A peek at where indie games are made

It is usually said that every great rock band starts in a garage. For video-game companies I always thought the equivalent was a basement or a dark-lit bedroom. According to Ars Technica it is a lot more varied than that in the case of indies. None of the indie companies there are in a basement or dark-lit bedroom (the ones that fit that category are well lighted!) but still very interesting. It is also interesting to see the things all of them have in common despite of the different team sizes or location. 🙂

For those interested on it, you can give it a look here:

Where the world’s best indie games get made

P.S.: I am reorganizing the categories here. I decided this might be a good time to do it before there are so many posts that it gets hard to organize. Right now I made a few new categories and moved the relevant ones to become subcategories. I also changed the categories of some of the rambling posts to fit better with the new structure. Right now the idea is for the “Everything Else” category to be short posts, usually with links, that don’t fit anywhere else. Also for my attempts at humor. Ramblings will continue to be for all those really long ramblings that don’t fit any of the other categories. Dunno how long that will work though. I might end up getting confused in the future and post a parody of the Odyssey on Ramblings or post a critical analysis of why the sky is blue at Everything Else. But we’ll see.

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