[XCom 2] Blogger Succession Game – Mission 21: Operation Tomb Storm

There is so much time between my turns in this succession game that every time I have to play it I am afraid I will have forgotten how to play, mess up and get one of our soldiers killed.

Granted, part of the fun of this succession game is to actually make mistakes and get one of our soldiers killed. I am just of the mind that if I am going to make mistakes that they should at least be interesting ones or funny. Not mistakes that I made because I am just plain dumb and forgot how to play the game.

This time however all those fears were for nothing! But I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s get to the business at hand, yes?

Oh, and if you are really confused about this whole Blogger Succession Game thingy, you can just check this page at Time to Loot, that is organizing this shenanigan, and check all the info about it as well as a link to all the participants.

Credits to the image at the top: It was created by Naithin from Time to Loot.

Previously in XCom 2…

Honestly, nothing of significance has happened since my last time at the helm. It has been mostly maintenance for team XCom as we just kept doing missions to earn some extra resources and just to give a finger to Advent.

Fun as it may be for us it is becoming a problem as the alien’s Avatar Project, something we are trying to find out more about and stop, is advancing into dangerous territory. Which leads me to my turn at this game…

Geosphere Phase

When I loaded the save this time I had two goals: the first was to get more recruits since we never got replacements for the people we lost and because we are frequently having wounded soldiers that need some time to recover.

This one was easy enough. Thanks to Naithin getting some much needed resources during his last turn we had plenty of money to do that and some other stuff.

I even found we had some other bloggers that had donated their namesakes to be sacrificed help retake Earth from the alien menace!

The ones who volunteered were Roger ‘Mr Peril’ Edwards, from Contains Moderate Peril, Paeroka ‘Paeroka’ Bookah, from Nerdy Bookahs, and Heather ‘JstGeekinBy’ Glasgow, from Just Geeking By.

I also recruited another three randomly generated characters just to be on the safe side. And if I missed other bloggers in the character pool I apologize for that. I probably didn’t recognize the name at a quick glance…

My intention was to put some of them to train as Psi Operatives except we don’t have a Psi Lab yet… Before loading the save I could swear we had one but only realized my mistake after I did all the recruiting.

Oh, well, they might as well help in the fight as regular soldiers too if someone decides to take them out to the battlefield before we build the lab.

A list of recruits with Roger "Mr. Peril" Edwards, select.
I must admit I had to do a double take to make sure this was Mr. Peril because I didn’t think player-created soldiers came with random backgrounds. At least I hope that is a randomly generated background! O_O

Anyway, my second goal was to go to an Advent Blacksite and blow it up so we could have some breathing room from the Avatar Project. Unfortunately all the Blacksites we know of are in areas of the world we haven’t made contact with yet.

To make it even worse our comms are full and there were a bunch of rooms still being cleared up for construction!

So I decided to invest our money into other things. First I unlocked three new tactics in our Guerrilla Tactical School: Stay With Me, Lightning Strike and Vengeance.

There were more I wanted to unlock but I didn’t want to spend all our money when there is more stuff we need to build.

I also ordered our engineers at the Proving Ground to build one E.X.O. Suit as it can help a lot in combat.

Without anything else I could do I just stayed by the Resistance H.Q. to speed up the healing of our units. This might have been a good idea because it helped some of our best soldiers to recover from their wounds.

Also, while we were waiting the research on Elerium finished. I decided then to start research on Plasma Rifle since I am of the firm belief that the best defense is a good offense!

A few more days went by and some missions popped up. They were all rated “Moderate Difficulty” but I decided to take on Operation Tomb Storm because it would counter the Dark Event that adds one extra block of progress to the Avatar Project.

Operation Tomb Storm

The mission was simple enough: just protect a device that XCom was using to tap into the Advent’s network.

For this task the assembled team consisted of: Magi, Endalia, Bookahnerk, Vasilyeva, Naithin and Schneider.

I considered bringing one of our new recruits too but given the nature of the mission and the stage of the game we are at I thought that would be too risky.

As for the mission itself, the annoying thing about this particular type is that the device is on the other side of the map from where we start. And to make it worse while we are fighting our way to the device there are aliens already trying to destroy it!

The good news was that the map was very small. The bad news, I found early on, is that this mission introduced the Andromedon aliens. Of all of the enemies in the game it is definitely no the most annoying one. But it can still be annoying depending on the circumstances, like… I dunno, a mission where we need to rush to protect a device!

An Advent Lancer and a Andromedon in the open, before the soldier's concealment was broken
At least they were considerate enough to stand out in the open to make it easier for our soldiers to hit them!

What makes them dangerous are three things: first they are armored, which means that unless you have some means of destroying that armor they will soak some damage from every shot your soldiers do.

The second problem is that if they see XCom soldiers close to each other they can shoot an acid bomb that will hit everybody in the area, destroying their armor, causes Acid Burn, which is a damage over time, and leaves a pool of acid at the local, something you don’t want your soldiers to walk on, least they get Acid Burn.

Last even if you kill them they armor then starts to work automatically. Their fighting style changes though as the armor tries to go for melee attacks and run to attack its closest enemy. Its melee damage is dangerous enough but to make it worse it leaves a trail of acid where they walked.

So, yeah, it is not the fastest enemy to kill and it can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you are dealing with. Fortunately, I did and I had some very good soldiers to help me kill this menace!

I almost forgot to mention but the Andromedon came with a friend, an Advent Stun Lancer. I took advantage that our soldiers were concealed and then with a combination of Overwatch and some skills from our soldiers they were both dead before they even knew what hit them!

A little further ahead our squad found an Advent Officer and Trooper. These two enemies put up a bit more of a fight but our soldiers still made short work of them. The Officer was even nice enough to drop a Superior Stock and PCS: Superior Conditioning when he died!

Those two must also have been the ones that were shooting at the device because after that I didn’t see any other attempt at destroying it.

That meant we only had to find and kill the last group of enemies to finish this mission. Our squad found them not too far ahead from the device, in the form of another Andromedon and a Sectoid.

Bookah Nerk, out in the open, finding out the last two aliens in the mission.

There is an Andromedon north of him, taking cover behind a pillar and a sectoid slightly to the northwest taking cover behind some boxes.
Despite what it may look like in the screenshot, Bookah Nerk wasn’t in that much danger. Sort of. Well, he was able to run back to cover at least.

The latter was killed easily enough with one shot from Schneider, earning her a promotion. The Andromedon on the other hand proved to be more troublesome to kill. It managed to shoot Vasilyeva and do quite a bit of damage to her.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Magi, Schneider and Naithin the alien was killed. Bookahnerk and Schneider then destroyed the automated armor.

This mission ended much better than I was expecting to be honest.

For Schneider’s promotion I chose Holo Targeting. Whenever she shoots at an enemy it will mark the target giving a +15 aim bonus to all her squadmates. To make it even better it doesn’t even matter if she hits the enemy or not! 🙂

Now I pass on the baton of leadership over to Magi at Indiecator. The save can be found here.

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