[GW2] Second beta weekend – The things I forgot, a correction and posts by other interesting people. Oh, my!

*sighs* Even when I try not to rush I keep forgetting things. I even made a grossly mistake too! So here is to address all that!

First off, I must apologize for a terrible mistake I did in the “Second Beta Weekend Day 1 – Changes and Additions” post. In there I said that dyes you add to your collection are account wide. Turns out it is only added to the character you used the dye bottle with. I only found that later when I went to play with my coercer. The posts already has been corrected and next time I will try to make sure this kind of glaring error doesn’t happen.

EDIT: As Syl pointed out in the comments of this post, it might be a bug. I will try to verify that in the next beta weekend and if the same  thing happens again I will /bug it. Then perhaps we might have some answer if it is working as intended or just a bug.

EDIT #2: As ArcherAvatar pointed out in the comments, the dyes were actually changed to be character bound now. Not account wide. If this situation changes I will point it out in a future post.

If it makes it any better, let me point you to the Raging Monkeys blog, where Syl made a post giving a good example of the flexibility of the dye system in Guild Wars 2.

Also, I put some screenshots in the previous posts about the second beta weekend. They aren’t terribly good I admit and I made the mistake again of not taking as many screenshots as I could. Hopefully I won’t make the same mistake in the next beta weekend. Someone who did not make that mistake was Paeroka of Nerdy Bookahs. She took 285 screenshots of the Black Citadel, the charr city, and uploaded the 80 best ones. You can find it here.

Now the things I forgot about….

Wayfarer Foothills, the norn starting area, felt fairly balanced compared to the charr starting area in the previous beta weekend. There was some challenging fights, yes, but nothing that felt unfair. All the deaths I suffered were either because I tried to bite more than I could chew or because I did something really stupid. Well, there was that brief lag of hell too but they fixed that pretty fast and it was smooth sailing from then on. 🙂

To be fair, I haven’t checked the charr starting area this time. So I can’t say if they changed it from the first beta weekend. I might check it on the next one. If they did, there will be some revenge against certain stone golems! *shakes fist*

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[GW2] Second Beta Weekend Day 1 – Norns and Rangers

Second part about my experiences on the second beta weekend so far. First one is here.

As mentioned on that one, pictures to come soon, hopefully!

A Norn life for me

I decided to give a try to a Norn this time around after all. I was expecting a more rough people for some reason and although they are rough in a way they are also much more than that. To put it succinctly they are a mix between vikings and shamanic culture. That is, they are a proud race of warriors and hunters who also worship guardian animal spirits. Saying it like this may look like a weird mixture but it works pretty well. That also doesn’t mean they are “This is serious business!” people all the time (that would be the charr by the way). They also like to drink, sing songs and tell tales. Of those three, the drink is probably what they like the most.   I got the impression they would use anything as an excuse to drink more. Hard day at work? Drink to relax. Just won a hard battle against an enemy? Drink to celebrate. Having a hard time deciding on a tie? Drink to make the choice easier!

Obligatory "Norn Fishing" screenshot

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[GW2] Second Beta Weekend Day 1 – Changes and Additions

Well, turns out I have something to say after all! In fact I have so much  that I am breaking it in two posts.

Before we dive into another rambling,  that may or may not make sense, here a couple of caveats:

  • Remember this a beta. Things will change before release. In fact there has been a few between the last beta weekend and this one. More about it below.
  • I am purposely not getting too deep into the game now as I don’t want to spoil things for me after release or planning too much since, like I said above, things will change.

Alright. Now that we took that out of the way, here are the things I noticed during the first day of the Second Beta Weekend!

P.S.: I will try to add some screenshots later to spruce up both posts. Right now I have some more Guild Wars 2 to play while I can!

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[GW2] My second beta weekend to do list!

So, by now pretty much everybody knows ArenaNet will be having a second beta test weekend soon. They also blogged about a few new things we may expect to see during this one. While I will do my best to keep an eye for bugs and see if there is any intelligent suggestion I can do to improve the game, there are a few other things I want to do as well. Here is my list:

1. Play a Norn Ranger

Being the crazy person I am, I already decided I want to have one character of each race. The problem is to choose which class to go with each. I already decided my charr will be an engineer. The others however are still pretty open to debate so I am trying to use the beta weekends to get a feel of other classes that look cool.

During the first beta weekend, I played mostly a charr warrior. The class versatility impressed me with the way each weapon felt unique. Specially because it wasn’t restricted to just melee weapons but also to ranged weapons like the rifle and the bow. This makes me wonder how rangers stand out in terms of weapon skills compared to a warrior. Specially in terms of bows since for a warrior in Guild Wars 2 it is just a valid a weapon as a sword or a mace. Considering the traditional gaming association of rangers with bows I expect the rangers to have more interesting tricks with it than warriors. But we’ll see.

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[NBI] In which we celebrate!

Newbie Blogger Initiative banner

It is the end of may and among other things, this means the Newbie Blogger Initiative, aka NBI,  is coming to a close. I think this has been a much bigger success than anyone expected. We got about a hundred new blogs started this month and some amazing advice from the veterans!

Syp, the great guy who started it all, made a final list of all the new blogs and of all the advice posts that were born as part of the NBI.  You can check it here.

For anyone thinking about starting their blog now, give it a look as there is a gold mine of advice in there. Even for old hats of blogging it might be interesting as there may be one thing or two that you never considered before. If you just like to read you might also want to check the list out as I am pretty sure you will get out of it with at least a dozen new blogs to read. 🙂

I am not sure if the NBI forums will stay up after this, but if so, I suggest giving a look at it too. You can find it here. We had some fun discussions in there, some that even end up turning into advice articles by the sponsors.

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Let me introduce you to…

Newbie Blogger Initiative banner

So, this is it. The final challenge set by Ambermist of Taste’s Like Battlechicken. This week she tasked us with finding 3 blogs that participated in the New Blogger’s Initiative, aka the NBI, and give at least one reason we like each blog. Sounds easy right? Well, that is what I thought at first too. Then I realized that no matter how awesome the three blogs I end up choosing are, I will still feel bad about it. There are just  too many awesome blogs that are participating on it for me to just pick three!

In fact, let me point out to a list of the blogs participating on the NBI. There is one list here, categorized by topics, made by Windsoar of the Jaded Alt blog. If you prefer a handy list with each author’s name and tweeter, Shadowspnd of World’s End Tavern made one for newbies and one for sponsors. Check out the rest of their blogs too while you are there! 🙂

Alright. With that said, let me introduce you to three newbie blogs that have caught my eye for a reason or another:

The Butterfly Gamer


Everyone probably met that one person that can’t stick to a game for very long. Perhaps that might even be your case (it is certainly mine!). Apparently the term for these kind of people is “butterfly gamer”. And as the name of the blog implies, The Butterfly Gamer is the journal of one such person.

Right now, leelubutterfly is trying to stick to just one, to get to the level cap on Aion before Guild Wars 2 is released. It is interesting not only because of her writing (and screenshots!) but also to see her discover new and interesting things about Aion as she goes along. As someone that just started out in Aion it is interesting to see the experiences of another newbie in the game.

Of course, I am also interested to see what other games she will end up playing too. I guess that makes me a butterfly reader?



If I had to describe Ravalation in a few words it would be “a feast to the eyes”. Not only her posts are filled with beautiful screenshots (some times with her own drawings too!) but it is all accompanied with very interesting text too. It is like a combo of pure bliss!

Right now Ravanel is writing about Lord of the Rings Online, Mass Effect and Star Wars: The Old Republic. I highly recommend her blog to anyone interested in any of those games. 🙂

Kemwer Game Blog


While I do have a preference for blogs about people’s personal experiences playing games, I do also like a good discussion about them. Kemwer has been one of those blogs I have been finding myself reading just for that purpose. No matter the topic of the post it is always with a very intelligent and well articulated argument.

His blog (correct me if I am wrong, please, Kemwer!) seems to have a slant towards Guild Wars 2 right now. Though he certainly doesn’t limit himself to just Guild Wars 2 and has made a few posts about Diablo 3, Torchlight 2 and even some more general discussions about MMORPGs.

Wait! There is more…

Ok. So I can’t pick just three after all. Let me list three more blogs before ending this post. But to keep with the spirit of the challenge, in some sort of twisted way, I will just list them and let you find out by yourself what makes them great! It probably won’t be too hard. 🙂

They are also blogs that are participating on the NBI although as sponsors. Without further ado, here are three more great blogs that just make my day whenever they update:

Nerdy Bookahshttp://nerdybookahs.wordpress.com/


LotRO Fashionhttp://lotrofashion.blogspot.com/

My biggest thanks to all the ones I have listed, and for those I could not, for all the entertaining reading so far. Here is looking forward to  reading even more posts! 🙂

[LotRO] Lua Plugins and you!

Alright. So this is week 4 of Ambermist’s challenges. This one is a tough one too. She basically asked us to go out, learn something and then make a post about it. Since I am really getting into Lord of the Rings Online now it makes sense to do some research of it. The drawback is…. I am just starting in Lord of the Rings Online which means lots and lots of things too research. Too much to research in  a week or do a single post about it. So I am doing the obvious thing and just narrowing down it to one specific topic: Lua Plugins!

The following is the result of my research. If there is someone more knowledgeable who sees something incorrect, please post about it in the comments and I will fix it.

Lua Plugins? What is that?

If you ever played World of Warcraft you probably heard of AddOns. Might even have an avid user of them. Lua Plugins are the same thing except for Lord of the Rings Online.

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[LotRO] One ring to bind them all…

The One Rjng!

Somehow I can’t think of a better phrase to sum up my recent conundrum with Lord of the Rings Online. What type of conundrum? Well, this might be one of those long stories so you might want to make yourself comfortable, get something to drink, etc.

I’ve been thinking for a little while about giving Lord of the Rings Online another go for some reasons. The first one is since I’ve left Everquest 2, I’ve been having a severe case of decoration withdrawal. So much in fact that even a limited housing system like the one in the LotRO sounds better than any. The second reason is because I’ve been checking some blogs like Lotro Fashion, Landroval Style and Brazokie’s Blog Space and I’ve been pretty much drooling over the outfits. Now, like a former wise clannie in Lineage 2 would say “In real life I don’t care about my appearance but in game I am a metrosexual.” LotRO to me is one of the best games for that kind of… uh… I dunno, philosophy, I guess? Anyway, the thing is the game has a ton of cool looking outfits and a pretty good system to show them off while still wearing your mismatched gear with uber stats. And if I am going to be killing X orcs for their middle toe nails I might as well do it with style damnit!

What finally pushed me to do it was a promotion on GameStop/Impulse that I found out at the Frugal Gamer. It  was the Mithril Edition for 50% off and considering its contents it just seemed one of those bargains that you can’t resist. That discount is already gone but you can still get it for about $20.

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Alts? I have no alts! All my characters are my main!

Or so I usually say. In practice there is always a character I end up playing more than the others or who earned a special place in my heart.

So, on this week’s challenge, posed by the lovely Ambermist of “Tastes Like Battle Chicken”, it is exactly to talk about those characters. Which I will do with the utmost joy. Because characters are like our own children. Give us an excuse to talk about them and we’ll do it all day!

In my case it will be two of the characters that have a very special place in my heart. They are probably the ones I spent the most time playing on and growing with during my MMORPG career. If you can call playing MMORPGs for years a career that is.

Also, I apologize for the lack of screenshots. This is a post that screams “Fill me up with screenshots!” but I found out I have no good screenshots of Rakuno to post. Alas, I find myself still having to do my little EQ2 protest so I can’t even log in to take a decent screenshot of my beloved character.

Anyhoo, in order of creation here are my “mains”:

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Why You Do What You Do: Week 2 Challenge

So, this week Ambermist over at Tastes Like Battle Chicken gave us a new challenge. It is the “Why do you do what you do?” which is basically to answer with a picture… uh…. why do you what you do! She was nice enough to give us the option to answer it with text too. You know, just in case there is someone graphic challenged. *coughs*likeme*coughs*

My original intent was to actually answer it with a picture. I suck at anything graphical however. Even stick figures. So as the week went by I realized I had less and less time to try making even a decent picture for this challenge. Time for plan B then which is to write it!

With that said, this is my answer to Ambermist’s challenge!

Boldly going where no man has gone before…

… except for those who were already subscribed or were the developers. *clears throat*

Anyway, that phrase sums up one of the things I love about MMORPGs, the feeling of getting into a completely new world, with its own history, its own conflicts, nations, rules, etc. The more open the world in terms of exploring and strong lore, the more I like it. Ok. Perhaps not completely open. Some guidance is always nice so we are not totally lost wondering how things work. I guess my version of a good open world would be open enough so you can go off exploring on your own, being rewarded with finding spots for cool stuff like spots to harvest a crafting material or some neat lore detail. A bad world implementation would be one where you feel you are just going from point A to B doing a laundry list for some soulless NPC.

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