[D&D] Mass Effect: Chapter 6 – Pew Pew in Space

You know those times when you think you just finished a quest in a game, go off to turn it in but turns out there was more to do? That is how I felt during this session. Not that I am complaining, it was more like a nice surprise as we were able to tie up some loose ends.

Also, full disclosure: I was horribly distracted and tired during this session so it might have more errors than usual. We’ll see once the rest of my group reads it.

Lastly, my usual disclaimer:

English is not my native language. Although I can write and read it without issues, hearing and speaking is a different matter. I’d say I am at best 90% skilled at those. Also I have a terrible memory.

What this means is that there may be mistakes here. In case my group corrects anything I will make a note about it here later and in the next post.

The Session

Right at the start Labor’s player suggested a retcon to the end of the last session: basically, his idea was that Labor would propose to Tiberius to give a look at the disk drives we retrieved. His argument was that since Labor is a geth he would have better tools to find any hidden information in them. The worst that could happen is that he would not find any classified information and if he did then it would most likely be stuff that Tiberius just told us about.

Our DM accepted the idea and said that Tiberius agreed to the proposal, leaving the room to retrieve the disk drives.

I am not sure what was the goal here… Like I said I was distracted and my notes aren’t helping me here. I am assuming it was to secretly copy the blueprints to the drives then pretend that Labor “found” them. If that was the case I misinterpreted it later on the session due to my distractions. It should still be fine though. Probably.

Anyway, once the session proper started Lorik suggested that the party reported to Yulaya to explain what was going on. Sidona however thought that before doing that, everybody else should check the Collector’s corpse. Her hope was that one of them could find something that her autopsy didn’t. She also shared her findings so we could focus on other details.

We agreed and everyone, with the exception of Linus who decided to stay by the comms station, went to the med bay.

Labor was the first to check the corpse. He focused on the Reaper implants, trying to see if it had any recordings of its last memories. All Labor could find though is that the implants boosted the Collector’s biotic powers.

Lylid was next. She tried to find some way to identify who the Collector was before the Reapers changed her but found that was impossible. Lylid however discovered that the implants weren’t as much to boost the biotics, since Asari can already use it naturally, as much as to control the Collector.

The implants also looked like they were more for projecting mass effect fields outwards. Possibly in a way to affect others, cause them to go into stasis or possibly some other crowd control effect.

There were also implants that indicated that in life she was a Sentinel. Lastly, Lylid found out that the Collector was a teenager before being transformed.

Next to analyze the corpse was Kronk. He decided to use his skills as a biologist to check for mutations, anything that was purposefully changed and side effects.

What he found out was that the brain was much smaller. It looked like it was changed so it could only do basic functions like moving around, do some actions but definitely not meant to think by herself. The rest was changed into some kind of reaper-organic organ that made it just a little above a Husk.

As soon as Kronk finished his analyzes, Labor got a message from Bygone stating that we were being followed and everybody should get to their posts.

Linus, who was already at his post, identified the ship as a frigate that looked to be based on a krogan type of ship. It was moving fast and gaining speed on us.

Labor tried to hack into their systems with some success. Again I missed most of the details here due to my distraction but apparently he was able to identify them as members of Alpha Protocol.

There was a brief discussion about what we should do next with the conclusion that the best approach was to hail the ship while powering our weapons.

To summarize what happened next we had a exchange with a krogan that went more or less like this:

They lost contact with their people on the planet and saw us leaving it. So he wanted us to give anything we got or else…

We pretended we didn’t find anything of value in the planet, nor anyone alive. We even suggested that his people were probably taken by the Collectors and he should get away as fast as possible just like we were doing.

Somehow the krogan believed that and then he decided to make an offer for us to join his crew. We tried to take this opportunity to find a bit more about Alpha Protocol but the only useful info we got was that they had a base somewhere in the Omega Nebula. Everything else was information we already knew.

He was also pretty evasive about what they looted, just saying they picked some stuff there.

Linus then tried to flip the tables on them, threatening to destroy their ship if they didn’t give us everything they had.

Of course, the Krogan didn’t accept it and combat started.

The ensuing fight turned out to be extremely long, taking most of the session’s time. This was due in large part to it being our first time doing space combat in this system. The other reason is because both sides had some really bad rolls.

We did find out though, in a very painful way, that they not only found the prototype weapon they also had installed it in their ship already. Lucky for us we were able to destroy it pretty early in the fight. Otherwise it would probably have ended in a TPK….

Not seen here: us almost being destroyed by a prototype weapon

Despite that early danger we were able to recover from the early struggle, eventually almost destroying their ship. At this point Linus decided to contact them again and managed to make them surrender.

While the ships were locking for boarding, Labor approached Lorik, gave him the disk drive with the blueprint and told him to deliver it to Tiberius.

This is where I think I confused things due to my distractions. At the time I thought the plan was to pretend we found a new disk on the krogan’s ship but after reading my notes about the retcon I am wondering if that was the actual intention.

Back to the story, once the party boarded the krogan’s ship we were greeted by an oddly friendly vorcha. He guided us through the ship and as we walked around there was a big vibe of it being scavanged, with panels missing here and there.

Linus kept an eye for hidden compartments but didn’t find anything. We also went disarming any crew member on the way.

Eventually the party got to the bridge where a female human and a krogan were waiting. I was too dumb to write any notes about the human but going by my memory she looked pretty capable and presented herself as the first mate.

The krogan though was a stunted, dwarf krogan, measuring about 4 feet high. He presented himself as the ship’s captain. That was definitely not the what any of us were expecting.

We tried to get more information about Alpha Protocol again but all we got was some bragging about how they were the strongest ones in the galaxy. Once we pointed out that wasn’t the case anymore the krogan just looked dejected.

Sidona then checked the crew members for signs of biotics and anything else they could be hidden. Only the first-mate and the captain showed the ability to use those powers and none of the crew members had any hidden surprises.

While this was going on, Lorik decided to check their cargo, asking the vorcha to guide him there.

In their cargo hold there were about 4 giant containers. The first container had some nitrate, probably stolen from the planet.

On the next container there were some sounds like someone was banging on the door. Lorik figuring out that maybe there were slaves inside there and asked the vorcha what was inside the container. What happened next was some misunderstanding because no matter how Lorik asked about it the vorcha would say they were people. The vorcha even started to get scared when the idea of opening it was mentioned.

Thinking something was off, Lorik pulled his gun, pointed it at the vorcha and ordered him to open the container. The vorcha was so overcome with fear that he just ran away, completely ignoring the gun pointed at him. Lorik then decided to open the container anyway which revealed a bunch of husks inside it.

Since their number was more than he could handle alone, Lorik ran away too, catching up to the vorcha just as the latter was about to close the gates on the whole cargo hold.

Lorik then radioed the rest of the party describing what just happened. After a brief planning they went back in the cargo hold then killed all the husks.

Once that was done they found another container with some heavy banging. This time they already knew there were husks inside so nobody opened it. Kronk did tap on the walls of the container to see how they reacted only to hear some frenzied banging coming from the other side on the point that was tapped.

With all that out of the way, Lorik delivered the disk drives to Tiberius, claiming to have found it among the pirate’s loot. He also insinuated that maybe the blue prints might have been in it. Tiberius thanked Lorik then went off to his quarters to check the disks’ contents.

Next the party discussed what to do with our new prisoners. Linus wanted to interview all of them before we locked them somewhere. But there was one question that was raised about the prisoners: what to do with the two biotics? We just didn’t know how we could safely lock them and the only example of a biotic prisoner we could remember from the games was Jack who was a very unique case in a lot of ways.

We threw some ideas around but had to postpone the final decision to the next session as it was getting late.

One thing is clear though: with how regularly we are taking prisoners we definitely need a proper brig in the ship. For now our plan is to just improvise once again then split the prisoners between the two ships, making sure we have crew members at all times guarding them.

But we’ll see how this will work out. Hopefully no more surprises on this mission!

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