Would You Rather? – Gaming Edition

Krikket recently came up with an interesting thought experiment that you can pretty much guess what it is about by the title alone. There isn’t really any rules about it except an “unspoken” one that all the answers to these questions only have to last for a year. But since that would be too easy for me I will go with the assumption that it would last for a life time just to have some weight to the answers.

Unnecessary to say I don’t intend to follow on any of these answers. It is a thought experiment after all. It would only be something that I’d do if there was some divine force making me choose one of these options and having to follow through with it.

Anyway that is enough of a preamble. Let’s get on with these questions.

P.S.: This is my post #5 for Blaugust 2021!

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Would you rather play games only on console? OR Would you rather play games only on PC?

A long time ago I was of the firm belief that were games that played better on PC while others were better suited for consoles. This was of course back in the days of the NES and its rivals, a much different era. Also, I don’t mean to imply that either platform was better than the other, only that they had different strengths and weaknesses as far as games were concerned.

Nowadays such differences are pretty much inexistent and there are little reason to prefer one platform over the other besides if you prefer mouse and keyboard or a controller. And for the latter you can even just plug one on your PC and play with it if the game has support for controllers, which a lot of them nowadays do.

Also the only reason for a game to be exclusive to either the PC or console nowadays is really publisher’s fiat and whatever the companies making the console will allow on it.

And this is what it boils down to me in this choice: the exclusives. If it weren’t for them I’d be happily playing only on the PC as I find it a much more convenient platform. I also prefer the PC openness which allows anyone to put out their game out there to see if there is an audience for it. If it wasn’t for that I’d very much doubt we’d have the whole indie scene we have nowadays.

By choosing the PC I’d lose on a lot of good exclusive games that are console only. But as much as I’d lament those I’d also still continue with a giant backlog to go through anyway so the rational part of my brain couldn’t even complain about that (much).

So, yeah, easy choice for me on this question: I’d rather play games only on PC!

Would you rather play only single player games? OR Would you rather only play multiplayer games?

With the exception of MMORPGs and Splatoon 2, I rarely play a multiplayer game. And it is always when someone invites me to do so. Even those two I just listed I don’t really play as much as I’d like to nowadays. Thus this is an easy question to answer and one I can see doing with little to no regret: I’d rather play single player games!

Of course, I am thinking games here in terms of video-games only, not in the broadest sense of the word game. Otherwise I’d have to include tabletop RPG sessions in there and that would be much hard to give up given how much I love it and the current group I play with.

Would your rather play only games you already own? OR Would your rather play only games you would need to still acquire?

This is a hard question to answer. I am pretty sure my backlog is big enough that I could probably play only the games in there for the rest of my life and still feel like I haven’t run out of new games to play.

Still I know that technology moves at incredible speeds and in the next few decades there will be new types of experiences that we couldn’t have imagined today.

I honestly can’t choose on this one! No matter what choice I make I know I will regret it immensely!

Would you rather play only games that challenge you mentally? OR Would you rather play only games that challenge you physically?

Since I never been dexterous or had any good reflexes for games the answer to me is easy: games that challenge me mentally.

It isn’t just because of my lack of physical abilities too. I just tend to get more out of mentally challenging games than physical ones. For example, I am not terribly good at strategy or think enough about my decisions but I do love to think what I will do next in a game like Civilization.

I am also including in this category games that allow a lot of creativity, like The Sims or Minecraft. Games like this can consume my mind as I keep thinking about stuff I want to build or places I want to explore.

Again, not a hard choice: I’d rather play games that challenge me mentally!

Would you rather play only long / endless games? OR Would you rather play only games that are less than 20 hours long?

Hm. This is another hard question to answer. There is a lot of RPGs I love that can easily get past 20 hours to beat.

On the other end of the spectrum there are a lot of games that are less than 20 hours to finish. I am pretty sure I can finish a game of Civilization, in standard time, in less than 20 hours. I am also pretty sure the average visual novel takes less than 20 hours to finish and those give me stories I can’t find anywhere else.

This is tough because no matter which I choose I would regret it. However since RPGs can mix so many of other genres and often can take over 20 hours to finish…. I will choose to play long games.

Would you rather play only games released in the last 10 years? OR Would you rather play only games released more than 10 years ago?

Although there are games that have been released over 10 years ago that I still play, even if it is in a remastered form (I am looking at you Skyrim!), there are also plenty of games that are older, that I’d like to play and just didn’t age all that well, unfortunately. Those I need to be in a very specific mind set to play.

So I will take the games that have been released on the last 10 years. I know I will miss a lot of good games, some that are still new to me too, but I feel like games made in the last 10 years would at least age a little better at least in terms of controls and graphics.

My answer: I’d rather play only games released in the last 10 years!

2 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – Gaming Edition”

  1. Some similarities, some differences. Although even where we’re different I would tend to align to you in the context of thinking about this with some form of defined time period of less than perhaps… I dunno, 10-15 years. Hehe. Particularly the PC vs. Console one.

    If I was certain beyond all doubt PC gaming would still be a thing 20+ years from now, that’d be my choice hands down as well.

    • Yeah, 10-15 years is way too long to predict anything.

      However I don’t have any doubts that the PC gaming will still continue existing in some form or another. In fact I’d say the PC market is pretty good right now. We’ve been seeing ports of games from consoles that I’d never expected to happen like Persona 4 Golden and Yakuza games.

      Even the Steam Deck I don’t see it as Valve thinking the future is with consoles as much as them wanting a platform that they have control over unlike Windows where Microsoft has been trying to replicate the success of app markets from mobiles for a while and it is unlikely they will stop trying any time soon. This was pretty much the reason Valve even started to dabble with Linux in the first place.

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