[FFXIV] Preparing for Shadowbringers

Nothing like a looming expansion release to remind you how much you have neglected a  game. There were so many things I wanted to have done by now but unfortunately I got distracted by other games and now I have to play catch-up.

To make matters worse there are two events going on right now and I want to do them all. Granted, the “Make It Rain” campaign isn’t a big deal since there isn’t anything I really need from the Gold Saucer right now. And the Lost Allagan Tomes are just stuff that is more convenient to get through it. Missing either wouldn’t really hurt me in any way.

Silly whining aside, here is what I have been up to in Final Fantasy XIV:

My top priority right now is leveling Machinist to level 70 and  get it geared up. Since the “Job Actions” trailer for Shadowbringers debuted I just decided that I’d make Machinist my new main job.

Right now it is sitting at level 69. Getting it to 70 shouldn’t be an issue barring something that would prevent me from playing (*knocks on wood*). Getting the gear though is a bit complicated. I am pretty sure I don’t have enough tomestones for that and I am too poor to just buy them from the marketboard.

If they change the current gear that costs mendacity/creation tomestones to allagan tomestones of poetics when the expansion releases then I might be able to upgrade it. If not then I might start Shadowbringers with Monk and then do some gear catching up on the side.

My second top priority is to get all the gathering and crafting Jobs to at least 60. Ideally I’d like to have them at 70 but since I have been leveling my crafting jobs via the Moogle Beast Tribe dailies and they are all at around level 65 that seems rather unlikely. Gathering is around level 58 so shouldn’t be too hard to get it to 60. Just need to get the time to actually do it.

Besides those I have also been leveling my tank Jobs by doing dungeons with the Grand Company Squadron. No particular goal with it, just want to get as much XP with them as I can before everything changes and I need to relearn all the Jobs.

Oh, I also finally stopped procrastinating and unlocked the Labyrinth of the Ancients. That is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while (so I can unlock Alliance Roulette) and the Ancient Allagan Tomestone events finally pushed me to do it. It turned out to be way easier than I expected.  Syrcus Tower is next but I’d like to get some info on it beforehand just so there aren’t a bunch of people screaming at me for making a mistake. :p

Other things I’d like to do would be to level Blue Mage to 50, finish the Hildibrand quests, do the Doma reconstruction and get as much Garo gear as I can. It is unlikely I will do any of that before Shadowbringers releases but it is on the to-do list in any case.

So that is what I have been up to in Final Fantasy XIV. Are you doing any preparations for Shadowbringers? Or are you just waiting for the expansion to release already? 🙂

P.S.: My decision to change my main job to Machinist may not be set in stone yet. I must admit that seeing the Monk AF gear in the Shadowbringers Benchmark made my heart waver. Plus they are changing all the jobs too…

3 thoughts on “[FFXIV] Preparing for Shadowbringers”

  1. When my GF and I finally did Syrcus Tower we had absolutely no idea. None. Wasn’t a problem whatsoever, although I was even there as a tank.

    Was it fun? Not really, no. But if you plan on only doing it once for the unlock you should be fine, especially as a DPS.

  2. I just realized that I didn’t actually answer your question.

    We don’t play FFXIV anymore, and I don’t think we’ll be back. At least I won’t.

    There’s a lot that I like, even love about the game, but there are just as many things I loathe. Over time the latter have become dealbreakers for me.

    Especially the stubborn, unrelenting gating of content and features behind the MSQ and/or ilvl. I just can’t stomach that anymore.

    • Totally understandable. This is the first expansion I had to deal with the iLvl gating and it almost drove me crazy.

      Still it is the only MMORPG right now that I care about and I am still having fun. If my friends stop playing or I am finding that the dungeon mechanics are getting too stressful to be worth it then I will probably quit as well.

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