[D&D] Mass Effect: Chapter 18 – Unfortunate Henchman Names

Last session our party had just decided to pay a visit to one of the drop-off points for the turian biotic implant bounty. It worked pretty well, all things considered, but we still felt there was more about this case that we could dig into. This session was the continuation of that.

This time though… Everything went in ways I honestly didn’t expect to. Still, some more clues were found and some lessons were learned. The painful kind of lessons but they were still lessons nonetheless!

Anyway, let’s get to this, shall we?

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[D&D] Mass Effect: Chapter 17 – Side Questing

One of the great things for adventurers living in a tabletop RPG world is that everything important to them is either conveniently close to each other or on the way they need to go. Need to have that broken family sword reforged by the legendary smith? His house happens to be conveniently on the side road to Mt. Doom which the Arch Lich uses a his base.

Ok, it is not always that convenient. But some times it certainly feels like that. It also makes it really easy to convince the rest of your party to make a quick side trip just to sort that out before you all go saving the world.

In our Mass Effect 5E campaign we are starting to enter this stage, with us tackling one of our character’s personal quest while at the same time advancing the main plot.

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[Notice] If you follow my blog through Feedly…

… and you haven’t got any updates of it over there in a while, please remove it from Feedly and add it again.

This issue was pointed out to me over in Discord and doing the above seemed to fix it for me.

My guess is that when I moved the blog to the new host I also moved the management of the URL to the same place. That change might have broken something with Feedly and I didn’t notice it until now.

Apologies to anyone affected by it!

[D&D] Mass Effect: Chapter 16 – We are not pirates

As much as I love complex plots, with twists and turns there are also times where I prefer something simple, straightforward and without any fuss. This was one of those sessions.

On a random note: every time I think there isn’t much to write about these sessions and I will have an easy time I soon realize my mistake. That was the case with the last post where there were a lot more plot development than I remembered.

Then there are cases like this post where I don’t feel like cutting a lot of details because I feel like they give a good idea of what kind of shenanigans our group gets to in this game.

This is why these posts always end up becoming some monstrous walls of text. Oh, well, I still like the idea of a having a recording of our insanity. XD

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[D&D] Mass Effect: Chapter 15 – That isn’t very sportmanship of you

If I have to be honest, and I always am with these write-ups, one of the titles I considered for the previous post was “The Filler Episode”. It is just that session felt like we went on a big tangent from our original goal. But since this is a tabletop RPG I knew that the stuff we found out would end up being important somehow, in some way, at some point. So I decided to not use that title.

And guess what? Everything from that session turned out to be more helpful or important than we thought! This session not only we dealt with the consequences of the previous one but surprisingly enough we got back on track!

P.S.: This post is extremely late due to the blog moving hosts and me being addicted to Monster Hunter again. My deep apologies to my group for that!

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[Xcom 2] Blogger Succession Game – Mission 3: Operation Foolish Sentinel

After the success of the Civilization VI Succession Game, we are doing another one. Once again it is being organized by Naithin of Time to Loot and as the title says we are playing XCom 2! All the details of the event can be found in this link.

The TL;DR version is: Each blogger will play one mission. After that they can spend some time on the Geoscape portion of the game however they see fit until another mission pops up. When that happens they save the game and pass the save file to the next person in the succession.

Oh, we are also putting our own nicknames on the characters and from other bloggers who offered to have their nicknames for this event. The catch is everybody agreed that if any of our namesake characters die we would be totally fine with it.

I even made a Strawpoll of who they thought would die in this mission. Apparently there were a couple of people who were really optimistic about their odds.

The bloggers participating this time are, in playing order:

  1. Naithin
  2. Mr Peril (aka Roger)
  3. Rakuno (Yours truly!)
  4. MagiWasTaken (aka Dan)
  5. Rambling Redshirt
  6. Kluwes
  7. UnwiseOwl

That is enough with introductions. Let’s get on with the show!

Credits: Image at the top created by Naithin.

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Games I’ve been playing – April 2021

April almost turned out to be “Visual Novel Month” for me. Which I was totally fine with. But like in all things in life, an unexpected curve ball was thrown my way and I did end up with a slightly more variety in terms of genre.

In retrospect that might have been a good thing otherwise I’d only have two or three games to talk about this time.

Anyhoo, here is what I have been playing.

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[Notice] Transfer completed!

The blog’s move to the new web host is complete. This might have been the smoothest transfer of the blog so far (and hopefully the last!). There was only the loss of one comment (sorry Solarayo!) but everything else seems to be intact.

The transfer was done on the day after I announced it but transferring the domain name to the same company that is hosting the blog took longer than I anticipated.

All that matters is that things should be back to normal here. I will try to resume posting ASAP! Thanks for the impatience and again apologies for any inconvenience!

[Notice] Moving web hosts (again)

Just a heads up that I will be moving the blog to another web host in the next few days. So if the blog becomes inaccessible or looks weird during that time this is the reason.

As for why I am moving it, the exchange rate between the dollar and my currency is way too brutal right now and has been like that for a while. My current web host is in the North America, meaning I have to pay in dollar. At the time I moved the blog to it that just made sense for me. But with the current economy I’d rather have it in a local web host just so the price of hosting doesn’t suddenly increase to the roof or become unpredictable in some way.

Hopefully I won’t break anything this time too! And apologies for the inconvenience!