[XCom 2] Operation Iron God

In the interest of honesty, I meant to write this post much earlier in the week. But then I decided to play juuuust a little bit of Minecraft. Next thing I knew it was Friday and I still haven’t written the post. Oops!

Story of my life right there!

Consequently this post was made in a rush and has not been edited. Sorry about that!

Anyway, in case you are just stumbling on it, this is part of a XCom 2 Succession game where a bunch of bloggers each take a turn at the game and hope we don’t end up losing the war against the aliens. Losing soldiers along the way though, specially the ones who are named after a blogger, is completely optional and even encouraged by some.

This event is being hosted by Naithin, of Time to Loot. You can find more information about it, the list of participants and their turns here.

Image credits: The image at the top of this post was created by Naithin.

EDIT: Forgot to add that this is post #4 for Blaugust 2021!

Previously on XCom 2

The fight against ADVENT suffered another blow back as we lost Ramblin’ Red Shirt during one of the missions. Alas, I guess he lived too much to his name!

Even with the research and development of the Predator Armor, which made our troops far less squishy, the fight didn’t became any easier. But at least we didn’t lose anyone else. Well, okay there may have been a a couple of reloads along the way but those were allowed by the rules!

The Avatar Project was also getting dangerously close to completion. However some of it was pushed back thanks to our intrepid heroes being able to skull jack one of the ADVENT Commanders which has been one of our goals for a while.

When the ADVENT Officer had their brain “hacked” via the skull jack, a new enemy called Codex, appeared and attacked our soldiers. They were able to kill it and it left behind a brain which we hope will lead to more information once it is researched. But to do that we will need to build a new facility, the Shadow Chamber.

To further put a wrench on the aliens plans we got in touch with the resistance in China then blew up the alien black site in there. With these two goals accomplished the Avatar Project suffered a big set back and it is back to 5 ticks away from being completed.

And of course, we also did a bunch of research into new technologies and autopsies on aliens. Far more than I can remember and bother to track. The important thing is, we are slowly but steadily getting from the point of being the underdogs of this war to be an enemy of equal firepower.

Operation Iron God

The first thing I did once I loaded the game was to check what I could do in the Geoscape/Base Building part. Which turned out to be… not much.

Thanks to a certain someone spending all of our resources on weapon upgrades there was no resource left for anything else. Granted, we did need those upgrades so I am not going to complain.

Our scientists were also still busy doing an autopsy on a Shieldbearer so there wasn’t anything I could choose there either.

The only thing left I could choose to do was which region to contact next. I decide to go for New India as it would put us one step closer to West Africa where we know there is another alien Black Site. Having the option to blow it up in case the Avatar Project gets too close to completion is always a good idea.

However I couldn’t even complete that because as soon as the Avenger reaches New India we get informed that ADVENT is doing a retaliation attack against a resistance base in New Arctic.

Guess this will be one of those short turns for me then…

For this mission I decided to take myself, Magi, Bookahnerk, Endalia, Svetlana Sidorova and Martina Schneider. These last two were characters randomly generated by the game. I had to pick them because all the other bloggers were either dead or wounded. Just think of them as red shirts because that is pretty much how I intend to treat them through this game!

The intrepid team for this mission!
In retrospect, I should change the color of all the randomly generated characters’ armor to red. Oh, well, next time!

As for the mission, I usually try to be careful while moving my team but during retaliation missions that is obviously not a luxury I have. So I tried to move our soldiers as far as I could while leaving them on cover.

I did leave Endalia and Magi back in the… I am not sure how to call it, the hill? It was the spot we started and I just moved them a bit over there. With snipers I like to leave them in high places as often as possible as it boosts their aim and can trigger some pretty good abilities.

I mention this because while moving Magi I left them in a pretty terrible position, which led them to discover an ADVENT Mec and a Berserker all the while being left completely open to their attacks.

Side note: Berserkers are one of the enemies I hate the most. They have a lot of of HP and can do a lot of damage to our soldiers. The only disadvantage they have is that they need to get to melee range to attack.

At this point I thought about getting Rakuno to throw a smoke grenade at Magi’s location, to give them some protection. But then I realized there were a couple of civilians near there and most likely the aliens would prioritize killing them and not our soldiers. So I decided to take a gamble on that and save the smoke grenade for later, in case of a more dangerous situation.

Magi with their flank completely exposed to an ADVENT Mec and a Berserker
Mistakes were made…

My gamble paid off as the ADVENT Mec decided to move on to somewhere else. The Berserker however decided to move right next to Magi. Maybe they wanted to see if the sounds of XCom 2’s bones breaking were any different from civilians!

Thankfully the Berserker used everything they had just to move there and couldn’t attack. On the next turn, a combination of shots from Rakuno, Endalia and Martina Schneider put the beast down!

Meanwhile Bookah Nerk moved over to another spot and found a group of ADVENT Officer, Lancer and Shieldbearer. Bookah Nerk was able to destroy a gas tank near the Shieldbearer, destroying its cover, it’s armor and taking away almost all of their health!

Magi also took advantage of their location to shoot down the Officer, killing it with one bullet!

Svetlana Sidorova then moved to another location, took full cover and was able to kill the ADVENT Mec. This move however made one of the civilians to reveal themselves to be a Faceless!

On the aliens turn another group of enemies appeared, two Mutons and one Berserker.

The Faceless moved next to Bookah Nerk, took a swing and did some damage to our specialist! It also completely destroyed Bookah Nerk’s cover leaving him defenseless. Luckily none of the enemies were able to attack him during that turn.

I however didn’t notice that Svetlana’s cover was also destroyed in the process. In my defense she was behind a tree and even after it being destroyed there was still a trunk left behind that looked big enough to serve as cover.

Svetlana and Bookah Nerk facing off a Faceless after their lost their cover
I mean, what was left of that tree was just as tall as those rocks and those give cover too!

Back to the XCom’s turn, Magi was able to kill the Shieldbearer with a 45% chance!

Endalia finished a Muton with one shot at 100% chance! (This is why I love snipers!)

Martina Schneider and Svetlana Sidorova worked in conjuction to kill the Faceless while Bookah Nerk moved away and took a shot at the Lancer, wounding it. Rakuno also tried to shoot at the Lancer but missed.

In the alien’s turn, the Lancer moved next to Svetlania Sidorova and hit her with his electric sword. I knew this was something that could happen but my plan was for her to cut the alien down before he attacked. But I forgot she still doesn’t have the rank for that kind of ability! This was also when I realized that her cover was completely gone!

Luckily the Muton who tried to shoot at her missed.

On the next turn, Martina Schneider killed the Lancer while Svetlana Sidorova moved to another position, took a shot at the Berserker taking a good chunk of its health. Then Magi finished it off.

Endalia finished the last Muton and at an uncovered part of the map, another “civilian” turned into a Faceless.

At least that Faceless had the decency of not killing anyone and just moving to a position where it would be easier for our soldiers to shoot it. Martina Schneider started the kill with a frag grenade then Bookah Nerk finished it off.

This completed the mission with only 3 civilians dead and two soldiers wounded. Not a bad result all things considered.

After Action Report

The team back at the Avenger with some of the soldiers ready for a promotion
All of them back and mostly safe and sound! XD

Endalia was promoted to Captain. I chose the “Faceoff” ability for her since it seems we are going with a Gunslinger build in her case. Usually I prefer the Sharpshooter build for Snipers so I am not sure how much better this will be over “Kill Zone”. We’ll have to see.

Martina Schneider was promoted to Corporal and I chose the “Shredder” ability for her as I usually do with Grenadiers. Being able to destroy enemy armor with every shot hit is just too useful of an ability to pass.

Lastly was Svetlana Sidorova who also got promoted to Corporal and I chose the “Phatom” ability. This is another ability I like because being hidden even while the rest of the squad is discovered can be a very powerful ability if used well. It even saved a mission that was going wrong in one of my personal playthrough of XCom 2 a while ago!

Well, that was it for my turn. The save will go over to Magi now. The save file can be found here.

2 thoughts on “[XCom 2] Operation Iron God”

  1. Phewph, nice one! With the descriptions of the damage coming in, I kept expecting people to be dead with every new paragraph but you did super well with it. 😀

    @Magi: You also need to try get everyone out alive, pls! xD Our soldier pool is not especially deep right now.

    • Thank you! Yeah, while I was playing I thought the damage was a lot worse. But our soldiers didn’t take that much damage. At least not compared to what I am used to in the Normal difficulty at the later stages of the game. XD

      Also, I think I got really lucky because our snipers didn’t have to move very far and were really good at killing/damaging enemies. If Endala had failed to kill that Shieldbearer I am pretty sure our soldiers would have had a much harder fight.

      And yeah, our soldier pool is really low right now. We really should recruit some more red shirts. And by red shirts I mean the randomly generated characters. Although I wouldn’t mind a return of the Ramblin’ Red Shirt in some form. Poor guy didn’t even have a chance to do something cool before dying… XD

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