[XCom 2] Blogger Succession Game – Mission 26: Operation Night Song

It feels like forever since I last took a turn in this succession game. Even though this time the rounds certainly went much faster. But just in case we end up losing I will just use this as my excuse for not remembering how to play the game anymore. >_>

Anyway, we were making some good progress with the main story but in typical XCom 2 fashion the game decided to throw us a curveball. I thought it started and ended with Naithin (who handled it pretty well, might I add) and my job was only to continue what he started. I was so wrong…

Before we get to any of that though, if you just stumbled upon this post, wondering what is this all about, here is the deal: this post is part of a community succession game where several bloggers take a turn playing XCom 2. After their turn is over they pass on the save file to the next person to play. Our goal being to beat the game as a group or at least try!

This event is being organized by Naithin of Time to Loot and you can find more details here. The picture at the start of the post was also made by him.

Previously on XCom 2…

We started and finished the construction of the Shadow Chamber and Advanced Warfare Center. The first one was a requirement for the main story.

To the surprise of no one, through some research we discovered more horrible things about the aliens plans.

Then Kluwes led our troops into a Advent facility where he found a body wearing the same strange suit that the Commander was wearing at the start of the game. Coincidence? I think not!

UnwiseOwl then upgraded our Sniper’s pistols to plasma versions to help the cause.

Finally, Naithin continued our progress in the main story by researching that strange body in the suit. It contained a body with human DNA on it… except some parts were missing that were probably meant to be filled with alien DNA. The only mystery though is that this particular specimen also exhibited high potential for psionics. But right now we don’t know what the aliens were planning to do with it.

It is then that things turned to the worse: the avatar project advanced so much in one go that it almost completed it. Naithin then had to go through a hellish mission to blow up one of the Advent’s Blacksite facilities to delay the alien’s evil plans.

And this is where I pick up the game…

The Geoscape phase

My first order of business was to change my character’s appearance since it has been bugging me for a while. I gave him back the black armor plus a helmet to hide his ugly mug.

Sorry, Magi, I know you said that this made it harder for you during night missions but I really disliked the red on my character and I hope at least the helmet might make it easier for you identify him.

The character customization screen for Rakuno where he poses with black armor, a technologically-looking helmet and red gun.
Not even recovering from his wounds can stop him from trying to be more fashionable!

Also, while watching Naithin’s video of his latest mission it really annoyed me that it was hard to know who was who or what their classes were. So I asked the others if we could color code the random recruits based on their classes and everybody was okay with it.

The color scheme we came up with was: Red = Grenadier, Green = Ranger, Blue = Sharpshooter, White = Specialist with medical abilities, Yellow = Specialist with hacking abilities and Purple = Psi (whenever we unlock them).

I didn’t touch any of the characters that have a Blogger’s name because I figure it is up to their owners to decide how their namesake’s should look.

Is this silly? Maybe. But at least I will be able to tell at a glance what our random recruits are while we are in the middle of battle!

Next on my list was to try to do another main story mission or blow up another Blacksite to lower the countdown for the Avatar Project. The only problem is they were all in regions we don’t have a contact with the local resistance yet. Not only that we didn’t have the intel to even get in contact with them!

With that wrench in my plans I decided to do some scanning. One of them was to get a lead to another Blacksite location. I thought maybe it would unlock one in a region we have access to. But no, it turns out it is a new research for then to give us the coordinates for the facility! /facepalm

While that was scanning I ordered the construction of another Comms Station. I believe that will be the last one we’ll need for this game.

During this part the research of the Beam Cannon was completed. Later on so did the research for the Storm Gun and I started on the Plasma Lance.

The research report of the Beam Cannon

I didn’t upgrade any of the weapons because I am dumb and didn’t find the right place to upgrade them. So I thought they just upgraded automatically and left it at that!

Not that it would have mattered anyway since we didn’t have the resources for it… /sigh

Then I moved on to scan for some Intel. Before it finished the month ended and we got a drop of resource supplies to grab. As I moved to do that the Avenger got intercepted by an UFO… which leads us to Operation Night Song!

Operation Night Song

For anyone who never played XCom 2, when an UFO intercepts the Avenger it leads to a special mission. Basically what happened is that the aliens disabled the avenger engines forcing our crew to do an emergency landing. Then to prevent us from taking flight again they put a device on the ground that makes it so we can’t manually restart the ship.

The only way to get out of this predicament was to send our soldiers out of the ship to go blow up that device. The problem is Advent are no fools: not only they put some of their troops to protect the device but during the mission they keep sending reinforcements throughout the fight.

To compensate for that we also get some reinforcements from our soldier reserves through the fight. Even if there are wounded soldiers they get sent to help out of this predicament.

Bradford in a cutscene exclaiming "We've lost power! We are going down fast!"
Well, thanks Captain Obvious! (Also I don’t know why this screenshot looks so weird, probably because of all the shaking in the cutscene)

This kind of mission can be an horrible pain in the backside depending on the circumstances. I got lucky and didn’t encounter anything too hard. It still took a lot of time since I was trying to be careful but I was able to successfully complete it with about only 4 soldiers wounded.

Because of that I won’t give a play by play of what happened. Just know there were a lot of aliens killed, things were blown up and everybody came back alive.

The results of Operation Night Song. It was completed in 14 turns and 35 out of 36 aliens killed.
In case anyone is wondering how many aliens were killed or how slow I was. :p

Easha got promoted to Major. I chose to give her the “Untouchable” ability. Honestly I am not sure if it was a good pick or not but it is the choice I made.

Vasilyeva was promoted to Colonel and I picked “Restoration” for her last ability.

We still have the problem of the Avatar Project advancing fast though. My advice for my successors is to try to make contact with Europe ASAP. Then try to either do the main story mission there or blowing the Blacksite facility.

Failing that then do the research on the Codex in the Shadow Chamber. I think completing that one should eliminate some of the pips for the Avatar Project.

The next one up is Magi from Indiecator. The save file is here. Good luck, commander! /salute

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