Games I’ve been playing – September 2022

Sorry for the late post. To be honest I haven’t been in the best mental state lately. Plus I decided that instead of writing I wanted to play Minecraft instead.

Speaking of which, besides Fate Grand Order, Minecraft was pretty much the only game I played in September. I did intent to play some other games and demos but that never happened. Maybe in October it will be different. Or maybe I will just play more Minecraft again.

Anyway, let’s get to the meat of the post itself!


A villager on what looks like a broken raft. There is a chest behind him.
I found this guy while exploring for a bit. In case anyone is curious the chest didn’t have anything good.

Just like I mentioned in my previous post I took the plunge and upgraded all my builder huts to level 4. Then went on to upgrade all the houses to level 4 too.

For some reason the level 4 upgrade is stupidly slow. So much that I decided to make two more Builder’s Hut.

But something weird is going on right now. For some reason 3 of the 4 builders are stuck and not doing their work anymore.

I tried everything I could think of to fix it: wack the on the head, cancel the order and start it again, firing and re-hiring, clearing their inventory and updating to the latest version of MineColonies. Nothing worked.

There are some other ideas I am trying but if none of them works, I might just abandon this colony and pursue my other goals with this save.

Although, truth be told I am also getting pretty burned out from Minecraft.

Fate Grand Order

Nobbu (Nobunaga avenger) saying "Will you listen to me!? I'm telling you, I don't know anything about it! I'm being framed! It's a conspiracy!"
That is exactly what a guilty person would say!

September had the GUDAGUDA Yamataikoku 2022 event. To my surprise the main story didn’t feel like the usual insanity of the GUDAGUDA events. The tone felt more like a regular event.

Even more surprising is that they put Oda Nobukatsu in the Friend Summon Gacha during the event. I never expected to see him as an actual playable servant since he only appeared in previous events as basically a NPC. That makes me think that any character that appears in any event can eventually become a playable servant regardless of their role in the story or their popularity.

The epilogue missions however felt very much like the usual craziness of the GUDAGUDA events that I expect from them so that made it very worth it.

TTRPG – Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound

Going to experiment with something new and mention what TTRPG our group has been playing. I mean, they are games too.

This month we continued with Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound. We already played the one-shot for the Starter Game and our experience with it was generally positive.

Since we were getting a new player we decided to try another one-shot. I struggled a bit to choose one from the options I had but in the end decided for Trouble Brewing.

When I got this one-shot with the rest of the Soulbound bundle I snubbed on it because it was more of a humorous adventure rather than the usual grim dark of the Warhammer universe. But since I needed a one shot that could be good for a newbie to the system/setting I decided to give a read and it fit the bill. It has different skill tests, a couple of fights and it is pretty short. Exactly the things I want to teach someone a new system.

The rest of the group took this opportunity to experiment with different archetypes too since they felt that casters were underwhelming the first time around. They seemed to like their new characters a lot better and the opinion of the system is still overall positive.

If everything goes according to plan we’ll be starting a pre-written campaign, Shadows in the Mist, at the end of the month.

One thing that I am noticing through these pre-written adventures is that Cubicle 7 really likes to give different options for events and even culprits. On one hand that is pretty cool and gives some replayability to the adventures. On the other it can make it hard to integrate seamlessly in the adventure. But maybe it is just my inexperience as a GM.

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