Rakuno floating on the waters of Costa Del Sol

For anyone who is googling about Stormblood and stumbled upon here let me give a disclaimer: This post isn't about any of the actual content of Stormblood. My highest job right now is Monk level 55 and I just started Heavensward a few days ago. So as much as I'd like to talk about the storyline or the areas of Stormblood it is just not possible for me. What I will actually talk about is the mechanical changes to Monk (that I was able to experience so far) and my impressions of Samurai. Sorry if you came here looking for something else!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, Stormblood came with a lot of mechanical changes that affected pretty much everybody. In case someone hasn't been keeping up with the Final Fantasy XIV news, here is a summary of them, or at least the ones I can remember from the top of my head:

  • You only need to level one class to unlock a job now, so if you want to be a Monk you only need to level Pugilist to 30.
  • The additional traits are gone and have been replaced by role  actions. Role action are a fixed set of skills that you can choose from. What skills you get depends on your role. So DPS gets some utility skills that help them do their job better, like lowering aggro, recovering some health, some debuff, etc. While tanks get skills that makes their job easier like reduction damage, aggro generation, etc. Other roles get skills that fits their place in the party.
  • All jobs had some skills removed, changed and some new ones added.
  • All jobs got a Job Gauge. It is hard to explain it but it is kinda like a graphical way to see how much you have built up of something to unleash a special skill. It will probably make more sense when I talk about monk.

There was a lot of other changes too but for the sake of this post I think these are the main ones.

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Rakuno posing in Ishgard

While a lot of people were taking advantage of the Early Access to the latest expansion to the game, Storm Blood, I was just reaching the lands of the first expansion, Heavensward. That isn't to say however that I didn't get affected by Storm Blood, quite the contrary as it did bring a lot of mechanical changes to all levels of the game. Just for the sake of keeping things tidy and clean I will talk about those in a later post.

As someone who literally has ADD it was hard to focus for long on doing nothing but the storyline to reach Heavensward. But it was so worth it. I said this before and I am certain I will say this many times again but Final Fantasy XIV has one of the best storytelling in games. In fact, I can only imagine how much it sucked for people who played before the expansion was released to wait to see how the story continued as there was so much going on!

Fortunately I didn't have to wait that much because as soon as I finished it I made my way straight to Ishgard, the city that was previously unavailable to me.

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Rakuno in Limsa Lominsa during the night

Since my last post I have been working little by little to advance in several areas of the game. On the adventuring front I am half-way through the main storyline of patch 2.3. That puts me about halfway to Heavensward. After that it is the storyline of patch 2.4, 2.5 and 2.55 with the last two appearing to be about the same number of quests as the previous patches when put together.

One thing I find interesting is that all these patches have a mini-storyline that seems to be forming an arch that I guess will have a conclusion by the end of patch 2.55. They also seem to serve the purpose of putting the seeds for future content expansions. Well, future for the time they were released. My impression is that they were the seeds for Heavensward and Storm Blood (which should be released in about a week or so)

And of course, they also introduced new content, like the Rogue class and the Ninja job, new Primal Battles and so on.

Anyway, if things keep going smoothly I might be able to get to Heavensward before the end of the week.

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Rakuno doing the Immortal Flame Salute

Last night I finally finished the main story line of "A Realm Reborn". That is the storyline that came when the game was relaunched as version 2.0. I thought that once I finished it I could start on Heavensward content (that is the first expansion of the game) but no, apparently there is another storyline they added via patches before the release of that expansion. So that is what I will be doing now.

In any case, I liked how it ended. It felt very satisfying and I am glad I saw it through the end. One side note about the way the story is handled is that they make sure to show that the important NPCs aren't sitting idly by while the world is being threatened. Some times you see them helping you directly in cutscenes, or even in some battles. Other times you just know they are doing something important off-screen. This feels very refreshing after so many games where I felt that I was the only one doing *anything* to save everyone while some big shot is just sitting  doing nothing but barking orders at me.

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Rakuno with his level 50 artifact armor posing

It finally happened! I got Rakuno to monk level 50 this weekend!

To be completely honest I didn't want to level him this  fast. But then I was hit with what I call "Clothing Store Accident" by which I mean, my character looked so terrible that I just couldn't stand it. It started when Rakuno had to wear another set of gear that looked like the subligar, a look that one of my Free Company (FC for short) mates dubbed "The Voldo Life". ** Anyone who leveled a Pugilist knows the pain of wearing that kind of outfit.

So I tried to level as fast as possible to 45 to do my next monk job quest, get a new pair of pants (plus other monk gear) and go back to leveling at my own pace. That  didn't too long and I was relatively happy with my new look. It didn't last very long.

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Rakuno as a Miqo'te

So, yeah, it finally happened. I got bored playing Rakuno as a midlander hyur (Final Fantasy XIV version of ye olde human) and decided to change him into a Miqo'te.

Now before someone point this out: Yes, I am aware of the irony since the original Rakuno in Everquest 2 was a ratonga. So I will just use the excuse that Mr Tyranny suggested on Twitter and say that Rakuno is doing undercover work. Those Miqo'tes will never know what hit them! Mwahahahaha!

... Ah-hem. Or that is what I would say if the ratongas were plotting something. Which they are not. They are a peaceful and friendly race. This undercover mission is just for the purposes of studying the miqo'te in their natural environment. It is all FOR SCIENCE!, you see?

If I ever regret this I will change him back to midlander hyur. Or maybe some other race.

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I am making my own gang. This random guy is my first recruit just because we are posing the same way.

I was planning to post about something else today but since I've been pretty addicted to Final Fantasy XIV that wasn't possible. So I might as well write what I was planning to Monday now and then figure out something to write that day (spoiler: It will probably be more Final Fantasy XIV. :p)

I a monk!

I wonder if it s a cultural thing...
For someone doing plot exposition Wildargelt is certainly economical when it comes to words

I became Pugilist level 30 this week. Since I already have the (current) required level 15 Lancer class I went ahead and started on the quest to unlock the Monk job. The quest was pretty amusing with some unexpected moments and the two NPCs that were part of it were pretty interesting.

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I've been meaning to make this post for a long but didn't for.... reasons. Anyway, there is this pretty funny video made by a person called Chenova where she collected some amusing confessions from people in different forums and made a video about that. She also adds her own confessions near the end of the video too.

In keeping with the spirit of the video here are my confessions:

  • I think I like multiple companion mods not so much because of the extra muscle/companionship as much as for all the extra loot I can carry by having more companions around. Yes, I tend to treat them as a pack mules...
  • After finishing a dungeon if there are still loot around but my companions inventory is full and mine is about to go above my carrying capacity then I just turn TGM (godmode in Skyrim), loot anything that is left and then go to town to sell all the crap. Even if I don't need the money I still do it. I may have a problem with looting...
  • It is a known fact that I love modding. How much? Well, right now I have about 133 .ESPs/.ESMs files enabled. Total mod files though (i.e. counting with retextures and such) is 172. But give or take a dozen for patch files and compatibility files. That is after trying to cut down on mod files. I think my record was 168 or 180 .ESPs/ESMs and an ungodly amount of total mod files.
  • When I played my Dark Brotherhood character she married Muiri for no other reason than I thought it would be amusing for a contractor to marry the person who just murdered a few people for her. True love in Skyrim? Not in that game!
  • My waifus in Skyrim would be Serana, Lydia and Delphine in exactly that order. I'd add Astrid too but her control freakishness might make her an interesting character but I am not sure I'd like it in a waifu.

So, those are mine. What are your Skyrim confessions? 🙂

EDIT: Forgot to add one confession! To me the most dangerous creatures in Skyrim aren't the dragons. Or the Falmer. It is bears! I swear they are like ninja. They get behind you without you noticing until they are on top of you and mauling your face. My poor mage character died a lot because of bear attacks.

A long while ago, back when it was announced that version 1.0 of Final Fantasy XIV was going to end so they could relaunch the game with better mechanics, I was totally fine with it. As I said back then the game had a good core but too many systems that were confusing or obtuse to use. Plus during the whole road to the relaunch they were very good at communicating what changes they planned to make, why they were going to make those changes and they also kept channels open for feedback. A lot of it I could completely agree with too. It were changes that the game needed.

Then came the beta for version 2.0, the version where the game was going to be relaunched at as a "Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn".  Since I played during 1.0 I was automatically allowed to participate in that beta. But I wasn't able to play more than a few minutes before logging out, heartbroken for what the came turned out to be.

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No, really, it almost led me to start drinking
That is pretty much how I've been feeling the last few days

Normally I wouldn't make a post about site changes because I don't think it is interesting nor it is something that anybody but myself should care about. However since this is one of those changes that will affect some readers I thought I should give a heads-up.

After much thinking (and banging my head against the wall) I decided to switch the blog software from Drupal to WordPress. This also means I will drop the ability of receiving a copy of the posts via e-mail. If you want to know when a new post will be made I suggest you add the blog to an RSS reader of your choice or follow me on Twitter. I was going to add an option for receiving notifications via Facebook too but less than five minutes of using that dang thing and I gave up. Sorry, I just can't stand Facebook. :p

By the way, for technical reasons I am keeping the comments for this post closed. I will open it for comments once everything has moved to WordPress. Also, I will be changing hosts so it might take a couple of days for everything to go back to normal. If you can't wait that long to comment/criticize/send-death-threats on this subject you can use the contact form in the menu above or send me a Direct Message about it on Twitter.

Anyway, there are several reasons for dropping the e-mail option. The short versions is: It has been a pain in my backside in a lot of ways.

The longer version is the following:

1. Spambots have been trying to register e-mails, failing and I end up receiving error notifications about it.

A few months ago I started to receive notifications that certain e-mails were trying to register for the newsletter but failing. It was always the same e-mails and I got a  dozen of notifications a day. It just stopped when I hid the option entirely. Having to delete those notifications from my mailbox was not fun and I rather use that time for something more productive. As for why spambots would do that I have no idea. And I am pretty sure it was not humans trying it as trying to repeat a process like that a dozen times a day and failing just sounds like insanity to me. :p

2. Creating a  local development environment to make sure the newsletters are being sent has been difficulty

Before I monkey around with the site stuff I always test it in a local development environment. This way if things break only I will have to suffer through it. Now, if I only have to setup a local development environment to test stuff that is displayed in a browser that is trivial. If I also have to test the sending of newsletters that hasn't been as easy for me in the past. So I'd rather not have to deal with that in the future and keep things as simple as possible.

3.  The script that I used to convert the blog's content to WordPress does not convert the registered e-mails

I used a script I found in the internet to convert the blog's content from Drupal to WordPress. It is a relatively simple script that converted the posts and comments, nothing more. That is not to say it is impossible to make a script to copy the current e-mails registered for newsletters to WordPress. It is just that I don't have the knowledge to do so and honestly I have not the patience to figure that out now.

4. I haven't given up on Drupal completely.

Although I think WordPress will make my life for blogging easier right now I haven't given up on Drupal completely. I might change back to Drupal at a later date if I find myself unhappy with WordPress. If I do so then we come back to all these issues and more.

This isn't the kind of post I wanted to break the silence with but it was either this or continue posting as normal and some people not even knowing about it. Sorry for the inconvenience to the affected parties. Normal posts will resume Soon (tm).

EDIT: Comments are now open.