[FFXIV] Monk level 50!

Rakuno with his level 50 artifact armor posing

It finally happened! I got Rakuno to monk level 50 this weekend!

To be completely honest I didn’t want to level him this  fast. But then I was hit with what I call “Clothing Store Accident” by which I mean, my character looked so terrible that I just couldn’t stand it. It started when Rakuno had to wear another set of gear that looked like the subligar, a look that one of my Free Company (FC for short) mates dubbed “The Voldo Life”. ** Anyone who leveled a Pugilist knows the pain of wearing that kind of outfit.

So I tried to level as fast as possible to 45 to do my next monk job quest, get a new pair of pants (plus other monk gear) and go back to leveling at my own pace. That  didn’t too long and I was relatively happy with my new look. It didn’t last very long.

Soon after I did a dungeon where I looted a better chest piece than what I had. There was only one small problem that it pretty much left my character pretty much bare-chested. As I said to my FC a couple of times: the things I do for stats…

Good stats or not that was enough for me. I couldn’t stand all these outfit mismatching, I had to get something that at least didn’t make me feel like poking my own eyes with a rusty spoon. The answer to the problem was obvious to me:  get to 50, do the last monk job quest of the base game, earn the rest of my artifact gear and be happy. Or happy until I find myself in the same situation again once I get into Heaven’s Ward, the first expansion for the game.

I was level 46 when I took that decision. It was a very intense leveling experience during the weekend to get to 50 but I somehow managed it. Now I am happily wearing the monk artifact armor set, or as I dubbed it “the banana pajamas”. 🙂

Rakuno about to kick someone
Taking battle screenshots is harder than one would think!

One side note: When I first saw the intro cutscene with Rakuno wearing the banana pajamas I didn’t like the look much. But now that I had to work for it I actually love the set.

Also, no screenshots of the terrible looking gear I had to wear because I don’t want to traumatize more people. It was bad enough to inflict that pain on my FC folks and the people I grouped with through the the Duty Finder. :p

As for the monk job questline, I really liked it. As it seems to be a pattern for the game it took some unexpected turns with the ending hitting all the feels. Big thumbs up for the writing team in Square-Enix for a job well done!

Now that it is accomplished I still have a  few more quests to do finish the main storyline of the base game. After that it seems there is yet another series of quests to unlock the Heaven’s Ward content and then I will finally hit the first expansion of the game. I intent to do it at a less intense pace though. As much as I love the game, leveling this fast takes too much time and energy. There are also other things I want to do and games to play.

I think that is it for now. There are other things I wanted to talk about but this post is long enough as it is. I will tackle them on in future posts.

** Voldo is a character from the Soul Calibur games. Google him and/or the Final Fantasy XIV subligar set at your own risk!

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