[NBI] Newbie Blogger Initiative 2013 conclusion

Newbie Blogger Initiative

October came and went and so did the Newbie Blogger Initiative (NBI for short). I didn’t participate as much as I was hoping forย  this year which is becoming a troubling tendency on my part. And I am still blaming Everquest 2 for it!

Personal lamentations aside, it was a good event. We got returning veterans who shared more words of wisdom, newbies from the previous years joining the veterans sharing their hard-won knowledge and bunch of new initiates who created brand new blogs or who decided to give it another go.

We also had events which were pretty fun to participate and see the responses too and the NBI has its own site now that can serve as repository and index to all the advice given during this event.

A big thank you for Doone of T.R. Red Skies and Roger Edwards of Contains Moderate Peril for organizing the NBI this year and creating a site for it. Organizing an event is never easy but both you gentlemen did a great job!

I will be doing a round up of the events and the articles in a later post. For now, here is the list of the blogs that participated as Initiates this year as well as the list of Sponsors. If you are looking for something new to read I am pretty sure you can find something you will like on it. If you have a blog of your own consider adding some (of all!) ofย  them in your blogroll too, specially the initiates. The NBI for this year may be over but our support for the initiates do not end here. A link in a blogroll can mean a lot for any blog, specially ones starting out. Which reminds me I need to update my own blogroll… Hm. I will do it Soon ™.

Another thing you can do to support them out is to leave a comment in the posts you like. It always cool to see people enjoying something you write that they decided to leave a comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

Alright, with all that said here is the list. If I forgot anyone, just let me know in the comments or through contact link up top!


The Chindividual


Cheap Boss Attack

The Cynic Dialogues

Misadventures in Gaming

Away From Game

Lyirica Heals You


Part Time Core Gaming

Lyle’s Grind

She’s All Nerd

Vagabond Worlds

The Sofa is Waiting

JVT Workshop

The Vancouverite Video Gaming Blog

Mysterious Artifact

In Character

The Lazy NPC

The Jazz Panda

Thinking Play

Null Signifier

A Blog Reborn

Cogitationes Astalnaris

Gamer by Design


World’s End Tavern

Sheep the Diamond

Why I Game

The Hive Minded

Vagabond Goes For a Walk

MMO Gypsy

Grimnir’s Grudge



Gamesย  and Geekery

Tobold’s Blog

The Ancient Gaming Noob

Ald Shot First

Bio Break

Psychochild’s Blog

Parallel Context

MMO Gumbo

Healing the Masses

Inventory Full

Herding Cats


Out of Beta

Avatars of Steel


[NBI] Talkback Challenge – Guilds: What for?

Newbie Blogger Initiative

(This is part of the Talkback Challenge for the Newbie Initiative. It is one of the two themes chosen. The other one is “Armchair Game Designer” but I think I will be skipping the second one for now)

I have some social phobia. I say some because it is not enough to make me stop going out of the house or doing stuff I must do. But it is enough to make me avoid parties, if I can, to hate speaking in phones or other voice chatting devices, avoiding dealing with strangers, not liking to eat in public or go shopping for clothes plus a few other things. It makes life very inconvenient and things that are simple to others are harder for me. So what is a person like this doing playing MMOs, one of the most social games out there? Or even caring about guilds?

Well, to answer those questions we need to go through my history in MMOs and, by extension, guilds. It all started, a long time ago, with my love with tabletop RPGs. Since I always had trouble finding groups to play with here MMOs seemed like a good solution to it. I mean, it would be like mixing the best of a tabletop RPG with the graphical parts of CRPG games like Baldur’s Gate! What was not to like?

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[NBI] Write for yourself

Newbie Blogger Initiative

(This post is part of the Newbie Blogger Initiative 2 that is going through October 1st to October 31st 2013. If you are an aspiring blogger or a veteran of the medium, check their site and join in the fun by signing in their forums ๐Ÿ™‚

With every type of writing there is always the old debate if one should write for others or for themselves. The first camp claims that if you are going to share your writing might as well consider what the other person will want to read, otherwise why even go to the point of sharing your work in theย  first place? While the second camp posits that the pleasure of writing should be an end in itself and that worrying about what others might want to read takes the fun out of it.

With blogging it is not different. Try to start that debate with 10 different bloggers and you will get 12 different answers. By the title of this post you already know on which side ofย  this debate I fall into. ๐Ÿ™‚

There are a few reasons for that:

  1. I can only guess at what other people would want to read. However I know exactly what are the things I enjoy doing in games and could spend all day talking about.
  2. Even if I guessed right about what people would like to read I honestly doubt itย  would change much how many visitors or commenters I get. Sure, it may help initially but what keeps people coming back is the writing, not so much the subject.
  3. I am doing this on my own free time and out of my own pocket for absolute no gain besides self-satisfaction. If I kept worrying about what I am writing then my posts would be even more irregular than they already are.
  4. It is a good way to talk about the things that I care about without bugging friends and family about it, who may for any reason not be interested on it or not understand what makes me so passionate about the subject. With blogging however I can find someone else who shares the same passions and from then on have some great talks with them. ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. I just love writing. It is an itchy I get from time to time and blogging is a wonderful way to scratch it.

If you need some other possible reasons to start blogging, Tobold gives some pretty good food for thought on the subject over at Tobold’s Blog. Jeromai also has included some pretty good ones (among other excellent advice) on this post that can be found in Why I Game.

Before I got to the current blog I already gave a try at it a couple times but end up abandoning it for different reasons. What got me to give it a try again, and create Shards of Imagination, was a combination of 4 and 5. When I cared a lot more about Everquest 2, I accidentally found that a friend there had a blog too. That got my itchy to write to resurface and I thought it would be a nice way to write about the things I care about without sending a wall of text via e-mail to friends. Specially if it is wall of texts about games they don’t particularly care about. This has been working out well for me soย  far. ๐Ÿ™‚

Of course, it is not always easy. There will be times when there will be that nagging voice in your head telling you to not post something. Either because it is too silly, because it might be embarassing, because it might alienate your current readers or any other number of reasons. The best thing to do at those times is to ignore that silly voice and post anyway. You will thank yourself later when you did it.

Well, that is it for me. Now the ball is in your court. Why did you start blogging and what keeps you writing? As always, if you prefer to write a blog post of your own instead of a comment, feel free to do so and just post the link in the comment section. However you choose to respond I’d love to read it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Newbie Blogger Initiative 2

Newbie Blogger Initiative banner

The Newbie Blogger Initiative is back… with a revenge! Well, ok, not with a revenge but it is definitely back!

“What is the Newbie Blogger Initiative?” you may ask. Good question!

The Newbie Blogger Initiative (NBI for short)ย  is basically a one-month event where anybody who is interested in creating a gaming blog is encouraged to just do so. They won’t have to do it completely alone, having to learn everything the hard way though. Veteran bloggers will be participating too, giving advice, encouraging words and serving as a starting audience too. That is basically the gist of it.

If you are interested, head to their forums, register there and start posting to join the fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

This year there are also a few additions compared to the previous year:

  • There is a NBI site that will serve as an archive to all the posts written by veterans to help newbies as well as a directory of all blogs participating.
  • There will be at least 3 events that participating bloggers will be encouraged to participate. The details are still being worked out but there are already a few ideas in their forums.
  • Mentoring. This is where one of the veteran bloggers take on a coaching role for a newbie. This is, of course, optional for both parts. For those interested on this it will also be setup in a way that respect each other’s time constraints and other commitments.

The NBI will start on October 1st and will be going until the end of that month. I believe the forums and the site however will stay all year around though.

Hm. I believe that is all the most relevant information about it.

I will be participating again this year as a sponsor. I hope to see new faces there again and finding more good blogs to read and share. Hope to see you there too! ๐Ÿ™‚

[NBI] In which we celebrate!

Newbie Blogger Initiative banner

It is the end of may and among other things, this means the Newbie Blogger Initiative, aka NBI,ย  is coming to a close. I think this has been a much bigger success than anyone expected. We got about a hundred new blogs started this month and some amazing advice from the veterans!

Syp, the great guy who started it all, made a final list of all the new blogs and of all the advice posts that were born as part of the NBI.ย  You can check it here.

For anyone thinking about starting their blog now, give it a look as there is a gold mine of advice in there. Even for old hats of blogging it might be interesting as there may be one thing or two that you never considered before. If you just like to read you might also want to check the list out as I am pretty sure you will get out of it with at least a dozen new blogs to read. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am not sure if the NBI forums will stay up after this, but if so, I suggest giving a look at it too. You can find it here. We had some fun discussions in there, some that even end up turning into advice articles by the sponsors.

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Let me introduce you to…

Newbie Blogger Initiative banner

So, this is it. The final challenge set by Ambermist of Taste’s Like Battlechicken. This week she tasked us with finding 3 blogs that participated in the New Blogger’s Initiative, aka the NBI, and give at least one reason we like each blog. Sounds easy right? Well, that is what I thought at first too. Then I realized that no matter how awesome the three blogs I end up choosing are, I will still feel bad about it. There are justย  too many awesome blogs that are participating on it for me to just pick three!

In fact, let me point out to a list of the blogs participating on the NBI. There is one list here, categorized by topics, made by Windsoar of the Jaded Alt blog. If you prefer a handy list with each author’s name and tweeter, Shadowspnd of World’s End Tavern made one for newbies and one for sponsors. Check out the rest of their blogs too while you are there! ๐Ÿ™‚

Alright. With that said, let me introduce you to three newbie blogs that have caught my eye for a reason or another:

The Butterfly Gamer


Everyone probably met that one person that can’t stick to a game for very long. Perhaps that might even be your case (it is certainly mine!). Apparently the term for these kind of people is “butterfly gamer”. And as the name of the blog implies, The Butterfly Gamer is the journal of one such person.

Right now, leelubutterfly is trying to stick to just one, to get to the level cap on Aion before Guild Wars 2 is released. It is interesting not only because of her writing (and screenshots!) but also to see her discover new and interesting things about Aion as she goes along. As someone that just started out in Aion it is interesting to see the experiences of another newbie in the game.

Of course, I am also interested to see what other games she will end up playing too. I guess that makes me a butterfly reader?



If I had to describe Ravalation in a few words it would be “a feast to the eyes”. Not only her posts are filled with beautiful screenshots (some times with her own drawings too!) but it is all accompanied with very interesting text too. It is like a combo of pure bliss!

Right now Ravanel is writing about Lord of the Rings Online, Mass Effect and Star Wars: The Old Republic. I highly recommend her blog to anyone interested in any of those games. ๐Ÿ™‚

Kemwer Game Blog


While I do have a preference for blogs about people’s personal experiences playing games, I do also like a good discussion about them. Kemwer has been one of those blogs I have been finding myself reading just for that purpose. No matter the topic of the post it is always with a very intelligent and well articulated argument.

His blog (correct me if I am wrong, please, Kemwer!) seems to have a slant towards Guild Wars 2 right now. Though he certainly doesn’t limit himself to just Guild Wars 2 and has made a few posts about Diablo 3, Torchlight 2 and even some more general discussions about MMORPGs.

Wait! There is more…

Ok. So I can’t pick just three after all. Let me list three more blogs before ending this post. But to keep with the spirit of the challenge, in some sort of twisted way, I will just list them and let you find out by yourself what makes them great! It probably won’t be too hard. ๐Ÿ™‚

They are also blogs that are participating on the NBI although as sponsors. Without further ado, here are three more great blogs that just make my day whenever they update:

Nerdy Bookahshttp://nerdybookahs.wordpress.com/


LotRO Fashionhttp://lotrofashion.blogspot.com/

My biggest thanks to all the ones I have listed, and for those I could not, for all the entertaining reading so far. Here is looking forward toย  reading even more posts! ๐Ÿ™‚

Choosing the subject of your MMORPG blog

Newbie Blogger Initiative banner

This post is part of the New Bloggers Initiative. You can find an introduction post about it here.

This will be a little mix of my reasons for starting this blog as well as advice. Also, keep in mind this will be from the point of view from someone writing a MMORPG blog. So it might not be as useful for other hobbies or subjects…

Anyhoo…. I always liked to write. So when I was a teenager and blogging was the new cool thing, it seemed natural for me to start one. My first blog was a personal one where I would write anything that I felt strongly enough to write about. Eventually I started to run out of things to say, as incredible as it may sound, and the blog end up turning into nothing but posts about quizzes. That one was written in my native language, portuguese, and in any case it is best to left buried in the sands of the internet.

My second blog was an attempt to use blogging, together with roleplaying, to rekindle my passion for Lineage 2. By then I was already pretty much burnt out of Lineage 2 so it didn’t work out. I end up leaving the game shortly after, abandoning the blog at about 8 posts…. For the internet archeologists or brave of heart, you can still find it here.ย  That one was my first blog written in english too.

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Newbie Blogger Initiative

Newbie Blogger Initiative banner

Syp over at Bio Break started a very cool event for bloggers this month. It is the Newbie Blogger Initiative!

Basically the idea is for veteran bloggers to help out and stimulate new people to begin blogging. This will happen during all of the month of May with sponsoring blogs writing posts with advice and other tips to help newcomers to the blogosphere. Currently it has over 70+ blogs already participating and if you want to join in the fun too, please head to the forum Syp setup for the event. You can find it here. If you are a newbie just starting out or thinking about it, join the forums too as there is a section just dedicated to answering questions and to add your blog to the list of new ones.

At the end of the month there will be a compilation of links to all the advice as well as for the new blogs that were created during this month. For the more impatient ones you can check a list of the blogs participating on this thread.

Personally, I am a little terrified of joining in as this blog is still a baby (not even one year old!) even for internet standards. That and it feels kinda like being in the middle of giants. Still I decided to join in because I love writing and this seems like a good challenge to exercise the writing muscles. I also love reading other people’s blogs so this might be also a good opportunity to get to know more interesting blogs be they written by veterans or by anyone just starting out now. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is looking forward to the rest of the month and hopefully many new bloggers to share their passions with us through their writing! ๐Ÿ˜€