This blog is a little hard to introduce in a proper way…. Why? A very simple reason: The intention of this blog is more of a way to keep in touch with my friends in a way other forms would not feel adequate.

In other words, a place where I can ramble on and on about stuff that is in my mind right now but would take too many words to talk about. That and it is a way where they can avoid it (if they have any sense) without feeling guilty for not replying to or not knowing about any new update.

I suppose that description is still too vague however and might bring horrible mental images of a blog filled with nothing but pictures of kittens or quizzes nobody care about. Although I can’t promise one or the other might end up popping up in the future, that is not the intention of this blog. You see, my goal with it right now is mostly to ramble about the games I am playing right now, mainly MMORPGs since those are the ones I usually play more and have more to talk about. Single player PC games might feature just as much if I find myself having something to say about it. Besides that probably some anime or anything that caught my (fickle) interest at the time.

So, that is about it. Onward to, what I hope will be, many more posts!

4 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. No sense here, so of course there is no avoiding it, hah! (And although ratongas are preferable, if you did happen to post a kitten every so often, I’m sure it would be very cute and thus okay!)

    Looking good so far!

  2. *sighs*

    Also, seems like 2 replies to a comment is the limit on WordPress…. Or at least on the free version of Dunno about WordPress the software itself…. Hmmm…

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