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Rakuno checking his Smart TomestoneThis is post #9 for Blaugust 2019

It is Developer’s Appreciation Week on Blaugust but since I don’t have any particular  developer I’d like to highlight right now I am just do like Belghast of Tales of Aggronaut and copy this idea from Dragonray of Azerothian Life.

Basically it is just to highlight some YouTuber creators that you enjoy. There are quite a few I really enjoy and I am not sure how much of it will be redundant since they are pretty popular channels. Still, there might be someone who didn’t hear about them before and might be interested.

Also, a disclaimer. I haven’t checked them lately, much as I want to, mostly due to spending my free time watching a coupe of friends streaming, trying to play as many games as I can and watching anime. Sadly this doesn’t leave me much time for much else, plus there is always that idea that YouTube channel will be there, forever, foolish as that may be. Still I believe their content is still of high quality.

Alright with all that said, let’s get to it.

Extra Credits

I found about Extra Credits back when I still read The Escapist. This is a channel that talks about game design, why they are chosen, why they work, what doesn’t work and so on. It is all in a very accessible way, with some cool cartoons to accompany the talking and help make their point. 🙂

James Portnow, who I believe is their main writer, is also a professional game designer so everything they talk comes from actual industry experience.

Nowadays they also have spin-off series that give the same thoughtful discussion to other topics like history, mythology and even fiction.

Plus I love their motto “Because learning matters”.  I couldn’t agree more! 🙂

New Frame Plus

New Frame Plus is a channel that analyses animations in games. This may sound boring but there is so much thinking that goes into these animations that us, non-animator mortals, just  take for granted. Dan goes into what makes these animations work so well (or not work depending on the case) and why the developers probably went with it.

Dan is a professional animator so, like the discussion in Extra Play, what he talks about comes from actual experience in the industry. Also, he was one of the creators of the Extra Play channel but decided to split amicably  from them to work on his own channels.

Lastly I’d like to mention that his Let’s Play of Dark Souls is what got me in the game, back when I still thought Dark Souls wasn’t for me due to its difficulty. XD


Speaking of Dark Souls, if you are a fan of the game series this channel might be for you. VaatiVidya does some pretty good lore videos about Dark Souls and other Souls-like games.

To be honest most of it is beyond me because I haven’t even gotten to the mid-point of the game yet. But VaatiVidya has such a cool and smooth voice that I think he could even read the dictionary and make it sound interesting! XD


And here is a non-gaming related one! I found Techquickie back when I bought a new monitor and found out it only had a HDMI port. I am the type that only cares about hardware innovations when I have to upgrade my computer and find out that all my previous knowledge is pretty much outdated. That was the case with HDMI and some googling later I found this channel.

The cool thing about it is that they explain some technology pretty… quick (who would think with a name like that, huh? :p) and even explain what kind of problem that technology was made to solve. They do it in a pretty accessible language too which makes it pretty easy to understand.

There were a few more I considered including in this list but they either haven’t been updated in forever, are  too niche (and I already made an exception with VaatiVydia) or I haven’t watched in so long that I don’t even know what kind of content they do anymore. In any case these should do it for now. 🙂

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