Games I’ve been playing – October 2019

I am sure I am starting to sound like a broken record by now but I had a lot of plans for this month that ended up dashed by depression.

It might seem strange to have depression stop me enjoying certain games but that is just how it is for me. When I am suffering from it I tend to stick to just certain, known games, usually ones that don’t require much energy, thinking or just have something I feel like playing at that moment. MMOs are the ones that suffer the most as I also don’t feel like doing any kind of social activity, even more so if it means dealing with complete strangers.

The good news though is that I seem to be getting over this particular crisis and I am getting back to a “MUST PLAY ALL THE GAMES!” mood. Which is a good sign in this case. XD

Anyway, on to the games!

Final Fantasy XIV

Cutscene screenshot because I don’t feel like getting in the game just for one screenshot! Sorry!

This is the one that I am the most upset about not playing during this month. There were a couple things going away with the new update that happened a few days ago as well as the All Saint’s Wake going on.

The mogtome event is one I completely skipped as it involved doing dungeons to get tokens for it. Even if the dungeons I could do were pretty much mindless affairs by this point it still required playing with strangers and like I said this was a big nope for me. Granted, the event stuff was just cosmetics or an easy way to get some mounts that we could get through normal gameplay but still I wanted all of those.

The Garo collab was also going away and although I was able to get some of the cosmetic outfits and weapons I wasn’t able to get all of them and I can only imagine if it would be possible to do so if I logged in to at least do the Fashion Report every week to get those MGP. Probably not but I’d still like to put the effort in.

Then there was the All Saint’s Wake event. At least this one I was able to do, very last minute granted but I did it. Even better I only had to do the group portion of the event once with each character to buy the event’s items. Well, I did it twice with Rakuno because I wanted to get something for the FC. :p

I haven’t checked any of the new stuff the update brought yet but I might do it this month. I am particularly curious about the crafting changes as one of the problems I was having after I got to mid-50ies in my crafting skills was figuring a new rotation that worked for me. Maybe now I won’t have so much trouble.

Fallout 4

I will just keep re-using this picture when talking about Conqueror because it amuses me

Most of my gaming time this month was spent on Fallout 4. Either changing my mod list or testing Conqueror. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a solution to the bug in Conqueror where one of my raiders would get auto-unassigned from a martial plot when I got to a settlement.

I did do a test with my first save, which was completely unmodded, using just Conqueror and a couple of faction packs (since I couldn’t get Jammer to appear in a mid-playthrough game, something I thought was possible). The bug still happened and at this point I am completely clueless what is happening. The weirdest thing is I haven’t been able to find reports of people with the same bug. I think I only found one in the mods’ page comments but that comment seemed to be a bit old already. Plus the response he got implied it could be a conflict with another mod that changed settlers. Since in this test I didn’t have any mod that did such a thing I don’t know what is going on.

Today there should be a new version of Conqueror released so maybe this bug will be finally fixed. If it isn’t then I will just start a new game and try to go for a regular ending with the Brotherhood of Steel since I never got an achievement for that.

Another thing I’d like to do is move away from Armor and Weapons Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR for short) and Armorsmith Extended since those two end up touching so many things that I end up finding myself requiring a ton of compatibility patches. Unfortunately I am just too used to inventory sorter mods by now and the only one I found that doesn’t require AWKCR to function is Ruddy88’s Simple Sorter.

The problem with Ruddy88’s Simple Sorter though is that it pretty much uses the same icon for all armor which doesn’t help me much. I am getting to the point where I am seriously considering to make my own inventory sorter mod for personal use. But that will take time and until I do so I guess I will just put up with AWKCR and use VIS+. :p

Fate Grand Order

Your tale was indeed sad just not in the way you expected…

This month Fate Grand Order saw the release of a pretty good singularity, Shimousa, and the Halloween 2019 event. You can read my thoughts on Shimousa here.

As for the Halloween event it was just the sort of over-the-top, absurd, silly craziness I needed. I think it might even be my new favorite event so far. Granted the way they structured the quests was annoying as it required going all over the place and grinding some nodes to complete them. Fortunately GamePress did a pretty good guide to complete it.

The new welfare servant, Mecha Eli-chan, might also be my new favorite free servant. Even more so because she fills the Alter Ego hole in my roster. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get Osakabehime through the gacha. And after going through the event I am not sure if it is a good thing or not. I mean, I like her looks, her voice and general concept but she also speaks in net-speak/weeb lingo and that annoys the hell out of me. Oh, well, maybe next time I will be able to add her to my roster…

Speaking of servants, I keep forgetting to mention this. But during the Free 4* start servant ticked event I changed my mind and decided to pick Nitocris instead of Caster Gil. The reason for that is because I saw a pretty good argument for Nitocris, in that she is a good farmer and since 90% of the game is basically grinding she makes a pretty good addition to my team. Plus she is cute and like Mayuri of Steins;Gate would say “Cuteness is justice!”.

I will admit though that I almost regret not picking Caster Gil though. I borrowed him from my friend list and he is pretty fun to play with. Plus he would work great with my Lancelot (Saber). Oh, well, there should be another Free 4* servant ticket next year and I intend to pick Caster Gil for sure then! Unless he decide to spooky me before that. I wouldn’t mind it.

Honorable Mentions: Azur Lane

12 thoughts on “Games I’ve been playing – October 2019”

  1. I usually retreat to some city-building games when I get into a depressive mood. These games often run on their own, more or less, and you just need to click a few things here and there. Depending on the game, you can also just care about your little sim population. Very calming.

    • If I were more into city building games I’d probably do the same. Building can be pretty fun and it can also give a feeling of “I am achieving something” which in my case helps with that kind of mood.

      • Funny. I didn’t see this reply until now – but that’s exactly what I wrote about Planet Zoo. Zoo-building instead of city-building, but it does feel like achieving something, yes. A bit like levels in MMOs… you grow and get richer (most of the time, at least). πŸ™‚

        • Now that you mentioned Project Zoo, I think I might be fine with building games too for when I am in a bad mood. I guess the thing is it needs to have different levels to beat with very specific goals for me to work towards. For example, Two Point Hospital was very addicting for me for those reasons. So much I had to stop playing otherwise I wasn’t going to play or do much of anything else. XD

          While a city-building game like City Skylines wouldn’t work so well for me since it doesn’t have an ending and the goals in that game are pretty fuzzy and up to the player.

          • Then we’re quite similar in that regard. πŸ™‚ I really like having goals to work for as well. Tropico 4-6 have all missions and I prefer them over the sandbox mode. I’ve also mainly played Two Point Hospital recently when they released new DLCs with new missions. In games without missions, I often lose interest once the economy is working out okayish. City Skylines added events, though. That is, natural disasters. They occur randomly and for me, work like missions. Once one happens, you need to get back on your feet and survive. :p But yeah, there is no ending.

    • I tend to watch a lot more when I am depressed too as I just don’t feel like playing even games much.

      Thanks, it was going well until the recent event in Final Fantasy XIV began. I can’t complain much though since I am leveling my crafting classes at crazy speeds through this event. XD

        • My blog has been self-hosted for a few years now. But I did move hosts a few months ago. Were you able to comment in a different way before?

          Sorry for the dumb question. It is just that I am not entirely sure what you mean by “WordPress vs. visiting your site”. Depending on the issue it might be something I may be able to fix or not.

          • I can now directly comment on your post from the reader opposed to visiting your site to add a comment. I prefer this, so nothing to fix from my perspective. Maybe something was fixed!

  2. New reply since my current theme only allows up to 4 replies to a comment!

    Anyway, that is interesting. Besides changing hosts I haven’t really changed anything that could affect that. Be forewarned though that if everything goes according to plan I might change the theme in a few days and things may break then!

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