Games I’ve been playing – February 2019

Mayuri, Lukako and Okabe chattingThe month of February this year has been strange. It at the same time felt very long and not long enough. I have no clue why it felt like the first but the latter felt like that because I didn’t get to play as much of the games as I wanted to. The reason for that are various. I was either feeling sick, tired, distracted with something else or there was some heavy rain going on and I didn’t want to risk losing my net connection/power.

Because of that the games I end up playing wasn’t all too different from January nor did I did as much progress in them as I wished for.

Anyway, these are the games that I have been journeying through:

Final Fantasy XIV

Rakuno and JheinaBae celebrating their good fortunes
Also, big thanks to JheinaBae for helping me with the Valentione event.

This was the one who suffered the most because of the above mentioned problems. It is also the one I am the most frustrated by the lack of any progress.

I am still stuck at the part where I need a dungeon, “The Burn” to be more precise, to progress in the story. But that dungeon seems like a pain, specially if you play a melee DPS like I do. Because of that I have been dragging my feet to do it and even avoiding playing the game as I feel obligated to give it a try if I login. I know, it is silly but that is how my mind works.

I did get some progress in Blue Mage though which was to get it to level 30. I also did the Valentione’s event so it wasn’t like a total loss of progress.


Mayuri as a child standing on a graveyard while looking up to the skyI finally finished this  game last night. About halfway through the game became a lot more dark and serious, which wasn’t completely unexpected as the game was hinting things would go badly eventually. I was just expecting it to be more towards the end of the game.

It did occur naturally though and the second half of the game was just as enjoyable as the first.

Also, I can’t remember any game I’ve played where the Main Character carries a burden as heavy as the protagonist of  this one. Or have to deal with all the consequences of all the mistakes they did throughout the game.

All in all, it was an excellent story, one that I was very happy to have played through and it certainly makes it one of my favorite games of all time.

I still have some achievements left to get and a couple of the bad endings. After that I am not sure if I will play Steins;Gate 0 or go back to Danganronpa. I will probably do the latter since I had to stop it when my previous controller broke.

Yakuza Kiwami 2

Kiryu kicking a ninja to the face
Some times all you need to defeat a ninja is a good kick to the face in slow motion

This is another game I didn’t do as much progress as I wished for. I did manage to finish all the Bouncer Missions though. That took forever since there was a lot of them and they all came in 3 difficult modes. And to get the related achievement I had to do all of them in those 3 modes.

Now that is out of the way I intend to do the Clan Creator mini-game. It is not one that I like much but hopefully it will go faster. Plus Majima will be there and he makes everything better.

Persona 5

Progress in this game has been going steady. I finish the storyline for the fourth palace and just need to start on things for the 5th Palace.

I doubt I will finish this second playthrough before the announcement this month but I am guessing that whatever announcement they make it will be for the japanese market and any western release will come at least some months after that. So I am not too worried about it.

Even if it turns to be an immediate release for the west I probably can wait a bit until I am finished with this playthrough. It might require to avoid the internet for a while though to avoid spoilers. :p

Skyrim Special Edition

A shot of Whiterun market area
Even in Skyrim it was raining!

I decided to mod it and play it kinda of on a whim. It has been interesting to see some mods that didn’t exist back when I played the original Skyrim or find substitutes for the ones that I used.

Also, since I don’t have any achievements for this game I am doing something different with my this character which is to try to get into all the guilds and do as many quests with him as possible before I get bored and start a new game.

I am still pretty early on the game, haven’t really joined any guild, only did a handful of quests in Whiterun and paid my first visit to the Greybeards. Since it was all on a whim I probably won’t be playing it that much, only when I feel like it. If I can finish the base game plus expansions with this character it will be a miracle. XD

Fate Grand Order

Edison in Fate Grand Order saying how the United States is nation created by capitalism and rationalism. Oh, and he looks like a muscular super-hero with a white lion head.
Edison is the most ridiculous and insane thing I’ve seem in Fate Grand Order so far. And I love him for that. Unfortunately I don’t have him a servant

I spent way too much time grinding for chocolate at this year’s Valentine Event. Granted, I didn’t need all those Craft Essences as they are pretty much useless outside it but I like their artwork and the descriptions that go with them. :p

Besides that I took advantage of the half AP cost for main story quests and been making progress through the 5th Singularity. I just need to defeat the final boss from it and I am done with this one. He has proven to be tricky to beat though and I already used my Command Spells in the previous fight…

I don’t know if it is just my impression or if the 5th Singularity is more balanced than the previous ones. Or if it is my servants who are finally catching up. Or if it was because I send friend invites to some random people who accepted and this made it easier for the guest servants to carry me. :p Whatever the case, this Singularity hasn’t felt as bad as the previous two.

Azur Lane

The ship girls during a fight
Auto-battle FTW!

I started playing this one because a  friend of mine did and he seems to enjoy it. At first I wasn’t sure if I was  going to stick with it because there is only so much time I can dedicate to mobile games and their dailies.

Then I found out that there is an option for auto-battles and it works fairly well. I use this option to progress through the game while I do other stuff like modding Skyrim, reading blogs and so on.

Now the game is more about collecting ship girls and reading the story for me which I admit is pretty silly. Then again the whole game is pretty silly but in a kind of endearing way if  that makes sense?

In any case I am enjoying it right now. On a random note, I thought Everquest 2 was bad with the way it felt like it had an event running almost all the time. Mobile games proved that they are worse. There is always some kind of event running. It is almost maddening.

Thankfully the events in Azur Lane are pretty diverse and I like the mini-games that go with them.

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