Change of Plans

I guess this won’t come as surprise to anyone. I am giving up on the whole “Overdue Month” idea. I won’t go into the reasons why unless this becomes a whiny and full of self-pity post. That is not something I want to have in my blog. Suffice to say that I just need sometime alone. Playing MMORPGs or posting on the blog doesn’t help much with that as much as I wish it  did.

I apologize for anyone who were looking for the announced posts. I still intent to cover the subjects announced in the future. Just no promises on any date whatsoever. Also, next time I try to do something special like that I will try to start ahead by writing some drafts even if it is just for the opening paragraph. That should save some considerable time. Also not try to tackle 4 completely different topics in the same month, plan my schedule better and not do it in the middle of MMORPG and/or real life event season.

Posts will resume as soon as possible. Again, apologies for this and hope you continue reading the blog.

2 thoughts on “Change of Plans”

  1. *scratches head* Ok. I am confused. What do you mean by “That is all”?

    Did you made a comment before that? If so I wonder if the blog ate it since I found this one flagged as spam as I was cleaning them up. In that case, apologies for the technical problems!

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