Creative Blogger Award 2016

Kahlef sitting at the docks of one his houses

There is something going on the blogosphere now called The Creative Blogger Award and I just got nominated to it by Eldaeriel. For a moment I was scratching my head because I thought I got nominated to it already a few months back but turns out it was the Liebster Award. The idea is pretty similar though.

So these are the rules for this award:

  • Thank the person that nominated you and share a link back to their blog
  • Post 5 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15-20 people for this award
  • Let the people you nominated know, that you have nominated them
  • Post the rules so everyone will understand what to do

First a big thank you to Eldaeriel for the nomination. 🙂

And now the 5 facts about myself:

  1. I am 1.68 meters tall which is about 5ft 6.1 for you non-metric people.
  2. My current game vice is Fire Emblem Fates. It just hits the right spot for me of tactical RPG and story. Plus I love to see the dialogue between the people of my army as their relationship improves. Great music too!
  3. Speaking of music, I may not be too much into it but I do have a  favorite band and that is the Queen.
  4. Summer might be my favorite season although I don’t know exactly why.
  5. If I had a choice into being a supernatural creature I’d probably be either a werewolf (as long as I could keep my mind and not become a mindless monster) or a vampire.

For nominations I will just pick 3 people since 15 to 20 people are way too much. My nominees are:


Roger Tyranny

Pizza Maid

If you were nominated already feel free to ignore my nomination. Heck, feel free to ignore my nomination even if you haven’t been picked yet either. It is all for fun. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Creative Blogger Award 2016”

  1. Always fun to read random stuff about bloggers you follow (I still think “following” sounds so stalky! Haha).

    Those “nominate 10-15 people” phrases, though. Sigh. That’s just waaay too spammy, and removes the personal touch that I find the most charming about these kind of nominations. I almost want to refuse to participate when I read posts like that. So good job circumventing that problem!

    • Thanks. And “following” a blog doesn’t sound too stalky to me. At least in that case there is content that is being consumed. To me that is the what is being “followed”. Now a complete stranger following me on Twitter and other places… That does sound stalky to me.

      Yeah, I didn’t like that too. Reminds me too much of those “Send this to 75807405784 other people to have good luck! Or else you are DOOMED! DOOOOOMEEEED!” kind of e-mails. I circumvented it mostly because of Eldaeriel though who circumvented it first. If not for that I’d probably try to come up with 15 people for it, fail, then circumvent it anyway but feel bad because I failed to follow the rules!

  2. Thanks for taking part :).

    Yes, 15-20 is far too many, also I felt safe circumventing rules because a) am chaotic neutral 😉 and b) xanziee (who nominated me) also circumvented :D. I should have just changed the rules and see if anybody noticed!

    • Thank *you* for nominating me in the first place. 🙂

      My tendency would be to follow the rules since my first instinct is to try to act lawful good. But when that fails I think my true nature comes out and I just go Chaotic Neutral instead. Or maybe it is Chaotic Evil…. Hmm… Perhaps Chaotic Confused might be more appropriate?

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