless program but for young me it was amusing enough.

My own first computer was a 486 years later because I kept fighting all the time over my brother about which games were kept installed on his 386. I pestered my parents to buy my own computer by exploiting every parent’s weakness with the argument that it would help me with school work. When in reality I just wanted my own computer so I could decide which games could be installed on it and didn’t have to share with anyone. XD

2. Back when I was a teenager I thought Final Fantasy VII was overrated.

Since Final Fantasy VII Remake is releasing tomorrow (at least where I live) this seems like an interesting tidbit to share.

My first Final Fantasy game and the one I still consider to be the best one, was Final Fantasy VI. It is a very different beast from VII in pretty much all aspects but one of the things I loved about VI was that that it didn’t feel like it had a main character. Almost all the characters felt like they had an equal time under the spotlight, their own story and motivations to join the fight.

Then comes Final Fantasy VII with its obvious main character and all the other characters felt like they were just part of the story to play support to Cloud’s journey. I also hated the blocky 3D graphics and couldn’t understand why it couldn’t use the perfectly good and nice sprite art they had used for every Final Fantasy game until then.

Despite all that I played the game almost to its end. In fact, I stopped just before the final boss fight. Why I stopped and never came back I have no clue. Probably ADD kicked in, as always.

Now that I am older I can see how my thoughts back then were pretty silly and could probably appreciate the game for what it is, instead of what I wanted it to be back then. In fact, I pre-ordered Final Fantasy VII Remake and might even play it right away instead of just adding to constantly growing backlog.

3. When I was a child werewolves terrified me

Continuing with the stories of “Foolish things of my of my youth” comes this one. When I was a child the very idea of werewolves terrified me. I don’t even know how or why it began. It might have been with a soap opera that was popular on TV at the time that had a werewolf character. Even though they never showed the werewolf form of said character until the last episode and even then it was really badly made because 80ies TV!

Anyway, there would be nights where I was so scared that I had to sleep fully under the blanket, toe to head. It was like this would somehow magically protect me from some werewolf that somehow magically appeared in my house.

As many childish fears go, I eventually outgrew it and today werewolves are one of my favorite supernatural creatures. Again, don’t ask me why or how it became one my favorites. It just did.

4. Pitfall taught me that I suck at jumping in games.

This one I probably shared before but hey, this thing is hard, okay? Anyway, ask anyone who played Pitfall in the Atari and they will all tell you how much those jumps sucked. The life lesson I learned from it is that I am terrible at jumping and timing in games.

Ironically when I got to play Megaman I fell in love with the franchise. And those Megaman games have some tricky jumping sections too!

5. If I had to describe my gamer personality it would be Builder.

I don’t even know if Builder is one of the “official” gamer personality types. But I like to build spaces in games that can be explored. Which is why games like The Sims 3, Terraria and Animal Crossing New Horizons can be so addicting to me and I can lose tons of hours playing them.

Yet I am not that big into city builders or other similar games as they feel more like strategy games to me. The reason is in city builders you have to build more to get make the number as big as possible instead of just building for no other reason than purely aesthetics.

I don’t know why exactly I love games like that. I guess I just like to create cool spaces that can be explored and it is a good way to scratch my itch for “artistic expression” or whatever is the closest thing I have to it.

6. The first tabletop RPG book I bought was GURPS.

I won’t go into the convoluted story of how I got discovered RPGs right now because it is not really that interesting nor do I want to waste the space with it. Suffice to say, that when I wanted to get into RPG I was completely clueless about any of it. I knew AD&D (which was the most current version of D&D at the time) was very popular. But I thought I had to have the 3 core books which for a teenager’s allowance was a bit too expensive.

So, after going to a game’s convention I found out there was GURPS, which was another system that was big back in the days, at least around here. It was also just one book which was much better for my allowance.

This end up leading to a slippery slope of collecting different RPG books, that barely saw any use beyond a first reading, several attempts at forming groups that never worked out and eventually having to stop it outright because it was getting too bloody expensive and taking too much space.

Despite that I never stopped dreaming about getting a proper group to play some tabletop RPG and recently I was very fortunate to be invited to join an on-going Star Wars campaign. We just finished it last Sunday and I had a blast playing it. Now we’ll be moving to an one-shot D&D adventure and after that a Mass Effect campaign using a homebrew adaptation of D&D.

7. It took me over an hour to write this post and I haven’t even edited it yet.

And yes, I am out of ideas for facts. Sorry~

Tag other people

Sorry, going to skip this step. Again, the people I’d think to tag were already tagged by Naithin himself and to be honest I am kinda brain dead after trying to come with those seven facts. Also, I want to play some Animal Crossing.

So, if you want to participate feel free to do so, just use Naithin’s questions for your own post and please give him the credit for it. Feel free to post the link in the comments to if you wish to do so.

4 thoughts on “The Real Neat Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. The fact section was really hard! I struggle to think of things to say about myself, so I feel your Fact #7. Haha.

    Thanks for participating Rak and some really good stuff here! Cool that you’re into 3D modelling! I used to love playing around with that too, but I haven’t touched it in yoooonks. xD

    • Yeah, now that I think about it I think it is just in human nature that it can be hard to think about stuff to talk about ourselves. Unless you are some egocentric person than I imagine it is pretty easy to do. XD

      Thanks again for tagging me! Always fun to participate on these. As for 3D modelling the story is a bit convoluted about this one too but I am kinda surprised I actually enjoyed my few attempts at it because I was never a very visual-oriented person. Give me words, sure, I can make something with it. Any thing visual-based? Eh… I will try but don’t expect any kind of results. At all. XD

      • I didn’t have much problems with it because there’s a lot about me that I don’t talk about (something about still waters). Awesome answers though. I played one Atelier game and finished it in a few weeks. I really enjoyed the crafting bit of the game and Ryza seems like a good one to start with if I’ve to believe the real fans. I might buy it too when it’s discounted.

        • I got tagged a few times before to awards similar to this so there is a few facts about me sprawled around them. Maybe I should start repeating myself as there might be something new about those facts I might have not shared or so for others to don’t have to dig into the archive either.

          Also, thank you! 🙂

          The crafting is one of the things that seems interesting to me in the Atelier games. I took a peek at a person streaming one of the games at some point (Forgot which one!) and it looked intriguing. I’ve also been reading a series about the Atelier games over at the Moe Gamer and another part that seems interesting is how the shopkeepers have their own side stories going on. 🙂

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