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Ah, this has been a glorious, glorious day. Why? Well, it is because of the first news which pretty much everybody in the interwebs probably already know by now. Guild Wars 2 official release date has been announced!

The game shall be released at August 28th, with those who pre-ordered being able to start playing a little earlier on August 25th. The last beta weekend was also announced. It will be on July 20-22.

That gives me about two months to get everything I want done in other games because once Guild Wars 2 comes I don’t know if I will be playing much else for a long while. That is assuming it doesn’t get stuck on customs here. By here, I mean Brazil. Usually I wouldn’t worry about that since I just buy digital editions to avoid this kind of headache. But this time I decided to splurge and get the boxed Deluxe Edition of Guild Wars 2 (it has a Rytlock statuette! How could I resist?!?) so that means there is all the hassle of importing things, including waiting for the customs to decide how much they should tax it for. Worst case scenario I will have to wait for 3 months after it arrives in the country. Best case scenario…. I have no idea. /sigh

In other news, this also pretty much old news to all those interested, the quest for the Gobbue mount on Final Fantasy XIV will be taken out by patch 1.23a. Patch 1.23 is expected to be released at the end of July, so 1.23a should follow shortly after. The quest seems to be pretty easy, just need to have a class at level 30 and talk to a guy. Then you get the mount. Granted, it is not a very cool-looking mount. But for collectors there isn’t even any question about getting it or not. 🙂

If you are like me and are scrambling to get to level 30 before the end of July, here are some fan sites that may help:

The Lodestone – This is the official community site for Final Fantasy XIV. Besides official news, it also has an archive of all the patches (handy if you haven’t kept up with all the game system changes), some basic information about how the game systems work and crafting recipes. The forums are also worth checking out. You can find some pretty good advice from the community there. Considering how Final Fantasy XIV does things its own way, those advice can save players a lot of time and headache.

Mooglebox – An excellent fan site for crafters. Everything you need to know about how to craft an item is here. You can also check the stats of the items which makes it handy to plan which ones to craft as you gain levels. It also has a nifty google map of Eorzea where you can check where the location of mobs and their levels. Handy for when you need a specific mob drop to craft something.

Disciples of the Land – As the name implies, it is a fan site dedicated to gatherers. Like Mooglebox they make a good use of google maps to help users. In this case it is for gathering materials.

The Mog Log – A weekly column at Massively about Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI.  You can find some pretty good advice there, comments about the latest changes and if you also play Final Fantasy XI you get the same kind of love for it too!

There are probably more good fan sites out there. These are just the ones I found immediately useful. If you know of another good one that is a must-see, please post in the comments. 🙂

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  1. 3 months?! Wow!

    We had stuff stuck in customs before. They give you one week to come pick it up which is annoying because you need to drive to another town and find a time spot where they’re open and you don’t have to work. *sigh* So far, it’s always worked out, though. It’s just annoying. 😉 But at least, we don’t need to wait. It’s pretty much instant after arriving.

    • Yep. That is what happened when I bought a boxed expansion to Everquest 2 a long time ago. When a friend of mine sent me some books as a gift it took some time too though I don’t remember by how long.

      Around here the process seems to work like this: things go to a customs warehouse where it stays until they decide if they should tax it and by how much. After that they send the package to the local post office and a note to your house telling where to get it, how much you need to pay in taxes and how long you have to pick it up. If you don’t pick it up in the amount of time given then it goes back to a customs warehouse and you have to pay an extra fee for every day that it stays stored there until you pick it up.

      So, yeah, it is a very bureaucratic process. That is what makes importing anything such a pain and why I avoid it as much as possible.

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