Games I’ve been playing – January 2021

For some reason for me January felt like it was all over the place. Looking at the games I’ve actually played (as opposed to the ones I thought about playing) there wasn’t all that much variation.

I am guessing the sensation comes mostly from real life events which certainly felt like there were quite a few.

To top it all off I have been sick for the last three days. Don’t worry it wasn’t anything serious and I am almost back at 100% health. But it does mean I am starting February with low energy and a lot more introspection than usual.

Anyway, this is what I have been up to during in January, gaming-wise:


One of my best inventions… and it was a failure.

I am glad I started using mods with this game. It has made the game so much more enjoyable for me.

At the same time it makes me wonder how a game this old and so successful hasn’t deepened more some of its systems or added more content.

Yeah, yeah, I understand they have to try to keep it compatible with worlds made from previous versions and across multiple different systems and yada, yada. Still feels like they could have added a lot more to the game, all things considered.

In any case, I am still having fun and don’t see that changing soon.

Hitman 2

Never change Agent 47!

I got the itch to play some Hitman during this month and I figured out I might as well play Hitman 2 which has been in my library for a while, gathering dust because I completely forgot I had it.

Unnecessary details aside, it was a blast. Mechanically wise it feels more like a slightly refinement over Hitman (2016), which is fine by me as that one was pretty good already. The levels though did feel bigger than their predecessors or it might just have been my impression.

I think I only did up to the Santa Fortuna mission as I’ve re-playing the missions to clear some challenges. But going forward I think it might be better to just do the required ones to keep the story moving forward and then going back to do one or two challenges from previous missions. Otherwise I will get bored of walking around the same place and assassinating the same people over and over and over again.

As a bonus, here is a video that was linked in my D&D group’s Discord about Hitman 3 in VR. It is at the same time disturbing and hilarious. Oh, and there is no spoilers in there so no need to worry about that.

Cooking Companions: Appetizer Edition

You know it is going to be a weird game when there is a talking cabbage

This is an horror game that was suggested at a friend’s Discord.

The Appetizer Edition is more like a… well, appetizer of what the full game will be about. It is free to play and really short. So short that it might take up about 30 minutes, tops, to finish it. Probably more if you want to get all the achievements.

This version has a few disturbing images and implications but above all it is really weird. And I don’t mean “Haha! Weird!” type. I mean more like “What the hell is going on? Is this what I am thinking it is?” kind of weird.

I don’t think it sold me on the full game, mostly because I am not a fanatic for horror. But I definitely enjoyed my time with the Appetizer and if I ever feel an itch for a visual novel horror game then the full version will probably be on my list of games to look for.

Fate Grand Order

I don’t know how many villains you fought, Illya, but in my experience with fiction that is how they all act.

Again probably just my impression but January in Fate Grand Order felt more packed with events than usual.

Let’s see…. First we had the Lucky Bag Gacha. I got Arthur Pendragon (Prototype) from it. Not even closest to be one of the servants I wanted but I didn’t haven’t him and a new servant is a new servant so I am not complaining.

At the same time there was the Records of the Enma-Tei’s Prosperity. I loved how it made use of japanese folklore for its story in a way that felt completely natural to the world of Fate/Grand Order.

It also made Fionn mac Cumhaill actually look competent and a generally nice guy for a change. Usually my impression of him is of a selfish and oblivious jerk, which most events so far have reinforced. So seeing him under this different light was nice. :p

After that it was the Even More Learning With Manga Release Celebration Campaign. That was barely an event as it was just like five cutscenes and one fight. Still, it was pretty funny and silly just like the comics and I had fun. So no complaints from me!

Lastly, it was the Re-Run of the Prisma Codes Collaboration Event. I am not sure how long ago the original event was, but this one was definitely easier than any of the current events, at least in terms of fights.

Story-wise it was nice and from what I hear, Chloe, the welfare servant from this event, is an excellent archer. I am not really in need for another archer but it is always nice to have more options.

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