[FFXIV] Slowly moving forward

Rakuno in Limsa Lominsa during the night

Since my last post I have been working little by little to advance in several areas of the game. On the adventuring front I am half-way through the main storyline of patch 2.3. That puts me about halfway to Heavensward. After that it is the storyline of patch 2.4, 2.5 and 2.55 with the last two appearing to be about the same number of quests as the previous patches when put together.

One thing I find interesting is that all these patches have a mini-storyline that seems to be forming an arch that I guess will have a conclusion by the end of patch 2.55. They also seem to serve the purpose of putting the seeds for future content expansions. Well, future for the time they were released. My impression is that they were the seeds for Heavensward and Storm Blood (which should be released in about a week or so)

And of course, they also introduced new content, like the Rogue class and the Ninja job, new Primal Battles and so on.

Anyway, if things keep going smoothly I might be able to get to Heavensward before the end of the week.

Beast Tribe Quests

Rakuno being talked to by an Amalj'aa from the Brotherhood of Ash
The Amalj’aa from the Brotherhood of Ash are pretty much like the Klingons

This is something I unlocked a bit before hitting level 50 but haven’t be able to talk about yet since the other posts turned out so long.

The idea here is that not all the members of the beastmen tribes are corrupted by their primal gods and bent on destroying everyone that isn’t one of them. This is something that we find (and unlock) through some side quests. Each tribe has their own side quest and completing it not only get us in contact with them but they will also start offering daily quests of their own.

Doing their quests will allow us to get reputation with the respective beast tribe. Getting a certain number of reputation points then earn us rank with that beast tribe. The higher the rank the more stuff that gets unlocked for purchase in their own vendor. Their vendors sell stuff like materials, dyes, exclusive furniture and mounts. Maybe even other things I am not aware off right now.

There is an allowance of 12 quests per day and 5 beast tribes. How you spend that quest allowance is up to you. I have chosen to do 3 quests for 4 different tribes each day. This way I should be able to get maximum rank with all of them at about the same time.

The only one I am leaving out for now, is the Ixali, since their quests seem to require level 40 crafting which I do not have yet. So I will probably tackle that after I am done with the other ones and got my crafting classes to that level.

Inspector Hildibrand questline

Inspector Hildibrand smiling
A smile you can trust!

Unlike the other side content in the game that in some ways tie in with the main storyline this one is more like a side story. It is a comedy where we found ourselves helping out a good-hearted but generally incompetent inspector to solve crimes.

It is pretty hilarious, using the tropes of the genre for comedic effect. Like the assistant who is the only one who thinks the detective is great, the rival investigator, the thief who sends calling cards before the crime, etc.

They even have a trailer for the next case after you solve one. 🙂

Obviously this being a MMO there are times where we have to fight monsters to progress in the story. But so far they have handled that part pretty well. It never feels like the fighting doesn’t fit with what is going on in the investigation.

So far I have only done two cases. I want to do more but I am putting it on the side right now to focus on the main storyline of the game.

The Garo armor set

Rakuno showing off the Garo monk armor set
Except for the mask, the set looks pretty great!

I wasn’t really expecting to be able to buy this armor set from the Gold Saucer merchant but somehow I managed to get all the MGP I needed. I think it was mostly due to completing the Challenge logs for the Gold Saucer during the event. Those gave a lot of MGP.

The set I got is the one for monks which remind me of the Makai Priests in the Garo TV show. The reason I chose that one is because the monk weapon looks like leather half-gloves that when you use it in combat shows a glowy simple on the backside of the hands.

Besides the glove, I probably won’t be using the set. Although thinking about it this outfit might be look cool as an Astrologist with the right hat. I will have to think about it. But for now it will be stored away.


I think that is it for now. There are a few other things I have unlocked but I don’t understand much about them to talk about it yet or it is the type of content that doesn’t interest me *cough*PvP*cough*.

I will probably talk about them later though when I am more familiar with them. 🙂

Oh, yeah! I almost forgot. I did unlock the Dragoon Job too. But so far I only did the first quest for it. I probably won’t be working much on that job until I get to Heavensward but once I do I will probably write about it too. 🙂

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