[Civ VI] Long Live the Queen – Back at War (Turns 251 – 260)

It feels like a while since I got to sit on the throne of the Great British Empire. Which isn’t all that surprising, we have 8 players participating on this project and we are now at the point where the game gets really interesting and the best decisions aren’t entirely obvious.

If you just stumbled on this, this post is part of a Community Succession game hosted by Naithin of Time to Loot. You can find more information about it and links to all the participating blogs here.

Now let’s see how much damage improvement I can bring to the Great British Empire!

Credits: The image at the top was made by Naithin.

Previously on Long Live the Queen…

Unlike what I thought the last time I sit at the throne, Gilgamesh didn’t declare war at us. Rather he declared war at Cleopatra. That actually worked well for us as they are probably our most dangerous rivals.

Meanwhile our great empire had decades of peace where we again expanded and grew in all areas. It was good while it lasted because once again we found ourselves at war. But this time it was started by my own predecessor!

Now to be fair if this was another save I’d probably have done the same. The only reason I’ve been hesitating to do it is because:

1) There are other people involved in this game. I don’t want to start a mess just to leave it to someone else to deal with the consequences.

2) Although we had the numeric advantage, the last time I sat on the throne there were a bunch of our units in serious need of upgrades and we didn’t even have a catapult. I try to never start a war unless all my units are fully upgraded and I have at least one catapult or better to break down the enemies defenses.

None of these seems to have a problem to Naithin which did a pretty good job wit his part in the war. So I am just going to take the opportunity and try to gobble out some more cities for our empire. It is an excellent way of weakening one of our more dangerous rival while strengthening ourselves at the same time!

Granted that will probably make everybody denounce us for Warmongering but if it gets annoying enough we can always declare war at them and obliterate them form the face of the map just to make them shut up! Right? Riiiight?

Anyway, here is how the map is looking at the start of my reign.

The areas in red are our territory. Green is Brazil, orange is Sumeria, dark turquoise is Egypt, navy blue is America, blue is France and the black ones are the City-States.

Paying more attention now I realize in terms of size our empire is pretty much the same size as Egypt. The difference is that ours is more sprawled out while she spread her cities out in a much better way.

Turn 251

Between the end of Turn 250 and the beginning of 251, Cleopatra proposes an alliance with us and a Research Agreement on Chemicals. She also offers 1 gold for 30 turns and that we open our borders for her.

I am tempted, an alliance could be good for us. However the gold feels too little, I don’t like much the idea of researching something that could help her out too and with the open borders there is the possibility that she could try to go past our territory and settle somewhere that would be disadvantageous to us.

An alliance might also make her automatically join our war against Gilgamesh and she could take cities from him that we be of interest to us depending on how long we decide to keep going with this war.

TL;DR version: It seemed to have too many cons so I politely declined.

Gilgamesh also tries to make peace with us by offering a one-time deal of 11 gold plus 1 ivory and 13 gold for 30 turns. Plus giving up any claim of ownership over Ur. Not a bad offer but but I didn’t sit on this throne to sign a peace treaty! So I tell him “Good try bro but no deal!”

Catherine also denounces us because apparently she still thinks we are the devil or something.

Lastly a barbarian camp showed up, south of Stoke-Upon-Trent.

With all that out of the way time to get to work. The first thing that happens is that Replacement Parts finishes, putting us in the Modern Era. I decide to start researching Ballistics because some cannons would be nice to have if we keep going down this warmonger path.

Then it is time to start attacking the city of Adab, which thankfully Naithin already did some pretty good damage to it. I attack it a bit more with our troops but it still not enough to destroy its walls.

Turn 252

I admit I thought it would be harder to take this city.

Another round of attacks and Adab is ours! Granted it leaves a couple of our troops almost dead but fortunately the only opposition from Gilgamesh in the area is a knight that he decided to move south, towards Eridu.

Turn 253

Pedro II offers a one-time deal of 12 gold to get our truffles for 30 turns. Since I am dumb and blind I accepted it because I thought that offer of gold was for several turns! I only realize now it was a one-time deal because I am looking at my screenshots. Sorry everyone!

We get a couple of envoys to send to the City-States. I decide to send them to Bandar Brunei. Currently Catherine is their Suzerain but if we can steal it from her it will not only weaken her but the City-State will help our commerce.

A barbarian scout ends up discovering the borders of Stoke-Upon-Trent. I send the city’s redcoats to chase them.

Turn 254

Gilgamesh once again offers a peace treaty. This time it is 28 gold and one ivory for 30 turns plus ceding Ur and Adab. My reply is “Sorry bro but I am not done yet. Come back later and maybe I will consider it.”

I start to move the troops that are in better shape down to Eridu. On the way there I also order our Pikemen to attack Gilgamesh’s Knights.

Turn 255

We complete the research on the civic “Colonialism”. Next I order “The Enlightenment” to be research. I am honestly surprised we didn’t research it yet considering we are technologically in the Modern Era. I guess it is a sign that our culture output isn’t that great.

Anyway, Gilgamesh tries to hide his Knight inside Eridu. While our troops move just outside the city.

Turn 256

My screenshot of the city just before it was conquered was a terrible one. So have one of it moments after our troops take control of the city!

Gilgamesh moves his Knights outside Eridu, probably knowing what is going to happen to the city. Unfortunately for them one of our pikes is in their way and completely destroys the Knights.

Our troops start their attack. Since Eridu has a population of 2 and no defense it falls down pretty easily.

I get to choose a Great Person in the form of a Great Admiral. Her name is Laskarina Bouboulina. My idea is to use her to give a promotion to our ship. But since she is in the wrong shore I move her to Bristol and let her there for a while.

Speaking of Bristol, they finish building a Holy Site. I decide to order them to build some Medieval Walls next. Since they are pretty much isolated and completely surrounded by the french, who hates us, I want to make this city into a fortress just in case we end up in a war against Catherine de Medici.

Bradford finishes building some Ancient Walls. Since the city is in a relatively safe position I decide to order it to build a Library next.

Our Redcoats find the barbarian Scout destroying it.

Turn 257

Once again, Gilgamesh tries to offer a peace treaty. Once again I refuse. I mean, we are on a roll here. Plus why should I deny my successor the opportunity to participate in this war? 😀

The Pikeman that killed Gilgamesh’s Knights in the previous turns earns a promotion. It is their second one so I get the chance to rename it. At first I was going to name them “Dan” in homage to a NPC in the D&D campaign I am playing. But the game suggests “The Angel Dogs” which is so completely random that I decide to go with it.

The troops that took over Eridu start to move west, to conquer more Sumerian cities. It is a bit far so they will not get there before the end of my allotted turns.

The Redcoats reach the barbarian camp of Stoke-Upon-Trent. They also have a barbarian Riflemen just in front of it! Unfortunately I am not allowed to attack them this turn.

Turn 258

The research on Ballistics is on complete! Next up I choose Rifling as it only takes 3 turns to research.

Over Bristol I upgrade the Swordsman there to a an Infantry. It is expensive but if we get into a war with the French our city will be so much better protected.

The barbarian Riflemen is destroyed by our Redcoat.

Turn 259

Leeds finishes building a Commercial Hub. I order them to build an Art Museum next as our Culture output is in pretty bad shape.

Our Redcoat destroy the barbarian camp south of Stoke-Upon-Trent.

Turn 260

Teddy Roosevelt comes with an offer of paying 13 gold upfront and then another 7 gold for 30 turns. In return he wants one of our Niter. The money isn’t bad but since the Niter could be used for military purposes I rather not help a rival get stronger troops so I refuse.

Gilgamesh always the optimistic tries to get a peace treaty again to which I reply “Bro, I am about to retire. Talk with Paeroka. Maybe she will be interested in peace. Also, thanks for all the cities!”

London finishes the World Wonder, Potala Palace. Which gives us one extra Diplomatic Police. I decide to use it for Raj, which gives us +2 Gold, Culture, Science and Faith for each city-state we are a Suzerain of. Whoever started on this World Wonder, thank you! It will help us a lot!

Next I order Londo to build a Bombard. If we are going to continue on a path of war, a cannon would help a lot. I think we were only able to get away with a battering ram and a siege tower because we are on a pretty easy difficulty level and Gilgamesh didn’t fortify his cities too much.

This won’t last forever though. Anyway, that is something for my successors to decide on. For now I will just handle the crown to Paeroka, sit back and enjoy reading how everyone else will shape our empire. 🙂

You can find the save file here.

10 thoughts on “[Civ VI] Long Live the Queen – Back at War (Turns 251 – 260)”

  1. Nicely done! 😀

    Peace after taking those cities to get them fully ceded to us and under proper development might not have been the worst thing in the world, but then… Yeah. We could probably finish the job without worrying about that done. Tick one off the list. 😉

    • Thank you!

      Yeah, usually when I go to war I tend to completely obliterate the enemy. Otherwise they end up denouncing me every other turn and that is annoying. If I don’t go that far I try to at least steal all their cities that have World Wonders or could otherwise pose a threat to me.

      • Does Civ VI have a concept of War Fatigue or does your warmongering rating increase with the length of war?

        I hadn’t really looked into that yet and don’t remember from when I used to play.

        It seemed to indicate there might be some increase from taking additional cities (but not nearly as much as razing them, lol) but even then I wasn’t sure whether capturing did raise the score there any further, or whether ‘Moderate’ is our rating and it was indicating no change from moderate with each additional city.

        • I wasn’t entirely sure so I had to look it up.

          It does have War Weariness and the increase of warmongering rate depends on a lot of factors.



          To summarize those links, each city that we capture increases our warmongering score. If we raze a city the score raises even more. Same for wiping out other civilizations.

          Seems like if we take a city even if we didn’t start the war also raises our warmongering score, albeit not as much as if we started the war.

          There are ways to lower it though. It naturally decays over time if we are at peace. Giving back cities or liberating them also helps to decrease.

          As for war weariness it lowers out amenities and productivity for all cities we own. It can even decay while we are at war but it goes away much faster if we are at peace. I guess we are just not feeling the effects of it because we are in a pretty easy difficulty mode.

  2. ” Plus why should I deny my successor the opportunity to participate in this war?” – Because she hates the war part of this game? :p

    I never declare war. If another leader declares war on me, I usually take my army (I always make sure to have a big army) and take one to three cities from them, then return to peace and make sure the new citizens feel welcome and comfortable in their new nation. 😉

    • Fair enough. I didn’t know and despite my silliness on this post I didn’t want to decide it on your behalf.

      In any case, Gilgamesh will probably offer a pretty good deal for a peace treaty pretty soon. Then you can just accept it, if you want to.

      • That’s the fun with this project! We never know if what we’re doing is what all the others would be doing. :p I’ll just pretend Gilgamesh declared war on us (in a way, he did with how he put his cities in our lands!) and then it’s standard procedure. We already got a few cities, so I’ll see if there’s more or if we accept peace once he comes begging for it! 😉

        • Agreed. I really like to see how everybody has a different approach on how to improve our civilization. 🙂

          You don’t even need to pretend Gilgamesh declared war one us. You could just do like any politician and blame the previous administration for getting us into this war. XD

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