My Minecraft Mod List

This is the list of mods that I am currently using with Minecraft. All of them are available for version 1.16.5

Current Modpack:

MechaniCrafters by Pollart
This a lightweight mod centered around the Create mod. It was basically made by some Minecraft YouTubers for a server they are playing on together and of course to make videos of their play.
Since I love Create and this modpack has some other mods I would use anyway I decided to give it a try.

Current Installed Mods

In addition to the above mentioned modpack I am also using these mods:

 Corail Tombstone by Corail_31

Corail Tombstone that basically creates a chest at the location of your death with all your inventory and XP then marks it. Once you respawn you are given a key that you can use to open the chest and retrieve everything that you lost.

It also has some decorative tombstones and a magic system revolving around death. I honestly haven’t tested the magic system yet so I can’t comment on that. It is definitely on my to-do list though.

Craftable Saddles by alexdaum1

It pretty much does what the name says. It also adds recipes for Horse Armor and Name Tags.

Create Plus by Robocraft999

This mod basically allows crafting some helmets with Create’s goggles attached to it. This way you don’t need to take your helmet off just to use the goggle’s functionality.

Uninstalled Mods

These are mods that I tried and for a reason or another decided to uninstall.

Hwyla by TehNut

Wawla by DarkhaxDev

Waila Harvestability by squeek

Hwyla is an UI mod that shows the name of whatever your cursor is pointed at.

Wawla is an add-on to Hwyla that adds some more information, like mob health, animal breeding cooltime, armor points, villagers professions and a lot more.

Waila Havestability shows what tool you need to harvest a block you are targeting. It will also tell if it is possible to do it with the current tool in your hand.

 Reasons for uninstalling: MechaniCrafters already comes with TheOneProbe which does most of what these three mods do.

Inventory Sorter by cpw

Again, it pretty much does what it says. With a one-click it will auto-sort your inventory, making it a lot more organized.

Reasons for uninstalling: MechaniCrafters comes with Quark which has full inventory sorting.

Notable Mentions

These are all mods that are part of MechaniCrafters. But since I already wrote about them I decided to keep them listed here, just because. :p

Create version 0.3 by Multiple Authors
Create is a mod that allows the creation of machines that do different things. It has a pretty low-tech feel to it with lots of cogs and gears.
What I like about it is  that all the machines are very specialized but you can create far more complex ones by mixing them together or expanding them.

Just Enough Items (JEI) by mezz

JEI Integration by SnowShock35

Just Enough Resources (JER) by way2muchnoise

Just Enough Items (Or JEI for short) is a way to show all the items that can be crafted or placed in Creative mode. It also comes with a search bar and the ability to favorite your most used recipes.

It can also show what recipes an item is used in and in what crafting tables (or machines added by mods).

JEI makes it a lot easier to figure out what you can make with certain mods, making it pretty much essential with mods that have very little documentation (I am looking at you Create!)

JEI integration is an add-on to add some useful information like Burn Time for items, hunger/saturation, max stack size among other information.

Just Enough Resources (or JER for short), is an add-on that shows if an item is dropped by mobs, can be traded with villagers or found in dungeon chests.

Xaero’s Minimap by xaero96

Xaero’s World Map by xaero96

These mods pretty much do what their name says. The Minimap also allows to marks custom locations, making it pretty useful to find certain landmarks later on.

Keep in mind that the World Map can trivialize exploration to a certain extent as it shows a lot of area around the player.

Nature’s Compass by Chaosyr

This mod adds a new item that can show the coordinates of a chosen biome. You can craft it with a regular compass plus some other easy to get items. Once you use it, the mod will bring up a search screen where you can choose a biome.

Once you click on the biome you are looking for a tooltip will show up on the top left corner with the location of the chosen biome and how far you are to it. It is pretty useful to locating those biomes with specific resources that you need for your project.

It also has automatic support for modded biomes.

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