[Guild Wars 2] A warning about the Guild Wars 2 Riches site

As pointed out by Siadine of Tryppin Tyria it seems that the site Guild Wars 2 Riches is going to be sold. That by itself isn’t an issue and none of my business. The problem is the owner is also selling the mailing list of all those who subscribed to his site without giving any warning whatsoever about it. There is absolutely no way to know what the new owners will do with those e-mails. So if you subscribed to his newsletters the best advice I can give isย  to try unsubscribing to it. I don’t know if it will do much good or if it might be too late.

To all my readers and friends, I deeply apologize for this. The site has been deleted from my blogroll already and from now on I will be avoiding adding those kind of blogs to my blogroll. I am making an exception to Guild Wars 2 Trading Post since it is already there, the owner seems to be a decent fellow and it still provides good tips. I will be keeping a close eye on his one too, just in case.

Once again, my deeply apologies for this mess.

And just in case someone thinks I am making this up, you can see the site for sale here. Notice the line about the mailing list as a “feature” for any prospective buyers.

EDIT: dolada06, the owner of the Guild Wars 2 Riches site, made his defense on the comment section of this post, including a link to his site where he goes into further details about this. I think I already made my stand on this whole issue pretty clear both on this post and in the comments section. I am also taking out the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post link off my blogroll as there seems to be some drama going on between both sitesย  that I’d rather not associate myself with, nor get any of my readers or friends caught up in the crossfire either. This will also be the last I will talk about this whole mess. From next post on we go to our irregular ramble.

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  1. I have to add my apologies to this as well. *blushes deeply* I was too trusting and as a blogger and a GW2 fan, I promise to do better about adding blogs and links for readers.
    That the site is being sold is not the issue as Rakuno points out. The issue is that the owner is using US as a lure for buyers. We are not bait.

  2. There are people who create “niche” blogs for the sole purpose of building them up to sell. Maybe that’s what happened with this one. Maybe the intention was to sell it all along once it reached a certain level of value in a popular marketing niche.

    • Quite possible. The problem is the guy never gave any indication to that. Ever. He always said he didn’t make the site with the intention of profiting from it, that it was a labor of love and all those things that usually come with that kind of speech.

      So, yes, I was a fool for believing on it. Perhaps I should have known better and avoided the site to begin with.

      To be fair, if he had been more honest from the beginning or even made a public post on his site that he was selling it, that the mailing list was being sold together with the site and that people could opt out of it in the mean time then it would be fine. He did not though. We only found it out because someone else pointed it out.

  3. But for a blog that is less than six months old? I don’t think this guy was thinking much. I did send messages to the sites that were listed under the possible copy link, and sent Kahlija a pm about it. Not sure if using guru in the sales pitch was wise, but I will leave that decision to guru.

  4. And those comments were mine. I asked him very nicely to please explain the sell site. That was at umm 7am ish. I didn’t post about it until close to 9am when I figured out he would not respond by either email, comment, chat, or guru post.

  5. Now I’m glad that I’m so slooooow. According to an email, we were asked about a link swap in July and I know that I went to the site – as the name had sounded weird – and figured it’s an “honest blog”. But I never got around to updating our blogroll.

    So in this case, it’s good. Not so good, however, for others who have asked since then and who weren’t added. Bah. I’m really bad with that. ๐Ÿ™

  6. New update on this mess….Someone linked a post to the forum of gw2riches. I understand that this was posted a month ago. What do you make of this Rakuno? http://www.guildwars2richesforum.com/updating-the-site-forums-sept-t23.html
    As I state in the reply to the comment on my blog. I won’t feel secure or comfey until that flipper is offline and maybe not then.
    I respect your opinion. Did I jump this guy without cause because if I did I will feel horrible. *sigh*

    • I saw that reply. For a moment I also thought that I might have jumped the gun on this. But then I thought… What if someone paid the amount that is being asked for in that sales site? Would he just say “Oh, sorry, I just wanted to see how much somebody would be wiling to pay for my site. You can keep your money. Have a nice day.” It just feels just doesn’t feel right either. So, yes, no matter how I see it, it is just hard to not have bad feelings towards everything.

      So for now I will continue on my stance. Though if there is some backstage drama going on between Guild Wars 2 Riches and Guild Wars 2 Trading Post going on I might as well take the latter out of my blogroll too as I don’t want any of my readers or friends involved with it in any way.

  7. Agreed! I will be doing the same. I dont want any part of any fued. Dang it all I am a happy chick, and all this stress isn’t good for my heart. I am going to go and post something funny and forget all about trading post sites.
    Thank you Rakuno! I am very thankful for all of your help and support. *grin*

    • *comforts* Yeah, I’ve been stressed a little lately due to some other things and this doesn’t come at a good time at all (is there ever a good time for those kind of news?).

      Also, thank *you* for posting about this (otherwise I would be blissfully unaware) and for all the funny posts you make on your site. They always make my day a bit more light. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hey all. I am more than happy to explain whats going on. I wrote a post which I will link. Markco and I have a spirited history which I have all but ignored since I started this site. He still contacts me regularly and I opted to ignore it. The site was listed as a way to determine it’s worth. A site that is 4 months old would NEVER sell for $8,000 or even $2,000 which is what I listed it’s buy out and reserve price at. I wanted to see what I got for bids so I could determine its value and how much money I want to stick into it in the future.

    I have explained it much more in depth in this post on my site.

    • Alright. I will edit my post to point out to this comment and then people can decide on their own. I will also be taking out the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post out of my blogroll as I don’t want any involvement with this drama, nor any of my readers or friends.

      I think I already made my opinion on the whole issue clear both on my post and on this comments section.

      • That is perfectly fine by me. I’m sorry all this had to happen and I have avoided drama since day one. That is something I have stated numerous times and it was due entirely to my 3 year long ongoing situation with Markco.

        My apologies to everyone for this silly crap.

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