My experience with ADD and gaming

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Recently Naithin, of Time to Loot, wrote about his difficulties in extracting values from games when he gets so easily distracted by a new game.

He even muses if he is somehow built different from other people as way to explain it. Pretty much concluding that whatever the reason for it he is mostly fine with his current status quo.

I did leave a comment on his post with some of my thoughts about it. Then I realized I could make a blog post about my experiences about it. Because unlike him, I am built differently. I have a diagnosed case of Generalized Anxiety Disorder and a mild case of attention deficit.

And unlike Naithin I am not fine with how it affects the games I play. I had to rack my brain a bit but these feelings is what I am going to try to talk about.

Spoiler warning though, I have no effective strategy on how to deal with it. If anyone has any ideas I am all ears.

This is post #2 for Blaugust 2021

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Games I’ve been Playing – July 2021

During most of the month of July I had this funky mood where I didn’t really feel like playing games… or do much of anything. This time, what I found entertaining was to read the Pathfinder 2e Core Rules book, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

For people who do not play TTRPGs the idea of reading a book of rules like that may seem boring but I like to delve into new interesting systems and see how they achieve their goals. In the case of Pathfinder 2e I think it does an excellent job of being a game about heroic pseudo-medieval, everything and the kitchen-sink, kind of fantasy. I’d even go as far as to say it is my new favorite for that kind of genre.

Anyway, I did play some video-games this month, not many as I’d like but enough to make this regular monthly post. And those are the ones I will talk about!

P.S.: Blaugust has started and this is my post #1 for it. If you never heard of it, you can read all about it here. The TL;DR version is that it is a kind of challenge/celebration of blogging kind of event for both new bloggers and veterans alike.

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[D&D] Mass Effect: Chapter 20 – Cold Hearted Geth

During last session, Lorik revealed his first encounter with the pirate Zissou’s crew, plans were discussed on how to get to General Dawn Hammer and an agreement was made on one of those.

They also found themselves rescuing a friend of Lorik’s, a quarian engineer called Suzan vas Squidward. Small, but important, sidetrack aside, they finally made it to the pirate’s/heretic geth’s base to execute phase 1 of their plan.

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[D&D] Mass Effect: Chapter 19 – The simplest of plans

Last session we pursued the bounty on turian biotics as far as we could. Since we didn’t have any more leads to pursue we decided to go back the main mission, which meant hunting our second elimination target, General Dawn Hammer.

Because we didn’t have the time to do that back then we returned to it on this session. Or the closest to it as we can given how we tend to over discuss everything. XD

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Blaugust 2021 is almost here!

August is almost upon us and with it comes an event very cherished by the blogging community: Blaugust!

In case you never heard of Blaugust before, it is an event hosted by Belghast, of Tales of the Aggronaut. It is basically an event to foster the creation of new blogs, welcome the return of dormant ones and for active blogs to have some fun together.

For new bloggers there will be mentors in Discord willing to answer questions and helping out within reason. There might also be some posts across participant blogs with tips and advice from veterans.

In the case of inactive bloggers, just join the event and get back to posting. Easy as that. And for everyone else, just join in and post as usual. XD

If anyone is worried about what topics to write about there will be some themed weeks for August with suggestions on topics to write about.

And this is pretty much the TL;DR version of it. For more details about the event and joining in as a participant you can find it here.

I will be participating this year but my goal will be the low hanging fruit of 5 posts during the month of August. I am in a bit of funky mood right now so that might be the most realistic goal for myself.

Credits: The logo on the top was made by Belghast.

In defense of story as told by Final Fantasy XIV

I was trying to resist saying anything about this topic besides some comments here and there because I feel this is one of those complicated discussions that might not have right answers. Not to mention people have some strong opinions on it.

So, it all began with Aywren defending the importance of story in MMORPGs by using Final Fantasy XIV as an example. Then later on Naithin, as he was returning to Final Fantasy XIV, mused if Final Fantasy XIV has to be a MMO to deliver its story. Then there is Bhagpuss, who hasn’t made a post on the topic yet, asking in a comment in one of Naithin’s posts, if the way that Final Fantasy XIV tells it’s story wouldn’t be best done in a more traditional format like a movie or a book.

I will try to address both Naithin’s and Baghpuss’ positions and give my opinion on the subject.

EDIT: Bhagpuss did write a post on the subject of stories in MMORPGs. It isn’t aimed at any MMORPG in particular, just his instance about linear stories in MMORPGs in general. You can read it here.

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Games I’ve been playing – June 2021

Ganesha saying that their last battle was just a demo and now they would unleash their full power

This has been another one of those weird months. The first half was a blur, almost a distant memory that I can barely remember anything of.

The second half however felt like it dragged out and I couldn’t focus on anything, no matter how interesting or necessary it was.

The end result is I didn’t play as many video-games as I hoped for. With any luck the month of July will be better but I am expecting my inability to focus to continue a little longer.

Anyway, here is what I have been up to, gaming-wise!

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[XCom 2] Blogger Succession Game – Mission 10: Operation Dawn Fort

One of the dangers about having some experience with a game and playing on an easy difficult mode is that you can get cocky. Some times this can lead to some disastrous results. Fortunately that wasn’t the case this time but it came so close to it that it is not even funny. Well, not for me anyway! XD

If by some reason you are just stumbling on this post, it is part of a blogging succession game where each participant blog plays a bit of XCom 2 and then pass on the save to the next blogger. It is being hosted by Naithin of Time to Loot. You can find more about it and a link to all the participating blogs here.

Credits: The image at the top was created by Naithin.

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[D&D] Mass Effect: Chapter 18 – Unfortunate Henchman Names

Last session our party had just decided to pay a visit to one of the drop-off points for the turian biotic implant bounty. It worked pretty well, all things considered, but we still felt there was more about this case that we could dig into. This session was the continuation of that.

This time though… Everything went in ways I honestly didn’t expect to. Still, some more clues were found and some lessons were learned. The painful kind of lessons but they were still lessons nonetheless!

Anyway, let’s get to this, shall we?

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[D&D] Mass Effect: Chapter 17 – Side Questing

One of the great things for adventurers living in a tabletop RPG world is that everything important to them is either conveniently close to each other or on the way they need to go. Need to have that broken family sword reforged by the legendary smith? His house happens to be conveniently on the side road to Mt. Doom which the Arch Lich uses a his base.

Ok, it is not always that convenient. But some times it certainly feels like that. It also makes it really easy to convince the rest of your party to make a quick side trip just to sort that out before you all go saving the world.

In our Mass Effect 5E campaign we are starting to enter this stage, with us tackling one of our character’s personal quest while at the same time advancing the main plot.

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