[FFXIV] Miqo’tes everywhere!

Rakuno as a Miqo'te

So, yeah, it finally happened. I got bored playing Rakuno as a midlander hyur (Final Fantasy XIV version of ye olde human) and decided to change him into a Miqo’te.

Now before someone point this out: Yes, I am aware of the irony since the original Rakuno in Everquest 2 was a ratonga. So I will just use the excuse that Mr Tyranny suggested on Twitter and say that Rakuno is doing undercover work. Those Miqo’tes will never know what hit them! Mwahahahaha!

… Ah-hem. Or that is what I would say if the ratongas were plotting something. Which they are not. They are a peaceful and friendly race. This undercover mission is just for the purposes of studying the miqo’te in their natural environment. It is all FOR SCIENCE!, you see?

If I ever regret this I will change him back to midlander hyur. Or maybe some other race.

Anyway, progress on the adventuring front has been good. Rakuno is at this moment a level 37 monk. The story took some unexpected, but interesting, turn of events and I am really curious to what will happen next.

Oh, and I made an alt too…

Casimir as a Miqo'te

This guy might be the culprit of my decision to turn Rakuno into a Miqo’te. You see, I was already playing with the idea of making an alt as a miqo’te bard. So I was playing with the Storm Blood benchmark (Storm Blood will be the next expansion for the game) and that program had a character creator in it. I played a bit with it to see if I could make a miqo’te I liked and this guy was the result. I saved the appearance data and then made him into the actual game.

His name is Casimir Sandford. But right now I don’t have intentions of playing him. He will probably be sleeping until Rakuno is done with the main story of A Realm Reborn and Heavensward (the first expansion of the game). Probably not before I am finished with Storm Blood too since that is pretty much around the corner. So, yeah, he will be sleeping for a long while still. :p

Status on the crafting front

Rakuno as a miqo'te cooking

Like previous week most of this week was spent leveling crafting and gathering. All my crafting classes are at least level 16 now. From this point I will be focusing more on culinary, doing all the leves I can to level that up. The others will just continue to be leveled mainly through the Supply and Provisions missions for the Immortal Flames and by making whatever gear would be useful for me.

I am still gaining levels on gathering pretty fast though. They are all at level 21 except for Botanist which is level 24, almost 25. At this rate I won’t have to worry about getting all my own materials.

Well, that was it for me in Final Fantasy XIV this last week. I hope everyone have a great week! 🙂

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  1. Heheh, if not for infiltration, then for culture mingling. Best of luck with those studies.

    • Thanks! It will be hard considering the difference in cultures. *quickly hides a folder with “Top Secret Battle Plans” on it*

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