[Xcom 2] Blogger Succession Game – Mission 3: Operation Foolish Sentinel

After the success of the Civilization VI Succession Game, we are doing another one. Once again it is being organized by Naithin of Time to Loot and as the title says we are playing XCom 2! All the details of the event can be found in this link.

The TL;DR version is: Each blogger will play one mission. After that they can spend some time on the Geoscape portion of the game however they see fit until another mission pops up. When that happens they save the game and pass the save file to the next person in the succession.

Oh, we are also putting our own nicknames on the characters and from other bloggers who offered to have their nicknames for this event. The catch is everybody agreed that if any of our namesake characters die we would be totally fine with it.

I even made a Strawpoll of who they thought would die in this mission. Apparently there were a couple of people who were really optimistic about their odds.

The bloggers participating this time are, in playing order:

  1. Naithin
  2. Mr Peril (aka Roger)
  3. Rakuno (Yours truly!)
  4. MagiWasTaken (aka Dan)
  5. Rambling Redshirt
  6. Kluwes
  7. UnwiseOwl

That is enough with introductions. Let’s get on with the show!

Credits: Image at the top created by Naithin.

Operation Foolish Sentinel

Due to the rules of this succession game I have to start out by picking out my team for this mission. I decided to just go with whatever the game suggested though since we are early in the game and I didn’t feel the need to bring any specific class. Not that we would have much of a choice anyway, what with it being the early game and all that.

First thing I do is to customize my namesake character. When I play XCom 2 I like to color code my characters according to their class.1 I won’t be doing that here for everyone as there are other players who requested certain colors for their characters and I don’t want to accidentally go against their wishes.

However for my own namesake character I decided to follow this my own color tradition. Since he ended up being a Grenadier I changed his colors to black as that is the color I use for the class in my own games.

I was going to change the nickname from “Three” to “Rakuno” too because I thought it would make it easier to identify the character during gameplay but I can’t do that until he gets a few more promotions.

The team for this mission, consisting of yours truly, Rambling Redshirt, Tessa and Easha
Our intrepid heroes for this mission!

With that out of the way it was time to do the actual mission and it was one to… rescue and escort a VIP. My first reaction was “Oh, crap!”.

These kind of missions can be tricky because VIPs are just regular civilians that can be pretty much one-shot by the enemy if we are not careful.

Regardless of the goal I had to do this mission so off I went to try my best. It didn’t take too long for my second “Oh, crap!” of the night to come out of my mouth.

The VIP was inside a truck. But to get there our soldiers had to pass by a barrier… that had a turret on it. Turrets on this game can be a bit of a pain because they have armor. Armor in this game will soak some of the damage. Although there are certain ways to break the armor to make our life easier. At this point of the game we don’t have any of those options.

Fortunately we are playing on Rookie difficulty and so with just one shot my namesake destroyed the turret. Then the others made short work of the other aliens guarding the barrier.

After that it was pretty smooth. They were able to take the scientist out of the truck and from there she just had to make a short run to the evac point.

Our soldiers couldn’t get to there that fast so they had to deal with a group of reinforcements from the aliens. But those also didn’t pose much of a challenge.

One amusing kill was done by Tessa. She missed the target but hit the truck it was on. The truck was already halfway towards an explosion with the shot just triggering it. In the process the alien got killed. XD

An advent command dying from a truck explosion that happened due to Tessa's shot.

The mission ended flawlessly without any of our soldiers getting even a single scratch. That was the first and probably last time in this succession game a mission will go this well for me. XD

Back at HQ, Rambling Redshirt was promoted to the rank of Squadie and got the Grenadier class. Tessa was also promoted to Squadie and became a Sharpshooter. My namesake was promoted to Corporal and I chose the Armor Shredder ability as I believe it might be the most useful later on.

As rewards for this mission we got a new scientist and 91 Intel. We also got some loot in the form of an Auto-Loader and a Repeater.

In the Avenger I ordered the engineer to clear some debris then once that was completed to build a Proving Ground. Then I ordered the engineer to clear another debris but that didn’t complete before my turn was over.

Amidst all this the Guerrilla Tactics School that has been in construction was finished. Unfortunately we didn’t have any resources to buy any of the squad upgrades.

The autopsy of the Advent Officer also finished, which was one of the requirements to advance the story. Now Tygan wants us to hijack into the minds of some Advent Officers in the field so we can learn more about what is going on. To do that we’ll need the Proving Grounds so Shen can build a thingamajig that will allow our soldiers to do that.

Sounds overly complicated? Yeah, maybe it is a bit. We are working with game logic here after all. Well, they do make it all sound a lot more plausible in game.

Anyway, a few in-games days later there is a cutscene… Central is having a chat with the leader of one of the resistance camps when the camp is suddenly attacked by Advent. Rescuing the people there and eliminating the aliens will be the mission MagiWasTaken will have to take care of!

  1. For anyone curious this is how I color code them: black for Grenadier, blue for Sharpshooter, green for Ranger, white for Specialist with the medical build and yellow for a Specialist with the hacking build. Don’t ask me why I decided to use these colors is just how I tend to play the game.

2 thoughts on “[Xcom 2] Blogger Succession Game – Mission 3: Operation Foolish Sentinel”

  1. I do the colour coding thing in my own games most of the time, too. I do blue for technicians (a darker shade of blue for medics, slightly lighter for hackers), red for assault, green for ranger and I forget what I was doing for Grenadiers/HW… Maybe Yellow?

    Not exactly the most inconspicuous setup, but it worked for me. xD I can’t remember where I picked it up from either. Probably someone I was watching way back in the XCOM: Enemy Unknown days.

    What did you end up researching after the autopsy, btw? Or is the Proving Grounds it, and requires its own research? It has been sooo looong.

    And eep for camp rescue mission! D: Some of the early game big bads come out in those! GL Magi! Hope you went at least as far as to see what ‘surprises’ come from these in your practice games! ;D

    • I started the color coding back in the first XCom game too. Then on XCom 2 I did some tweaks to it. I don’t remember where I got the idea for it though. All I know is I find hard to play without it.

      Oh, sorry. I should have made it more clear in the post. The autopsy research unlocked the Proving Grounds. What I chose to research, and forgot to mention, was Resistance Communication. I think that is something we’ll need soon anyway and it is another requirement to advance the story.

      Yeah, I feel bad for Magi. In my first time doing a camp rescue mission I was pretty confused. Even nowadays I find the first missions of that type a bit rough as I usually don’t have the classes/upgrades to make it easier. Hopefully Magi won’t have too much of a hard time with it!

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