[EQ2] Kahlef hits level 95!

Kahlef and Peglegs ready for action!

Poor, poor Kahlef. Always so neglected. Well, not any more neglected  than any of my other characters, granted. However I think the fact that he was in Crushbone, as opposed to Antonia Bayle which is my usual server, I always felt like he was neglected more. Kinda like my commitment to Crushbone and the friends I made in there was half-hearted. But no more! The lasts double XP weekend finally motivated me enough to get back to leveling him. The result of that is that since last Friday he has reached the current cap of level 95! 😀

That makes him my second adventuring level 95 character (yes, I know I have been slacking) which was a long way coming. There is still a lot of things I have to do though like getting more AAs, finish some zones, do a lot of organization stuff and so on and so forth. At least I can  do all of that without feeling so guilty every time I log on him anymore.

A big thanks to Gracee, my guild leader on Crushbone, for all the help she provided to get Kahlef to 95. Without her aid it would have taken much longer to get here and with a lot more cursing too!

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