Games I’ve Been Playing – September 2020

A good sign that I am having trouble writing the intro to these posts is when I seriously consider commenting on the weather here. I don’t really feel like doing that so let’s just pretend I wrote something relevant to the month of September here and skip straight to the content, ok?

Civilization VI

I forgot to take screenshots of the game during this month so have a random one I took for some reason.

Besides doing my turns for the Long Live the Queen succession game, I spent the beginning of the month trying to earn some achievements. I could swear I already had gotten the achievements for winning with every civilization of the base game but turns out I was misremembering.

I still have a lot of base game civilization’s achievements to get though but my plan is to eventually get at least those out of the way. After that I will see how many I can get for the expansions and DLCs.

As always, I am ignoring achievements for multiplayer as I am not much a fan of that mode. Not to mention I don’t even know who would be crazy enough to spend that much amount of time just playing Civilization in multiplayer mode with me. :p

Anyway, I had to force myself to stop on that for now otherwise I’d be playing nothing but Civilization VI all the way into the end of the next year!

Next time I decide to play this game seriously, I will probably give a try to the the two new civilizations and game mode that were released on September. They seem to have some interesting gimmicks.

Crusader Kings III

He died from “illness” which is kinda ironic because he was pretty good at intrigue and did some poison experiments on his subjects. Unfortunately his son so far has been the worst member of the dynasty.

Just after I posted my first impressions of the game, things went south very fast. I couldn’t finish getting all the Counties that were De Jure part of Ireland and all the big nations near me decided I looked like a good target for war.

So I decided to scrap that save and start over. Still starting in Ireland, with the same dynasty, just in Iron Man mode for the achievements. It went so much better. Not only was I able to unite all of Ireland, I was able to steal a chunk of Scotland too, thanks to some clever alliances and opportunistic wars.

I even created a variant of the Catholic religion to make it equal for both genders, something I never did before in the game’s predecessor. Later on I realized I could do more to make it equalitarian but that would require creating yet another variant and then proselytizing the rest of the country again. That felt like too much work.

To be honest this was all far more than I ever accomplished in a Crusader Kings game. Yes, I am not good at it, in case it wasn’t obvious. Still I have fun! 🙂

Unfortunately the heir that took over just after all those accomplishments was one of those that everybody hated. It didn’t took long for all his vassals to rebel against him, demanding less centralized power. I did attempt to murder some key members of the rebellion faction before they took arms but sadly that didn’t work out. In retrospect, the first thing I should have done was to throw a feast to make them like my ruler more.

Anyway, I still thought it wouldn’t be that bad, in fact I could use this opportunity to beat them up and revoke some titles for myself. Except their army turned out to be stronger than mine and I started to lose the war…

Oh, and some guy from somewhere else that I didn’t even care to see who it was declared a Religious War on me. It was probably some viking guy with a complete different religion or something. Or maybe a mainstream catholic as I think they can go to war against variant ones. I dunno, everything was going to hell already so I was having a hard time caring.

I haven’t gone back to the game since then. Might still try to salvage the situation or see how horribly I will lose. Or just scrap it altogether and start over somewhere else. I don’t know. It is something I will decide when I feel like playing Crusader Kings III again.

Fate Grand Order

Don’t be a sore loser, Gilgamesh!

Once again this game has eaten the lion’s share of my game time this month. Partly due to it having one event right after another and partly due to me having a general apathy towards other games. At least the later part I am slowly recovering from.

The first event was the completion of the Fate/Zero Re-Run earlier in the month. I liked the story of it, it felt like it fit perfectly with the anime. If I am not mistaken it was written by the same author as the anime so that shouldn’t be that surprising.

The welfare servant we got from it, Irisviel, is an odd case though. A pure healing servant is… very niche, even in a game that favors characters with their own niches. I guess it is one of those experiments with servants that the developers tried but didn’t give the results they expected as I don’t remember any other servant with a kit similar to hers.

Right after that it was Battle in New York, a.k.a. Gilfest, which substitutes Nerofest for the time being. This is an excellent event to farm because of the lotto boxes, which gives a ton of embers to level up servants and QP to level up skills. Thanks to that I leveled up a bunch of servants that were in dire need of XP and some skills too.

The challenge quests though were extra hard. I was able to complete almost all of them except for that last two. These quests weren’t just hard because the enemies hit harder or had some annoying gimmick. It was also because those gimmicks made it almost like a puzzle-like challenge and I was never that good at puzzles.

Having said that, if those fights are the same when Gilfest returns next year I am hoping to do better by then, hopefully even completing the last two.

Another good thing that made me happy about this event is that I got Gilgamesh (Caster), a.k.a. CasGil, from a yolo roll at the gacha, together with Nursery Rhyme. I was planning to get CasGil with the next free SR ticket but since he spooked me I am now free to pick something else.

Right now the plan is to use the free SR ticket to get Parvati and increase her Noble Phantasm to level 2. But I might go for a new servant too. We’ll see.

Then yesterday started the Re-Run of the Halloween 2019 event. I loved the event in 2019, a feeling that hasn’t changed during the Re-Run. I just love the story of this event while the grind isn’t that bad compared to others.

I also hope that I can finally get Osakabehime from the gacha, something I wasn’t able to last year. She isn’t the best of servants but I love the character. That is more than enough reason for me to roll for her.

The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns

This game has been sitting on my HD for a while, waiting for the day where I felt like playing it. Well, that day came this week, when I was feeling apathetic. Turns out it was the right game for that evening, helping to lessen my feelings of apathy.

It is hard to talk about this game without spoiling it so I will just say this: it is a visual novel, it is very short, has some great artwork and a good story. It also happens to be free on Steam, so if you are into Visual Novels it is worth checking it out!

Honorable Mentions: Azur Lane

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