[FFXIV] Puttering around in Eorzea

Rakuno dressed as a butler

A while ago I took a break from Final Fantasy XIV. I was getting too close to burnout so I thought it more prudent to go play other games for a bit. When patch 4.2 came out a few weeks ago I felt it was about time to come back. Which I did. Then Monster Hunter World happened and I found myself not playing Final Fantasy XIV again.

I finally got my fill of Monster Hunter World for now and I am slowly getting back into FFXIV properly.

My first priority has been to try emptying my inventory. It was getting pretty ridiculous specially with me getting into new tiers of gathering materials. My initial solution has been to kick a lot of stuff, mostly baits, to the newly added chocobo saddlebag. Which granted isn’t so much a solution as sweeping the problem under the rug. But it is helping for now!

Another thing I’ve been doing to alleviate the situation has been adding some of my gear to the Glamour Dresser. This will be a slow process as I need to figure out which gear I really want to keep and which ones would be better to keep as regular items. Right now I’ve been adding just items from Jobs that neither the Grand Company squadron or my retainers can use. So stuff like weapons from Astrologian, Artifact armor from Samurai and Red Mage and so on.

If they ever let us glamour the squadron and retainers with items from the glamour dresser I can see myself converting a LOT more items. Until then I will just have to think hard before doing that.

Speaking of glamours I’ve finally gave a serious try to the Fashion Challenge mini-game this week. I had to “cheat” by looking into Reddit to see what fit this week’s theme as some of the hints just confused me. Even then I was only able to score a 72 with the items I could acquire/had at hand. I’d like to one day get it to 100 for the achievement and after that I am fine getting the score of 80 a few times just to see if it unlocks more stuff at Kasumi.

The hints for the 1st week's theme
This is actually from the 1st week of the Fashion Report. Apparently I forgot to take screenshots from this week even though I am pretty sure I took them!

My second biggest priority is leveling my gathering and crafting Jobs. This is mostly because I am tired of having a pretty much an empty house in Shirogane. And if I just buy the furniture from the Market Board I am pretty sure I will go broke in no time. Crafting the items myself not only will be cheaper for me, it will also allow me to experiment more in decorating my house. It is a strategy that worked well for me in Everquest 2 and I hope it will work well in this game too.

It will also be nice to craft my own gear as I level my adventuring Jobs. That has been another drain on my finances and I haven’t been always able to find the upgrade pieces I want from the Market Board either.

I’ve been able to level my gathering Jobs fast enough to 53 by doing levequests and filling in my gathering log. Crafting I am still figuring out how I want to do it since now I have to worry about how to earn scrips too. So I’d rather earn as many scrips as I can while leveling rather than grinding it later.

The moogles from the Moogle's Tribe Quest
The moogles may be mischievous and lazy but at least they let me craft normally!

For now I have been doing only the Moogle tribe quests to level crafting. Compared to the Ixal quests the Moogle’s quests have been like heaven as I don’t have to use a stupid glove or deal with debuffs and can just craft normally. Also, the Moogles are infinitely more amusing to deal with than the Ixal. :p

Lastly, but not least, I have been going through Patch 4.2 story. I am really loving the story in these last two patches as they deal with the aftermath of the expansion’s main story. It is also nice to see them fleshing out a couple characters in these patches that I felt didn’t get as much attention during the expansion’s main story.

Besides all that there is a ton of other stuff I need to do too. I need to get back to doing Duty Roulettes, working on my anima weapon, clearing some quests from the journal, leveling other Jobs, play my alts more and so on and so forth. Plenty of stuff to keep me busy for a while. 🙂

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